Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday the 13th, Sneaky Nails

Since I was wearing a bright green shirt yesterday, I kept my eye makeup very simple. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out very well, but I hope you can get an idea of the look. What I Used: Circle the Moon, by The She Space Jazzy, by Pure Luxe as my liner Rimmel London MAXX Lash Mascara Eyehance! Best I could get, sorry guys :/ Circle the Moon is great, I love it. It's extremely glittery, which made me worry when I swatched it, but it's so classy on the eyes. TSS Pixie Paradise is almost the same color, but it has a different shade of purple as the undertone. Both are gorgeous. Jazzy is also one of my favorite colors EVER. it's a purple blue with all this pink glitter, it's very dramatic and pretty. Last night as I was painting my toes, I decided I wanted a bright blue, so I resorted to using Sinful Colors Drugstore crap. It was a mistake. It took SO LONG to dry. Then after it finally seemed to have finished, I made the mistake of putting my moccasins on. When I took them off most of the polish on my big toes were in my shoe instead of on my nails. It just reminded me why I typically use OPI/China Glaze now. Since I was painting my toenails, I decided to go for my nails too. I had to pick a color that hopefully my most devilish of managers wouldn't know I was wearing, so I grabbed OPI's Significant Other Color. It is a VERY sheer purple, very subtle. It has a green shine to it that you can only see when the light hits it a certain way. So it's cute, but hopefully not noticable enough for my managers. ^.^ It's very hard to photograph, so here's a link to Polish Mayhem, the most accurate picture I could find (I adore this blog). It is, however, a lot more sheer than the picture seems. In a few days, it will be Friday the 13th- a special event not only because it's my boyfriend's 18th birthday (I love you Sam!) but because it is the first time I will be ordering Meow Cosmetics. While I'm not very excited over their permanent colors, I do love their Egyptian Treasures collection, and their Friday the 13th collection. The 13th collection is only available for purchase on Friday the 13th's, so I'm going to order some of both of those collections, and a few permanent colors so I can swatch for you guys. I'm still eagerly awaiting my Fyrinnae order too. :)

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