Monday, February 28, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes review & swatches

I know the reviews for these have been making the rounds lately, but I thought I'd share my opinion on the new Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes from as well. First, swatches! I ordered Leeroy Jenkins and Yo Dawg, and got a free sample of Over 9000. Leeroy Jenkins- swiped once, twice, three times Yo Dawg- swiped once, twice, three times Over 9000- swiped once, twice, three times As you can see, these are somewhat sheer, but are definitely buildable. My favorite is Leeroy Jenkins, which I've been wearing a lot lately. Even though it's purple, it's very wearable, and this is coming from someone who rarely strays out of the rosy-mauve area. If I had to try and compare these to a normal lip product, I'd go with 'an extremely tinted balm'. They're moisturizing the way a balm is, but have enough color to equal a lipstick. For $6.50, it's well worth the price, and I'm definitely going to be ordering more colors in the future. I also got a full size of the shade Everything Is Bears, which is a dark brown with awesome gold sparkles. There was a similar shade from Morgana I bought a long time ago, which is now discontinued, so I decided to pick this one up. Have you ordered anything from Shiro recently? I'm dying to try Caitlin's new pressed blushes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer giveaway winner is...

Ki! Thanks everyone for entering, I enjoyed reading all your suggestions for my new kitty's name. If you're wondering what I ended up choosing... I decided to keep it Gloria, the name they gave her at the shelter :P It just seems to fit her, and it kind of stuck after calling her that for a few days. Here's some pictures! Sleeping in bed... Sitting on the couch... Getting ready to do her makeup... and distracting my boyfriend from doing his homework. For those of you interested, here's some updates on my personal life as of late. This is going to be looong. The last week-ish has been pretty bad, and yesterday was so unbelievably bad it's almost comical. I realized, as I had suspected all along, that the itchy bumps I've been covered in for weeks were NOT from a virus, like the dermatologist said, but bites from bedbugs. Yeah, I had fucking bedbugs. So yesterday I had to take all my pets to my boyfriend's house so the exterminator could come and poison the shit out of my apartment. While he was doing that, I went to my job interview at Macy's, the only place to show any interest in hiring me out of the 8 or so I've applied to since I moved. The interview went well, but in the end, I was told they wouldn't give me the job (which was only going to be 12 hours a week anyway, like that's enough money to live on) unless I would guarantee them that I would stay with them for a full year. As it stands right now, I am looking at moving back home after my lease is up in 8 months, so that's not a promise I'm going to make. I left the interview, obviously pretty upset, and went to my boyfriend's house since I wasn't supposed to go back into my apartment for another 4 hours. We decided to go to the store to buy me some new bedsheets and a new comforter, because I decided I was going to throw mine away. On the way there I had a tire blow out. It didn't just get a little puncture, it got ripped to shreds. So we pulled over and called a towing service to come change the tire, since we didn't want to attempt it on an un-level, extremely busy highway. We drove back to my apartment on the spare tire, and my mom called my boyfriend's cell phone to tell me that my new phone I ordered should be there on Tuesday. This sounds like it's a good thing, but it's not. I broke my cell phone, and ordered the new one WEEKS ago. The shitty company, US Cellular, repeatedly lied to my mom about shipping the phone out. Now that they finally actually did their fucking job, they spelled my street address wrong, and somehow managed to lose my apartment number, so UPS couldn't deliver my phone. I was expecting to get it yesterday, and now I have to wait even longer. It's already been 3 weeks. Then we go inside my apartment and learn everything is still wet and smelly, so I had to grab some stuff to go spend the night with my pets at my boyfriend's house, where I spent the night doing laundry and homework. Now I'm finally back home, and after I finish this post, I have to go out to the store to finally buy the new sheets and comforter. How was your weekend?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

EOTD using Meow Cosmetics

Overall I really like the look I did today, although it was disappointing how my outer lid color ended up looking so similar to my crease color. What I used: Mornings of Gold, by Hi Fi (highlight) Kiwi, from Meow's Caribbean collection (inner lid) Mantis, from Meow's Lost Rainforest collection (outer lid) Ocean Spray, from Meow's Caribbean collection (crease) MAC Liquidlast Liner in Greenplay I also bought the new Maybelline One By One mascara yesterday, since my tube of Falsies is getting kind of gross. I accidentally grabbed the waterproof (I really don't like waterproof mascaras), so my judgment is on that, but I like it. It's not something to write home about, but it's pretty good. I like most mascaras that have the rubber bristles. I also was lucky enough to find, amongst a big pile of makeup that had fallen off the shelves at Ulta, one of the Physician's Formula blushes with the hearts on it! I was so happy ^_^ The reason I had gone in the first place was to get some foundation for my job interview at Macy's this Saturday. I've never worn foundation, just tinted moisturizer, which lately hasn't seemed like enough. I got the new Covergirl Natureluxe foundation in the shade 310, which is a perfect match for my skintone. I've only used it today so far, but I absolutely love it. It smells really good too. Here's a review of it from one of my favorite blogs, Noveau Cheap. And here's a picture of me and my kitty :) She's not shy anymore, she's already become the world's cuddliest cat. Sadly, she has a kitty cold, and keeps sneezing and getting snot all over me and the keyboard T_T I get to try and give her antibiotics later, can't wait...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer giveaway!

Good news everyone!
After reading my last post, Emily of Concrete Minerals generously offered to give one of my readers a FREE tin of the Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer! If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that this is my primer of choice, and what I use every day. I know Urban Decay Primer Potion is a holy grail item for many people, but having used that as well, I can say that for me personally the Concrete Minerals primer can totally hold it's own against UDPP. For me it works just as well, if not better, and since it's about half the price, it's what I'll continue to use! Here's my beat-up (AKA well-loved) tin.
I thought I'd show you a few swatches- a glittery loose shadow (Fyrinnae's "Lemming"), a pressed shimmery shadow (NYX's "Dune"), and a matte loose shadow (Aromaleigh's "Supermurgatroid"). On the left are the shadows without primer, and on the right they are over the Electric Eye Primer.
Now that you're properly convinced, here's how to enter: the only thing I ask is that you leave a comment with your e-mail address, and an idea (or a few) of what I should name my new kitty! Here's a picture of her:
She won't stop hiding right now, so this is the best I could do. ^_^ That's it! The giveaway will close on the 18th, and I will announce the winner on the 19th. This is open internationally! Good luck everyone, and thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

EOTD with Aromaleigh Hi-Fi Retro Mattes

Whenever I use AL samples I just get bummed out knowing that when I run out, that is IT sir! The other day Mindy did an awesome look using her Aromaleigh matte shadows, and it inspired me to play around with some of mine today. I just got my MAC Wonder Woman stuff delivered today, and it inspired my look a little bit. The black liner against the yellow shadow reminded me a little bit of comic books, and I used a sheer red gloss to go with it, although it shows up looking pink in the pictures. I'm going to do a full list of products I used, for once! What I used: Eyes- Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer Aromaleigh's "Real Gone" on lid Aromaleigh's "Smokin'" in crease High Voltage's "Feel The Heat" to highlight Maybelline "The Falsies" mascara InColor (aka Jordana) FabuLiner in black Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in "Zero" Face- Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Primer Jane Be Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting Sheer Foundation Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer Benefit's Erase Paste (under eyes) Revlon PhotoReady Powder (don't really like this much) Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearls (not a fan of this either) Cheeks and Lips- MAC blush in "Mighty Aphrodite" elf blush in "Gotta Glow" Urban Decay Ultraglide lipgloss in "Heat" You can ignore the fact that I got gloss on my teeth... It's been about 10 hours and my eyeshadow still looks awesome. I credit this partially to Concrete Mineral's awesome eye primer, and partly to the staying power of these shadows. I really love how the Mighty Aphrodite blush looks on me- I think it looks really natural, which is funny because I naturally flush a really bright pink. To wrap it up I want to say hi to my new followers! Thanks for stopping by ^_^ I would LOVE to do a giveaway to celebrate +350, but until I find a job I really can't afford to do so. Hopefully I can get one soon so I can do a fun giveaway (and go off my own no-buy, bleh).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gold & Green EOTD using Barry M & Hi-Fi

Hi everyone! It's been a while ^_^; I've just been so busy with schoolwork, job searching, etc. Getting really settled in to a completely new place isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'm also on a no-buy until I find a job (but I do have some packages on the way, ha). Here's a look I did the other day. I couldn't get the best pictures of it for some reason, but you get the idea. On my lid is Barry M's "Parrot Green", with their metallic liner in "Gold". I have Hi-Fi's "California Girl"in the crease, and "Mornings of Gold" as the highlight color.