Monday, January 18, 2010

Beautiful Girls Minerals Review

I placed my order with Beautiful Girl Minerals on December 22nd. I got an email on the 31st saying it had been shipped out. I didn't get the package until over a week later. My invoice was not included, and there was no thank you note. I ordered 8 eyeshadow samples, and the eyshadow/liner sealant. I received 2 free samples with my order. Here are some swatches of the browns. All my pictures seem to have weird background stuff or my feet in them, sorry! I was trying to get the best lighting possible with the crappy camera I was using. From left to right: Femme (free sample), Alluring, Trusting, Fatale (free sample) Direct sunlight with flash Flash Can you tell the difference between Alluring and Trusting? They don't look the same in the bags, but when swatched, I can't tell which is which, they look identical to me. I even thought I accidentally swatched the same color twice, so I did more swatches on my hand, but I did use two different colors. I'm puzzled how they can look different in the bags but show up identical to my eyes. Here are swatches of the colors. From left to right: Diva, Devious, Bewitched, Dazzle, Electrified, Panic Direct sunlight with flash Flash The second picture is more accurate in both the brown and color swatches. You really can't see any shimmer at all. I also bought their sealant to turn eyeshadow into eyeliner. It didn't come with any instructions on how to use it, so I tried a few things. The only thing that really worked was to squirt the sealant onto an eyeshadow brush, then dip it in the pigments. This got the sample bag all nasty and goopy. I don't know if this is how most sealants are or not, because I've never bought any before. Here's a picture of the bottle. It did come with a label, which peeled off after a few days. I took some swatches using Diva. The left is the pigment on its own, the middle is with the sealant, and the right is using water. Direct sunlight with flash Flash The sealant really doesn't seem like much more of a difference than water. I did try smearing them all, and the pigment with the sealant didn't smear, so it did succeed in that aspect. I don't think I'll use it much, but I guess the price of $3.25 is ok. Overall, I'm really unimpressed with what I received. Sample prices are good at 50 cents, but I don't find these colors very unique or appealing, and I doubt I'll wear them much. Two of them look the same to me. I don't think I'll use the sealant. I wouldn't recommend Beautiful Girls Minerals.


  1. For the sealant thing I suggest putting it onto the bag of something plastic, like on top of a palette and then getting the eyeshadow and mixing it on top of that, or on the back of your hand. That way it's easy to clean and doesn't mess up your sample bags.

  2. I've never tried this brand before. But there are lots I haven' Fyrinnae...Ugh! I know I'm so behind! But if they don't look too great to you, they probably wouldn't to me either. Thanks for the swatches. :-)
    I find that my camera focuses better on my swatches if I have something underneath and close to my arm, like a piece of paper or something. That way it focuses on my arm instead of the floor or other things.
    I haven't been able to find a sealant that doesn't burn my eyelids. Until I find something, I'll just keep using good ol' water.

  3. @Bicky: Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try it :)

    BLIX OMG WTFFFFF how have you not tried Fyrinnae? I don't have enough samples, I need more but I can't buy anything at the moment, grr! Hmm, I'll have to try doing that with photos... the mom is back in town though, so I can steal her camera once again ^_^

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know a few things, since I've ordered from Beautiful Girl Minerals several times and I like them. Your email receipt is your sales receipt, and it says so in the email. You should have received an email that thanked you for your order and letting you know when your order ships.

    For the eyeliner sealant, you're supposed to put a drop of sealant on your brush, dip it into the powder and apply it. These are the instructions on the website. I recommend buying a paint mixing tray from a craft store and pour your minerals into the tray, as that's the best way I've found to do it.

    I think with Alluring and Trusting one has more gold than the other, but they're really close. I believe I have Femme, Fatale, Deva, Devious, Energetic, Bewitched, and Dazzle. I really like Diva on the lid with Devious in the crease. I recommend Lovestruck, Daring, Fabulous and Delicate.