Saturday, November 14, 2009

Simple EOTD, Friday the 13th at Meow

I'm still feeling stuffy and cold-ish from yesterday, so today I didn't bother doing my hair, and I did a simple look with my makeup. I actually really love it, I think it's interesting without being busy. What I used: Girl Genius, by The She Space (lid) London Dungeon, by Aromaleigh (as eyeliner) Luminous, by Pure Luxe (lower lash line) Rimmel London MAXX Lash mascara Here's what it looks like up close. I'm in love with London Dungeon as the eyeliner. It's a nice dark color, but since it's purple and not plain black, I think it's prettier. I also am obsessed with Girl Genius, I've been very into light light pinks lately. This was the first time I ever tried Luminous, it's so light you can barely see it in the picture. I applied it dry though, so I think I should try it wet. My Fyrinnae order has just been shipped out, so it should be here in a couple days. I also ordered some samples from Meow Cosmetics tonight. I got around 12 eyeshadow samples, and some "brow beater" samples. I'm not sure exactly how those are supposed to work, but I guess I'll find out. Most of the colors I got were from the Friday the 13th collection, and the Egyptian Treasures collection. I only ordered a few from their permanent colors, because they seemed pretty generic. And now, of course, as I vowed not to order makeup for two weeks, Aromaleigh has to go and put out an old holiday collection, and prepare to release a new collection of mattes. T_T There goes my next paycheck... Today was my boyfriend's 18th birthday. :3 We went out to Chipotle for dinner, then his parents showed me a bunch of his cute lil baby pictures. We spent the rest of the night watching The Office and cuddling. I am so lucky to have someone who I can share so much love with. I am so happy with life ever since I met Sam, and I really want everyone to be able to feel the same way someday. I'm really glad for you if you already have that. :) Us a month-ish ago. :D Another side note! I just found out about the Winchester Mystery House. How could I not have known about it sooner? I absolutely HAVE to visit. Check out the website. Since tomorrow is a Saturday, hopefully I'll have time to put together a more interesting look!


  1. awww u two are so adorable !lol
    i dont like the office.loll

  2. Ooh how gorgeous! Is london dungeon from the rocks line? It looks close to...uh...*pulls out list*...doubledare. Yep!

    I'm excited to see your Meow colors! Swatches, please XD I might have to change my mind on those!

  3. Thanks Vanilla!

    Lisa Kate, I'll swatch all the colors when they arrive. :)