Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sobe Botanical reviews

Yesterday in the mail I got my order from Sobe Botanicals. I got 5 eyeshadow samples, a Cheek&Lip Stain in Peach Fuzz, and I recieved a free sample of Orgasmic Blush, and a free sample of a mineral veil in Naked. I'll start with the bad first... I was very unimpressed with the eyeshadows. First of all, the way they are listed is very confusing and random. Here are my swatches, from left to right: Hypnotize, Extra Virgin, Blue Grotto, Space, Edgy The sunlight makes these look way better than they actually are, at least to me. Without the light shining RIGHT on them, I don't see shimmer in any of the colors except edgy. I can't even tell Hypnotize and Space apart, in the bag or on my skin (they both look plain black). Here is what the pictures on the etsy look like. The only shadow that looks like the picture is Extra Virgin. I'm looking at these right now, and they're all very dull to my eyes. They also have a weird, chalky smell to them, which I don't like. I would not recommend these shadows to anyone. I'm not thrilled with the cheek/lip stain. I got it to use as a blush, and it was $6.50, more than I would usually pay for this kind of stuff, so I was expecting something really great. It's a nice peach color, which I like, but it completely vanishes when I blend it in, so it looks like I didn't even use it. Maybe it would work better for people with a different skin tone than mine. It also has the weird chalky smell. I just tested it out on my lips, and it looks very thick and cakey, and has a bad taste to it. Here is a swatch of the Orgasmic blush, you can baaarely see it. I haven't tried this yet but I do like the color. In all honesty, I probably won't even try the mineral veil, because I haven't liked a single one from any company I've ever tried, they seem pointless to me. I'm pretty disappointed overall with my order, I will probably never use any of these shadows, and the cheek&lip stain is pretty unusable for me as well. Has anyone else ordered from Sobe Botanicals with better luck? I'd love to hear other opinions.


  1. I really like the lip and cheek stain, but I chose 2 of her most vibrant colors, Dolly and Mademoiselle. You can see how vibrant Mademoiselle is on my lips here:

    I used a lip brush to make the stain vibrant on my lips. Later I blotted it down and I still had good color but my lips looked matte and yet plump. It was a nice effect for me. I really like the lip products :) I have the eye shadows but I haven't had a chance to try them yet.

  2. I hate really random shops on etsy, lol. It makes all..@_@ <-- like that.

    It's always sad when you aren't happy with things you buy. :(

  3. I've ordered but haven't received my order yet...

    I got following products:
    -vitasticks: in the buff/Pineapple Mango scent
    -10 samples: extra virgin, nog, capri, lime light, oakmoss, butterfly, emerald, nailed, stormy, grass
    -lipscrub: brown sugar/vanilla grapefruit scent
    -Shape Up Eyebrow setting Styler

  4. I'd like to order again, but instead get the more bath type products, I feel like I'd have better luck with that.

  5. Thanks for reviewing these! Its nice to have see a few reviews on something, both bad and good. I also wouldn't pay $6.50 for that (I'm so cheap!!). I've been on the fence with ordering because I've seen some glowing reviews, but in all honesty, I'm not sure if they deserve it! I think I'm going to pass and spend money on companies that I *know* I will like!

  6. thanks for leaving the comment! :D i know what you mean, im crazy over hello kitty too but im not willing to spend like crazy! haha

    loving the swatches!