Friday, January 22, 2010

Self Esteem (&some cute jewelry!)

I thought I'd post something I was thinking about last night, which is the topic of self esteem and assertiveness in young women. This jumps over the place a little. When I posted my blog with a picture of me with no makeup, and everyone responded saying basically how bad they looked without makeup, it made me sad. I feel like most young women don't think they're pretty. I also think when you DO think you're pretty, and if you acknowledge that, you're considered egotistical. Do I think I'm pretty? Yeah, I do, or I wouldn't be putting all these pictures on my blog. But if I ever say this to someone, they're like "Wow, you're full of yourself." Why can't you have a positive self image without people thinking you have a big ego? I feel like people look down on you if you think that you're pretty, which is so stupid. To be honest, people who have low self-esteem annoy me. If you hate yourself so much, do something positive to change it instead of complaining. I really hope everyone who has blogs that I follows thinks they're pretty, because they are. :) Another thing that REALLY bothers me is how nice some of my female friends are. Not nice in a good way, nice in a way that they WILL NOT tell people to back off when they are completely crossing boundaries. When they get in bad or uncomfortable situations with guys, they don't say anything, because they would "feel bad". This makes me so frustrated. What if someone starts to rape you, would you feel too bad to tell him to stop? Two friends of mine especially seem to always be getting into these uncomfortable situations, but never say anything to the guy who's creepin on them. It's hard for me to understand how they feel about it, because you better believe I'd be telling these guys to fuck off. I don't care if they think I'm a bitch, my safety is way more important than their opinions. I think every woman should read The Gift Of Fear, by Gavin De Becker. It talks about stuff like this; how women feel like they will be perceived as a bitch if they try to make a guy back off, so they stay quiet. It's really informative about what to do in bad situations, and how to recognize danger signs. I'm very assertive and I'm very confident, which I don't think a lot of girls my age are. And I think they should be. I believe every woman should feel confident and beautiful, and every woman should be able to use this confidence to stand up for herself and be able to control a negative situation. You shouldn't have to feel afraid of being branded an egotistical bitch. I would really love to hear your thoughts on this. :) Also, I thought I'd share some cute jewelry places I've found through people's blogs. If I had money I would totally buy from them...T_T All images are from their websites. These people didn't send me free stuff or ask me to blog about them or whatever else I should say for a proper disclaimer. I just really like their jewelry. :] D♥T Charms Ezziebell Jewelry Julu Jewelry Retro Charmz


  1. The hello kitty necklace is so kawaii ;)

  2. aww, you're so sweet to give me a shout out! <3 you!

  3. It annoys me when some (obviously) gorgeous girls start to complain they're ugly and fat! They are whether blind, or just want to get a bunch of compliments!:)

    As to the "no makeup picture"... In my case, I look completely different from my "makeup face". Because my eyebrows and eyelashes are much lighter (almost invisible) than my hair. You've heard that eyebrow shape changes the whole face expression million times. Can you imagine a person without (visible) eyebrows? :) Girls with darker hair and eyebrows (like you), don't have to worry much about it. :) I'd like to dye them permanently, but the colour just doesn't show that well.

    Secondly, the skin condition is very important. If you have a clear smooth skin - no problem. When you have acne, or acne scars - going without foundation is not very attractive. Don't you agree? :)

    In times (rare times lately) when my skin condition is ok, I can go with "no makeup face" (invisible eyebrows and eyelashes don't bother me :) ), but when I have trouble with my skin I prefer not to freak people out. lol

    I'm in love with lock&key necklace. I'm lately into keys! :) And I secretly like Hello Kitty too! :)

    Martyrs didn't scare me that much too. I'll think about watching Inside. :)

  4. Hi there Heather, thank you for commenting in my blog! ^^

    About self esteem, yeah.. I'm in that situation too, till now.. :( people always saying bad things about how I look and mostly about my body size, but! I tried to be more confident and appreciate me as who I am. :) I think I have to start googling that book too! or maybe I can buy it in Jakarta, hehe..

    I love the jewelries so much! They're so cute! ^^

  5. @HeavenNJR: I see your point about the foundation! I just think it's too bad that some people won't go out without a full face on.

    @CeeCile:I think you're absolutely ADORABLE! And yeah, totally look up that book. I'm trying to get my friends to read it >_<

  6. This is my first comment, but I want to say good for you! I am a 30 year old mother now, but when I was a teen I always had self confidence. This really bothered other girls my age. Why should we have to apologize for feeling pretty? Or smart? Or, heaven forbid: both!
    I think it is fantastic that you not only have confidence, but that you admit to it. No one with REAL self confidence needs to tear anyone else down, because the confidence comes from the inside, not the outside.
    I've always said that if I could change one thing about the world, it would be to give young people confidence. I think this would drastically reduce the problems that teenagers face relating to peer pressure, drug and alcohol use, pregancy, bullying. . . the list goes on.

  7. Thank you very much for your comment, it really made my day! I agree that if people were more confident, there would be a lot less problems.