Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fyrinnae Review!

I'm so excited for my first review! I ordered from Fyrinnae Cosmetics, and I'm going to tell you right now this is a rave review! I am so impressed with their products. I am ordering a full size of all three non-eyeshadow items. This is a big deal, I have never ordered a single full size thing! So here we go! It came like an order from any other company, first class mail, filled with bubble wrap. There was also a hand-written "Than You" on the invoice, which I always appreciate. I adore buying from small companies because I feel like they care about all their customers. The actual products were in a cardboard tube, and wrapped with black paper. Then it was wrapped in another layer of cute zebra paper! Here is everything I ordered- 5 eyeshadow samples (they sent a free one also), a Lip Lustre in Lollipop-Pop, their Pixie Epoxy, and the Velvet Gel Silica Primer. Here are my swatches. From top to bottom: Kuroneko, Samhain Spirits (my free sample), Equality, Forbidden Lover, Banana Mochi, Immortality. I have to say I'm in love with Equality, Banana Mochi, and Immortality. I LOVE the rainbow sparkle in Equality and Immortality, and Banana Mochi is the shade of yellow I've been trying to hunt down for a while. I am also in love with the Lip Lustre! I can NEVER find the exact right shade of pink lip gloss that I want. Wet and Wild has many close ones, but they all smell like cotton candy or other food junk :/ I don't like food smells in my gloss. This doesn't really have a scent. It is my perfect bright pink, and if you get just the right light it has a light purple shine. It's so pretty, I actually got compliments on it. That's a first for any gloss I've ever used. I'm totally getting a full size. Here is without flash and with. I think the flash picture gets the color just right. I am also MAJORLY psyched about how awesome the Pixie Epoxy is. It's designed to keep your sparkles and shimmers to stay on better, but it also makes your colors about 5 billion times better. Here is the best picture I got (sorry it's kind of yellow). I will also be ordering a full size of this. The sample looks so small, I thought I'd get maybe 3 uses out of it, but you only need the TINIEST amount to cover your lids. I also love the silica gel primer, and I'll be getting a full size of that too. I have somewhat oily skin, and I have to reapply my powder about every 3 hours. I used this today and I only had to reapply powder twice. I'm very satisfied, having a shiny face is the thing I hate most, it makes me feel greasy and self-concious. Well, I think that wraps it up. I will definitely be ordering again, and I would recommend all the products I got! My next review will be on Meow Cosmetics, and I need to place a new order somewhere else tomorrow. I just have to decide where from!


  1. I love Equality! It's one of those gorgeously unique neutrals thats still fun! Lollipop-pop is so gorgeous too!

    I think I need Banana Mochi...gotta add it to my wishlist! I've heard such great things about the Pixie Epoxy, I really need to get a sample of that as well.

    Great review!

  2. They do have pretty awesome packaging. I luvz Fyrinnae. And their silica gel primer! (you reminded me I need more!) If you love super duper sparkly make sure to pick up Fyre & Ice! It's full of pink and purple and gold (i think) glitter in that wicked black base. AND! We're All Mad Here for a super rainbow sparkly bright green!

    I like that lip gloss, I haven't tried any of theirs yet. The orangey one will be the first I get one day when I'm not broke again :D

    For your next company buying order you could try stardust cosmetics or the she space. Both are having sales right now. Stardust is 15% off if you type: slowship during checkout and shespace full size eyeshadows are $3.50 if you order them from the holiday sale page.

    I'm making my list :D but I better go to bed. I tend to spend more money sleepy lol

  3. LisaKate: You NEED Banana Mocchi! It's so pretty <3 I'm glad I've already ordered Pixie epoxy & lip lustres!

  4. I have the silica gel for dry skin and I sometimes use it like pixie epoxy, it works too :)

  5. I love their lip lustres and eye shadows. The pixie Epoxy is great and so is their face primer. Good choices!

  6. I just made a huge fyrinnae order, I'm so excited!! I ordered lollipop pop because of your review :) I also got equality and immortality among others. How long would you say the samples last??

    -Tomi / My Tiger Lily Makeup