Sunday, November 8, 2009

Circus EOTD?

I don't know why, but whenever I do purple and yellow eyeshadow together it reminds me of the circus. I think yellow and red would be more fitting, but who knows? I used: Diva, by Heavenly Natural Beauty Lemon Lime Brain Freeze, by The She Space Awakening, by Pure Luxe (bottom lid) Mascara is Voluminous by L'Oreal. There's a billion and one hate videos about it on YouTube, but it's always worked really well for me. Eyehance! (Can you tell I love Cute Overload?) I thought this used gorgeous colors without being too out there. My issue is that I always want to use crazy bright colors, but keep it wearable. I thought I did a good job. In other news, yesterday I went to this store called Cosmo Prof. I was lured in by their claims of OPI and China Glaze. When I got there the saleslady glared at me and didn't say hi, even though my friend and I were the only customers in the whole store. She then proceeded to stand a foot away from me the entire time I was looking at polish, totally lurking. I picked out two fabulous OPI's (Merry Midnight and Happy Anniversary, I think), and one of the new holiday China Glaze colors (a gorgeous sparkling emerald green- ok I just looked it up and it's called Emerald Sparkle. lol how fitting). When I went to the counter to pay, she asked for my student I.D. I said I didn't have it with me. Then she asked for my license. I showed her, and she got all pissy and said you couldn't shop there unless you had a cosmetology license. Thanks for telling me AFTER I spent 15 minutes in there and getting all excited T_T Luckily I was able to get Merry Midnight at the mall. I'll have pictures up soon. Now I'm off to browse the OPI and China Glaze websites...


  1. Ooh I love it! It does remind me of a circus XD

    Yeah Cosmo Prof is only for cos licensed people. Don't worry though, they are even assholes to people WITH their license XD

  2. you rock the colors! and I love your blue beanie! so cute!