Thursday, November 19, 2009

Green/Yellow EOTD, Neutrogena!

I am so infatuated with Fyrinnae's "Banana Mochi" that I used it in a look today, along with Aromaleigh's "Googoo Muck". Only two colors, but I really liked the look. It reminded me of the jungle, like tropical fruit, or lizards. XD Here's another picture. I swear it looked more blended then this picture makes it seem, haha. I also want to share my looooove of Neutrogena. Ever since I used their foamy stress-free face wash, I decided to only buy that brand of face wash. After the stress-free cleanser, I got their Deep Clean cream cleanser. I love Neutrogena so much, it is the only face wash I've ever used that makes a difference. Clean and Clear did NOT tame my skin at all :( I just got the Neutrogena pink grapefruit scented face cleanser! It smells delicious, I love how my face smells after I use it. It's pink! If anyone else has great face products, I'd love to know. I also use the Biore pore cleansing strips, and of course every girl needs their St. Ives apricot scrub and their Queen Helene mint masque. Now I'm off to place small Aromaleigh order. I need the Valentine's Day and Holiday Blast colors! Edit: The new matte collection is on the website but not yet available for ordering, so I'm waiting before I buy anything else.