Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Piece of Me in November!

I thought this was really cute, so I decided to participate. :) This month.... I like: everything cozy! Fleece blankets and jackets, my fuzzy boots, my fuzzy moccasins, my electric blanket... warmth. :3 I don't like: rap. Normally I listen to it as much as every other teenager but it's really annoying to me right now. I want you to know: that I am going to hopefully get some new OPI and China Glaze colors this weekend. Splurge! I've planned: to get my scholarship stuff done for Texas A&M, and hopefully I'll be getting my acceptance letter soon. I want to say to someone special: Rachel, I think it's adorable how you actually read my blog. I love you best buddy :) Moving on! I've been feeling pretty lazy this week, so today I just did some quick eyeliner. I used Heavenly Natural Beauty's Pixie pigment. It's one of my favorite colors ever, it's such a beautiful blue. Shiny forehead. T_T oh flash. Eye close-up! Today when I was at Walgreens I stopped to check out the makeup section. I haven't bought any drugstore makeup in a long while, and I was not impressed with what I saw today. Great mineral makeup companies really spoil me. :) I did see some Sinful Colors nail polish that I liked, but I didn't go for it since I'm going on a nail polish excursion this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to place an order with one of the companies I want to try, I just have to decide which one!


  1. I am having such a time reading everyone's A Piece Of Me!...i am gonna go curl up inside a fuzzy blanket now :-P

    PS- Love your eyeliner...the perfect shade of blue!

  2. Thanks for joining my little game! love everything cozy too, and I have just bought a collection of opi nail polishes! but more soft shades.. lovely! I'm not a huge fan of rap either...

    looking forward to read more of you next month