Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Makeup Heroes!

Funny how busy my blogging break seems to be :P I'm really excited to show you guys my first video! It's as part of The Makeup Heroes collaboration project, which quite a few beauty bloggers are a part of. If you read Wendy's blog or Wendi's blog (haha), you might have already seen their videos. I'm pretty pumped to be a part of this, so keep watching the channel and you'll see more videos and more bloggers.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Black Rose Minerals review

Edit: So much for me taking a break... I wanted to finish up this review I started ages ago :) After being mesmerized by the swatches on Sirvinya's blog, I decided to place a small order from Black Rose Minerals. I ordered all sample baggies, which are priced at $1, the typical price for most samples from indie companies. They contain 1/8 teaspoon. You can also get 1/4 teaspoon in a mini jar for $2.50. Full sizes cost $6, and you can choose whether or not you want a sifter, which I think is great since I hate sifters. Every color listed on the website has swatches on skin and on the eyelid, which is nice. Some pictures seem to be a lot more color accurate than others, though. Ingredients are listed for every individual color, as well as if they are lip safe, vegan, etc. With so much skepticism surrounding indie makeup companies lately, it's refreshing to see a company so open with their ingredient and safety information (as they all should be). There's currently a 10% off discount code on the front page, and I believe there was one up when I placed my order a while back. I ordered sample sets of the Sprinkles collection, the NSFW collection, as well as various other samples. For some reason some of my sample choices didn't go through when I placed my order, and Rosa, the owner, immediately emailed me to get it worked out. My package was shipped the NEXT DAY. Everything arrived very nicely, with some cute little stickers and a discount code included for my next order. I also got 2 free samples. Swatch time! Top 3: Lioness, Insect, Don't Be Brassy Middle 3: Titania, Confused, Silver & Cold Bottom Lone Wolf: Magic Potion Top 3: Limon, Noxious, Denver Bottom 3: Lady, Candy Floss, Mome Rath Sprinkles Collection Top 3: Meringue, Sunset, Bubble-Bobble Bottom 3: Minty, Prozzac, Ultraviolence NSFW Collection Top 3: Mother Sunflower, Trafficking, Doll Face Bottom 3: Gremlin, Ocean Potion, Dionysus Bonus cat shot! I have nothing but good things to say about this company, the colors are absolutely beautiful and the service is amazing. I've been wearing my BRM shades more than any others ever since I got them. Have you tried Black Rose Minerals? Lemming any shades?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hi everyone. If you follow me on twitter you know I'm going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I just have a lot on my plate and blogging has become a chore instead of a fun hobby. I'm going to take a break from blogging, not sure for how long. Probably a few weeks at least. I'm sure I'll be back in the future, but until then, you can always email me or find me on twitter.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sparkly purple EOTD

Last night I was bored and decided I wanted to do a really sparkly look. I could have upped the amp and used Pixie Epoxy or another sticky base to make this REALLY sparkly, but I didn't feel like doing the extra work since I wasn't going out anywhere. I used Fyrinnae's "Lemming" on my lid, Kiss My Sass' "Tattoo Shop" in the crease, and Tokidoki liner in "Donutella".