Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday is boring!

Hi everyone, I'm not feeling inspired enough right now to bother to actually shower and do a look, so I thought I'd ramble for a while. :) I keep forgetting to say, which is weird since it's the most important thing ever, that I got into Texas A&M! It's my top choice school and I'm so excited. Even though it's out of state, I can probably get in state tuition since I qualify for the Honors Program. Yesterday was 10 months with my boyfriend. Things are really looking up right now! Moving on in the makeup direction, I thought I'd talk about a product I can't live without, my Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer. I have very dark under eye circles all the time, it's just my genetics. I hated when people would always say "Oh, you look tired" when I was totally fine. I tried some Physician's Formula stuff, it looks like a yellow tube of lipstick. It didn't work though :/ (but their redness concealer, which looks like a green tube of lipstick, works very well for me). I grabbed the Revlon stuff on a whim, and it makes a HUGE difference. Even if I barely put on any makeup I use it. I saw a review of Youtube just now where the girl thought it didn't work too well. I think it's because she put SO much on. The less I use, the better it looks. You just need a very tiny amount. I very much want something I saw on the Nouveau Cheap blog, the Nailene French Manicure Guides. They're these little nail stickers that you use to get perfect looking tips. *drool* I wonder if I just did cool tips, and not painted my whole nail, if I could get away with it at work? :P Yesterday I placed an order with Hi Fi Cosmetics, . I ordered 10 samples, and I'm pretty excited. The swatches I've seen on various blogs make them look really great. I also ordered some eyeshadow samples and primer from Detrivore. I can't wait to try out the primer, which the lovely Lisa Kate reccomended to me. Yesterday I also emailed the owner of Glittersniffer. The colors are stunning, and I want to make sure they are created by herself as opposed to repackaged pigments. I sent an e-mail asking about it, and as of yet I have not heard a response. I'm sure she is busy with orders and hopefully I will hear back in the next couple days. If I get myself in gear and actually do a look today, I'll be posting it later. :)


  1. i didnt actually notice ur under eye.hehe
    i also have that concealer,not sure how i like it.hehe

  2. ........... I must be really stupid and behind, but I have never ever heard of any brands you've mentioned in this post... again! what's wrong with me hahaha...

    oh I wear laura mercier's secret concealer under my eye... if needed...


  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out, honey! xo :)