Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heavenly Natural Beauty swatches

I'm sick! I spent my entire day playing Pet Society on Facebook instead of completing the difficult tasks of showering, getting dressed, and putting on makeup. I didn't want to leave my blog empty today though, so I decided to do some swatches. I rarely see anything about Heavenly Natural Beauty, so I decided to swatch my favorite colors of theirs. From left to right: SangReal, Ransom, Pixie, Dazzel Linda, Bambie, Panic, Diva Since I'm newer to the online makeup industry, there are still many companies I have yet to order from. I have also never ordered any pigments from TKB. I know HNB repackages some of their colors, but I don't know which. If anyone knows if any of these colors are repackaged from TKB, I'd love to know which. I'm guessing Panic and Diva, since I've seen so many almost identical colors. One thing I would like to see changed about websites who repackage as well as making their own colors is a listing somewhere of which colors are repackaged, or a notification on the color's page. I'm all for honesty, but I think without stating which colors are repackaged, you're really not going the extra mile to be true to your customers. Besides that, I wonder why I haven't seen HNB reviewed more, or used in more looks. The colors that are obviously created by the owner are gorgeous, and it surprises me I don't see them pop up more often in blogs. I plan on ordering more colors from them soon. I hope everyone is feeling well, cold season is beginning! Keep that sanitizer loaded and ready (I use Bath & Body Works Cumcumber Melon) :)


  1. Oh I love Pet Society! Such a great waste of time!

    I do agree with you that Panic & Diva look repackaged, but honestly most of those colors sort of do? Except Dazzel Linda, which I'm guessing is Diva mixed with a bit of black mica. Not sure though!

    I'd love to try Heavenly Naturals, but I'm way too broke. After this whole repackaging scandal though, I'm sort of thinking of sticking by my old favorites...The She Space, Stardust & Fyrinnae. I always love every single color I get from them, so I know I'm not being ripped off!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I've never tried HNB. It's hard to say which are repackaged and which aren't unless you have them in person to compare. I've now become paranoid and think everything is repackaged when it might not be...*sigh*. So I don't buy from most mineral companies unless there are many others stating their colours are truly their own.

    Like Lisa Kate said, it's good to stick with what you know is original. My favs are Aromaliegh and Morgana Minerals.

    Great blog BTW! Get some rest and feel better soon!

  3. Hi!
    Some companies are directly stating which are repackaged. I do know also, if you email some companies, they will tell you what colors are being repackaged. You can also see my list of companies that make their own, or sell some repackaged here: