Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nails, shopping, All Natural Face

Obviously I took a trip over to Bath and Body Works yesterday for their semi annual sale. My mom and I got a lot of stuff (she always buys a million soaps). Here's a picture of the hand sanitizers I got, just because they're so cute and colorful. :3 Mmm... my favorite BABW scents at the moment are Nectarine Mint, and White Citrus. What scents do you like right now? I also got this kit of lip gloss and nail polish. Since it was half off, making it only $6.25, I had to get it. :) I love the cool lids. I looked at their other glosses, which seemed nice, but were $5 each. I got a way better deal with the kit, even though the glosses were slightly smaller. I can't wait to try them! I stopped at Target and saw the new Maybelline Shine Sensational lip glosses, and I looked at 2 shades of pink I thought would suit me. One was supposed to be peppermint scented, and one was bubble gum... gross. I didn't get either, I don't like those scents, or cotton candy, for my gloss. I'm going to pick out some different ones next time. Here are my nails in Cowgirl Up by China Glaze. Blurry picture, but to me it captures the color well. One last thing! I tried out my samples from The All Natural Face... the plumping gloss says not to use if you are sensitive to cinnamon or ginger, which I'm not. Even so, it made my lips burn and I had to take it off. The blush colors were too orange and not flattering on me. The hydration mist, which is the only thing I actually ordered, is iffy. I can't really tell if it does anything, and if I can't notice a result, it's not worth it for me. I will not be ordering again.

Evil Shades mini review

I got my order from Evil Shades yesterday! I did the create your own mini kit, with 3 eyeshadows and one gloss. I ordered shadows in Nymphette, Heartless Queen, and Suffocation, and gloss in Lethal Kiss. The gloss is a pinky nude color, which makes my lips look really nice. Also, it smells freaking awesome. Here are some swatches (these all have a slight to medium shimmer, you can't really tell with my swatches): From left to right: Nymphette, Suffocation, Heartless Queen, Lethal Kiss Here are the shadows in their pots, in backwards order. Heartless Queen may be my favorite color of all time... it is red with kind of a pinky shine, so so so pretty. I can't wait to try looks with all these colors. There was a big thank you written right on the envelope, it made me happy. :) I didn't get an invoice, but did get a free felt tip liner in eggplant! The website pictures are extremely accurate to what the colors actually looked like to me, so I feel confident if I order more, I know what I will be getting. And I do plan on ordering more very shortly- I think I'm going to do another mini set! I might also add, these are the first full sizes I have ever ordered from any company, and I'm glad they're so awesome!

Sassy Minerals Review/EOTD

I am so glad that the companies I have been ordering from lately have been impressing me so much. Sassy Minerals is no exception. I LOVE these eyeshadows, I'm going to order about 12 more samples. The envelope arrived with an invoice and a handwritten thank you. The envelope also said it was from Sassy Minerals, instead of from "Someone's Name", so I knew which package it was before I opened it. got the package just a few days after I ordered it, I think it was 3 days. Here's some crappy swatches (the lighting here has been so bad, I apologize). I did them slightly blurred so you can see the shimmer better- these are PACKED with it. The top swatch is as is, the bottom swatch was applied on top of Detrivore Primer. From left to right: Break the Silence, Glass House, Cynical, Lyrical, Ruby Slippers From left to right: Gasoline Rainbow, Flash of Brilliance, Starstruck (free sample included with order), Breaking the Rules, Endless Party, Risk Taker I took some picture of the colors in their jars as well, these pictures look very accurate to me. From left to right: Break the Silence, Glass House, Cynical, Lyrical, Ruby Slippers Yeah, I may have spilled Lyrical all over myself the other day, hence the tiny amount in the jar... From left to right: Gasoline Rainbow, Flash of Brilliance, Starstruck (free sample included with order), Breaking the Rules, Endless Party, Risk Taker These samples have a good amount in them, and come in jars, which is a great price for only 75 cents a sample. They are so shimmery and gorgeous, and very pigmented. My only problem with this company is their website pictures. All the eyeshadows look like barely pigmented, almost pastel, typical shades. In reality they are anything but. I don't know why the website has such lame pictures when the product itself is so amazing... you really have to read the color descriptions, don't even bother to look at the pictures. Here is my EOTD with Sassy Minerals. Cynical, inner lid Breaking the Rules, rest of lid Glass House, browbone (is that what that's called?) Starstruck, eyeliner And here is the totally rad shirt I was wearing, available from Deadworry.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas LOTD and China Glaze NOTD

My mom got me some NARS eyeshadow for my stocking when she went to Sephora. I feel so sophisticated and fancy now! All my designer stuff has been given to me, I'm too money-concious to buy it myself. Right now my best friend is in NYC, and she is going to get me my Christmas gift from Sephora. :P I wanted to try out my new Sassy stuff, so here's a EOTD. What I used: NARS eyeshadow in Silent Night (lid) Risk Taker, by Sassy (lid eyeliner) Covergirl eyeliner in grown black (waterline) Glass House, by Sassy (under waterline) L'Oreal Voluminous mascara mark lip gloss in Lucky Luxe The All Natural Face blush in Terra Cotta Here are my nails with a China Glaze Khrome color, Hi-Tek. The picture is not the best, but I think it gets the color right. In the lighting right now, the shine almost seems pink, but that may just be the lights off of the Christmas tree. Tonight my family went out to dinner without me, because I didn't have time to go eat with them before I had to go to work. About 40 minutes after they left, my manager called me and said I didn't have to work tonight, but I should come anyway because there was a lot of food people brought in. I ate dinner at work. I really love my job so much. You wouldn't think of Arby's as so great, but I work with awesome people, who are so nice and generous. Because of them, I didn't eat dinner alone this Christmas Eve. :) Having a job I truly enjoy is one of the best gifts I could ask for. I have very bad anxiety problems, and driving to work without that feeling of panic, and having a generally calm shift is really helpful. My job means a lot to me. So does my boyfriend, who I've been dating for almost a year now, who loves me so much. We're going to college together so we don't have to be apart. He has a lot of shit he deals with and I'm so thankful he still has so much love in his heart for me. I love him so much. I just wanted to share that, and I hope everyone thinks of the non-material gifts as just as, if not more important, than the material ones. Merry Christmas. :)

Yesterday's Mail :D

Yesterday I got 4 packages! I was so freaking excited. One was the Avon stuff I had ordered just the morning before! I also got some cd's I ordered, and packages from The All Natural Face and Sassy Minerals. First I want to talk about mark by Avon... I am so in love. I am all ready to order more gloss tomorrow. It is SO GREAT. I got 2 juice jems (they were buy 1, get 1 free), in Honeydew and Mango Tango. Honeydew is like my beloved Lancome Juicy Tubes in Spring Fling, except Honeydew has pink sparkles. :) The juice jems appear to be mark's version of the Lancome juicy tubes... and I'd much rather spend $6 than $18 for gloss, so mark wins! They smell delicious too. The other cool thng about a lot of the mark stuff is that lots of the products are the right size to fit into a connector, which is free is you get 2 "hook up" products. I'm deff. going to use this for complimentary gloss colors! I have 2 in a connector in the picture above. I got their lip plumping gloss in the color Swank, which is super pretty, but has a really weird smell that I don't like. :/ I need to try it with a clear gloss on top to try and cover up the smell. I also got their luxe gloss in Lucky, which is my new FAVORITE GLOSS OF ALL TIME. It is sooo pretty and sparkly! Here's a blurred picture so you can see the shimmer. From pictures I've seen of the MAC Dazzleglass, the luxe glosses by mark look similar. And again.. $5.50 beats $21, mark is totally sucking me in! I want to order soooo many more of their gorgeous glosses. I ordered a hydration mist from The All Natural Face, here is the picture off of their etsy. I'll have to use this a few times before I can share my opinion. There was no invoice, but it did come with a business card and some coupons. They also sent me two blush samples, something which I think is supposed to be a glow powder, and some lip plumping stuff with an applicator brush. I haven't used it yet, but it smells GOOD, like cinnamon. After seeing on Grey's post on the eyeshadows which matched TKB, I was dubious, but it really seems like all the free samples I got were nice and original. I would like to order some eye colors and see what I think. I'll discuss my Sassy Minerals package when I review them.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I grabbed all my eye colors I believe may be repackaged, and put them in one of my Hello Kitty lunchboxes (the other is full with Hello Kitty makeup!). It was 40ish colors, so around 1/3 of all the colors I have. Damnit you repackagers! Stop wasting my money with your crock of shit. Here is my EOTD. I am sooo not in the mood for bright colors today, so I did kind of a brown and dark purple thing. What I used: Oh Precious Patience, by The She Space (inner lid) Samhain Spirits, by Fyrinnae (center of lid) Forbidden Lover, by Fyrinnae (outer lid) Covergirl eyeliner in brown black (waterline) A Bit Naughty, by the She Space (under waterline) Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash mascara. WHYYYY DID YOU TAKE MY MAX FACTOR AWAY FROM MEEEE base: Urban Decay Primer Potion, with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on top e.l.f. lip gloss in New York City Today I ordered from Sobe Botanicals, Evil Shades, Beautiful Girl Minerals, and mark by Avon. So that's 8 orders I've placed in the last week... uh oh! I'm really itching to place another Fyrinnae order, and get some NYX stuff, since I remarkably don't own any. We'll see if I give in to temptation. >_>

Pink is for Love :)

Yesterday I was inspired yet again by Lady Gaga- this one is based off of Lovegame. It was also my 11 months with my boyfriend, so I wanted to do a pinky, Valentines-esque look. What I used: Tell Me Lies, by Hi Fi (inner lid) Beautiful, by Hi Fi (center of lid) Starlet, by Detrivore (outer lid) Bandits in Bras, by The She Space (pink liner) londondungeon, by Aromaleigh (dark liner- why haven't I bought a full size of this yet?) Covergirl eyeliner in brown black (waterline) Equality, by Fyrinnae (under waterline) Max Factor Lash MAXXX mascara Detrivore Primer, with Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy on top Fyrinnae lip lustre in Lollipop-Pop Wet N Wild Glassy Gloss in Candy Glaze on top of the lip lustre I don't think you can tell so much from the picture, but I attempted blush! I never wear it cus I always make myself look dumb. I used Hi Fi's Beautiful, since it's such a light pink. I think it actually turned out well! I'm going to try blush again soon. :3

Black EOTD

I was listening to my beloved Lady Gaga and was inspired to do this look (from the song Vanity). That song is like my theme song, haha. "Nothing's wrong with being just a little bit vain, we need a little pretty cus this country's insane"... so true, Gaga. So true. What I used: Nile, by Meow (inner lid) Abyss, by Detrivore (outer lid, crease) Train to Nowhere, by The She Space (eyeliner) Voluminous by L'Oreal mascara some Max Factor gloss... r.i.p. Max Factor in America ;_; I love a good old black eye look sometimes. Also, the hoodie I'm wearing is one I thought I ruined because this stupid spot wouldn't come out, and now it's magically gone! \(^o^)/ Annnd I painted my nails with OPI's Russian Navy. This picture looks exactly how it looks irl, at least to me. There's some purple shimmer, but you can only see it if you do a single coat, and I wanted an actual navy, so I did two coats. I love OPI more than any other polish because of the brush. I am HORRIBLE at painting my nails, and the fat brush makes it easier for me to do an acceptable job.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I wanted to just choose some random colors and go with it, but I didn't really like the results. I should have used a lighter green, then it would have looked a lot better. I'll make sure to do a great EOTD tomorrow to make up for it. :) What I used: Millions of Peaches, by Hi Fi (inner lid) Electric Lust, by The She Space (outer lid) Grass (pure hue color), by Aromaleigh Forbidden Lover, by Fyrinnae (eyeliner) Rimmel London Lash MAXXX mascara Maybe when I get home from work tonight I'll try a better look. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas break!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yesterday I placed orders with Hi Fi Cosmetics (again), The All Natural Face, Sassy Minerals, and Aromaleigh. Of course today I see via Facebook that the Aromaleigh "Hot In The City" collection is back, which is what made me start going to Aromaleigh in the first place! I might have to order again just to get some of those babies >_> All my orders will probably get here in the week I'll be out of state at my grandma's, so reviews/swatches probably won't be until early January. I'm really excited for my products and look forward to reviewing them for you guys!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm getting annoyed with myself with my looks. I realized that both today and yesterday's looks were similar to ones I had already done. Hopefully I'll have time to come up with really good new ones over break :D What I used: Detrivore eyeshadow primer Urban Decay primer potion Lemon lime brain freeze, by The She Space (inner lid) estranged, by Aromaleigh (middle lid) googoomuck, by Aromaleigh (outer lid, blended into estranged) Ectoplasma, by Detrivore (my attempt at a V) Voluminous by L'Oreal mascara Covergirl eyeliner in brown black (waterline) Death Valley, by Detrivore (eyeliner) Fyrinnae's Lollipop-Pop lip lustre Wet N Wild Glassy gloss in Candy Glaze (applied over Lollipop-Pop) Even though this is a semi-reused look, I really love it. It's so bright and fun; I haven't done any bright makeup in a while because I haven't had time to plan the looks. So this made me happy. :3 SOMEHOW this "v" turned out ok, I don't know I managed it. Someone please tell me how to make a good v! It is my greatest wish in life right now, haha. Oh, and I got my hair cut! My friend Emily did it for me, and I did her makeup! I didn't have a camera though, which is too bad, because it was AWESOME. And the Chanel necklace is not real... I wish. Happy Friday!

Chocolate Cherry EOTD, boots!

I apologize for my lack of posting! This was my last week of school before break, so I was doing a lot. But now that I'm on break, I will hopefully be blogging a lot more! My EOTD yesterday was inspired by a few different blogger's recent looks. I had also just used some hair cream tht smelled JUST like maraschino cherries, so I decided to do a brown and red look. Sadly, it didn't turn out very well. What I used: Tutankhamun, by Meow (inner lid) Chocolate Lover Gone Bad, by The She Space (outer lid) Zinfandel, an Aromaleigh PURE HUE color (attempted v's which totally failed) Voluminous by L'Oreal mascara Covergirl eyeliner in brown black e.l.f. lip gloss in New York City (the picture doesn't show it well, it's very pink-red) It didn't look bad or anything, it just wasn't how I would have liked. The zinfandel is almost more of a glitter than a shadow, so I was having a hard time working with that. But I really liked my outfit, so here's a picture. :) My dad's huge old 90's sweater! So cool! Black bow headband, red tights, and my Payless sweater boots. :3 I love those boots. Why anyone would pay so much for Uggs is beyond me... I don't like the suede (their sweater boots are cute though). I tried on my friend's and they felt exactly the same as my $40 Payless boots. Now I feel like talking about my love of cutesy furry boots... here are some I got for $20 at Target (I think they are technically slippers, but they have a hard sole so I wear them everywhere). My mom wants to burn these, she thinks they're hideous. There was a really cute pair I saw in an Avon catalogue, but it's not on the website anymore. Darn. :( Yesterday I painted my nails with Orly's "Iron Butterfly", from their new metallic matte collection everyone's talking about. My nail pictures looked like crap, as usual, so here's a link to Phyrra's picture. Spot on what it looked like to me. Pros: dries in about 4 seconds, literally. Cons: EXTREMELY chippy. I don't use base or top coats because I lost all mine, but I was getting chips even just a couple hours after application. I already had to take it off. So I'd say it's great for a special event or something, but you can't really wear it all day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mini-Haul, EOTD

Yesterday I had to get some new stuff! I finally opened a Sally Card too! Here's a couple pictures of my mini haul. I'll get started on my hair dye rant later... The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion was something my mom got me. :) She was in Chicago the other day and I BEGGED her to stop at Sephora and get it for me. I was so happy she actually did! She made me laugh when she got back, talking about the brands- "Have you ever heard of NARS?" No mom, I only live and breathe makeup... haha. Anyhow! At Target I picked up a set of 3 elf lip glosses for $3. I REALLY like the colors, and they have a really sweet, almost candy-like smell to them which I like. Some people would probably not like the smell, but it's good for me. I also got whatever that straightening stuff is on the left just because it was 50 cents... worth trying out for that cheap. I also got Nina Ultra Pro polish in "Purple X-ing". Here's a link to a picture, I haven't tried it yet. The other polish is Orly's Iron Butterfly, and here is a picture of that. I realized how much people's blogs influence me, I wouldn't have grabbed either of those colors if I hadn't seen them in blogs. I thought the bottle of the UDPP was really pretty, so I decided to do a look based off of that. What I used: Pixies, by Hi-Fi Cosmetics (inner lid) Reasonable Insanity, by The She Space (outer lid) Shroud, by Detrivore (inner lid corners) londondungeon, by Aromaleigh (eyeliner) Revlon eyeliner in Very Violet (waterline) Jemma Kidd eyeliner in Fashionista (below waterline) Voluminous by L'Oreal mascara Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss in Spring Fling I painted my nails when I got home, using "For Audrey" by China Glaze. Unfortunately, it is a plain matte, and I suck at doing my nails, so you could see every little uneven spot on my nails. I ended up taking it off. I need glitter to hide my bad nail painting! Now on to my RANT... I wanted to dye my tips a bright purple. This purple, called Not So Shy Violet, by Beyond the Zone. They should have just called it Not So Violet. True, I didn't use bleach first, but I've gotten bright red in my hair before, and it showed up just fine without bleach. The bottle was so blue, I should have known the color wouldn't turn out right. My tips are not violet, not even a blue-violet, but a blue-gray so dark it looks black in most lighting. NOT the bright purple I was hoping for... T_T What a waste of money. But since my hair is so much longer than I normally keep it, I'm just going to have my friend cut my hair for me in a couple days so there's no dye left. I can't wait for my paycheck this Thursday so I can get more stuff to review! Also, here is the link to a blog you might want to check out. Since there are 8 nights of Hanukkah, there are 8 nights of beauty contests with awesome prizes! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is getting pumped for Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Sephora Wishlist

I spent quite a while going through the Sephora website for neat stuff that is somewhat reasonably priced. Here's what I will be dreaming of tonight... Philosophy S'mores Lip Shine Philosophy Marshmallow Lip Shine Sephora Mini Super Shimmer Gloss Gift Set Sephora Flashy Waterproof Liner Gift Set LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler Stila Lip Glaze collection Lancome Juicy Tubes Gloss Set Sephora Sweet Candy Gloss Trio OPI for Sephora, "Too Good For Him" Sephora Whipped Body Delights Sorbet Set Sephora Body Wash Sampler Set Sephora Dry Oil in Peach Blossom The Sephora brand seems to be the best priced...anyone can feel free to send me these items whenever they wish. :D Next I need to work on an Avon and MAC wislist, teehee. Once again, if anyone knows a store with MAC/Urban Decay/etc. type products for a lower price, please let me know!