Sunday, November 15, 2009

Purple EOTD, Morgana Minerals

Here was my look today. I felt mellow, so I wanted to do a soft purple. What I used: Reasonable Insanity, by The She Space (lid) London Dungeon by Aromaleigh (eyeliner) Revlon Matte eyeliner in Very Violet (waterline) I also tried using some purple mascara. The only kind I have is from the Flirt! brand, which I believe is only available at Kohls. I decided to grab a few of their colored mascaras back in the day, and now I remembered why I never used them. The color does not show up at all. I have such a lopsided smile sometimes! I don't know why I haven't become obsessed with Reasonable Insanity until now. It's this absolutely gorgeous purple, and it shines blue. When the light hits it the right way it also has a different tone of purple, which I thought you could see well in the second picture. I'll probably be using it a lot more frequently. Right now I'm eagerly awaiting Morgana Minerals' new collection. It has a pirate theme and is called Shimmer Me Timbers, how cute! I've never placed an order there, but it is one of the many companies I still am excited to try. The pictures aren't up yet but hopefully they will be soon. I'm also my Fyrinnae colors to arrive sometime this week. I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. :)


  1. Very soft, shimmery look! I like it! I'm seriously looking forward to Morgana's Pirate collection too! *taps fingers impatiently*

  2. Reasonable Insanity is so so so gorgeous on you! I love the Revlon liner too...Does it stay on well?