Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blue Green EOTD

I'm in a pretty bad mood right now. I took stupid photography so I could have a class with my friend. Now it's the class I struggle with the most. It's the only class I don't have an A in, so it's bringing down my GPA besides pissing me off. We have a powerpoint presentation due this Friday, worth 200 points. I spent 3 hours working on it yesterday. I went to work on it again today and it's just gone My mom works with computers and she couldn't even figure out why it disappeared. It just did. So now I have to redo everything and I'm really frustrated. Add that to the fact I got sent home early today from work, I'm not getting enough hours, and my friend spent an hour text lecturing me about how irresponsible I am, it's really, really not a good day. Here was my EOTD from yesterday. I feel like I've seen something similar to this before, possibly on Medusa's Makeup. I checked the site and I didn't see it though, so maybe not. What I used: Elves Rule, by The She Space (inner lid) Check Me Out, by Pure Luxe (outer lid) Awakening, by Pure Luxe (inner v) Smurfberry Blast, by The She Space (lower lash line) Sorry I look so creeptastic in these pictures >_< Up close and personal I couldn't decide what shade of blue green to use, so I was swatching my hand. It made me realize I have waaay too many blue greens. :P


  1. I don't think you look creeptastic at all! Your eyes look super big like a cute doll. I have a lot of blue-greens too. :-D
    Sorry about your photography class. :-( Ugh...sounds so annoying to deal with that. And you should moon your friend for lecturing you! Or if you have $0.25, I'll do it for you. :-P Ha!

  2. Im so sorry about photo :(
    Im sooo glad you are in the class with me though :)

    &&& maybe the friend who was lecturing you just cares about your safety :(