Monday, January 11, 2010

Hauls of the Week!

Before I get to the good stuff, I just wanted to share a story from today... apparently there was a small fire at my school last week, and apparently, because there was a videotape of a silver SUV before the fire (which I drive), that means I did it. They couldn't tell the license plate. They couldn't tell who was in the car. I got pulled into the deans office for 50 minutes and got questioned and harassed and accused. They wouldn't even tell me why I was there for the first 30 minutes. They talked to my brother and some of my friends, and scared them too, and tried to psych us all out into admitting something we didn't do. It really pissed me off, to say the least. I hate high school so much T_T Here are my hauls! If you have any questions about what anything is, just ask. :) CVS 50-75% discount! Some other fun CVS stuff Walgreens! Rimmel is half off, and these Sally Hansen polishes were too pretty to pass up, even though I don't usually like drugstore polish. I finally got a bar glitter! Everything I got today all together. Total cost? Only around $30! I'm excited to try the mousse blush. I'm glad I got these good prices while they're happening, this is probably all the drugstore stuff I'll buy for the next few months. I really like all the indie companies I've been ordering from; I rarely make drugstore stops anymore! My haul from Cherry Culture- I already want more NYX. The stuff I got from the Beauty Ticket sale- Stila lipstick, 2 Jelly Pong Pong lip sorbets, and 2 Too Faced Sparkle glosses (these are AMAZING! Go buy some!) I've also gotten orders from Morgana Minerals and Beautiful Girl Minerals I need to review, and some GORGEOUS Aromaleigh colors to swatch. Hope you enjoyed, and your week started off better than mine :P


  1. Holy crap! That's crazy! I can't believe that. D: Damn school.

    But omg, mad jealous of your haul! It's awesome. :) Your NYX haul is especialy awesome!!

  2. That's a huge haul! I have been meaning to try out NYX and have been informed that CherryCulture is one of the cheapest places to get it.

  3. I really hope they resolved this issue and everything is fine now! *hugs*

    Great discounts! I wish we had this huge discounts here. We usually get "buy 3 - pay for 2", or 25% tops.

    I tried that Chocolate Masque a couple of years ago, it was a nightmare! Tingled like hell and was hard to remove. I ended up with a red face (after only 5 minutes!). Thankfully, everything calmed down in an hour. :) Btw, my skin wasn't sensitive back then. Have you tried it before? Be careful - try a tiny amount first.

    Which NYX round lipsticks did you get? I have Indian Pink. It's awful on its own - drying and cakey. :/ I use it together with Sweet Heart gloss - this combo is on of my all time favourites! I ordered a bunch of NYX stuff last March from Cherry Culture. Didn't like most of the products: Jumbo pencil in Milk and jar concealers in particular (gave them away to my friend); powder and cream blushes, false lashes are still waiting for me to use them. I'm still thinking whether I should give up. :)

  4. Yay! So much goodness!! I'm expecting swatches of those polishes!

    *waits patiently*

  5. God poor you! I hope the school figure everything out and stopp hastling you.
    Fantastic haul! I'm so jealous of you guys and CVS i want 75% off! I want to do another Cherry Culture order too, but am too poor right now :P

  6. Amazing haul. I really love rimmel sexy curves! xo

  7. Uuuugh, high school. It seems like as soon as someone goes into public school administration, they abandon all grasp of common sense.

    NYX is an awesome brand, I love their eyeshadow palettes.

  8. The deans came and apologized for being big fat meanies to me :P Then they started questioning everyone at school with a silver SUV... ridiculous.

    @HeavenNJR: thanks for the heads up, I'll try just a little first! I got the lipsticks in Narcissus and Hebe, I think the pictures are kind of off though, I don't think either one will look good on me. I did try one of the eye pencils and it seemed really creasy, I think I just have oily lids though, because my makeup always creases so damn easily.

    @Lisa Kate: I sooo want to do the purple with the bar glitter, but I can't until Saturday because they keep making me take my polish off at work :(

    thanks for loving my haul everyone :) I have so many orders I want to place, and tomorrow is payday, hehehe. When I live on my own and have to pay for bills instead of makeup I will be heartbroken :(