Monday, January 18, 2010

blog sales, you suck

Why is everyone doing this to me? I love blog sales... I keep seeing so much of your shit that I want, but I absolutely cannot buy anything for at least two weeks. I have to use my recent tiny paycheck for gas and chinchilla food and whatnot. So frustrating... just send me your stuff for free, ok? :D PS, me with no makeup. Show me your makeupless pictures! I want to see your beautiful naked face ;]


  1. Hey Heather, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You should re-create the look and I cant wait to see what you come up it.

    My only problem with blog sales is im always too late. I can never buy anything I like because someone already bought it :/

    by the way, you look so beautiful without makeup on.

  2. I'm always too late as well :( but it's better that way hehe. My paycheck is also tiny

  3. I dunno if I am brave enough for that lady! You have great skin and mine...well it's beastly! Maybe if my skin clears up a bit I will attempt to take pics of my bare face. You look wonderful without makeup.

    I've never purchased anything from a blog sale but I always see pretty things people are wanting to get rid of!

  4. Aww i'm sorry. If theres anything you want but can't afford at the moment i'll hold it for you until you can, i trust you to pay me when you can :)
    You look gorgeous with no makeup! I'll show you in my blog soon what i look like. It's not pretty :P

  5. Aww, I like shopping at blog sales but yes, I'm always too late. LOL. I'm having a blogsale right now and I'm selling a ton of earrings (if you wear them). I'm selling them for pretty cheap and I can hold onto things for you if you'd like.

  6. @Becky &MissTat : Yeah, I'm always too late for the best stuff. I found a great blog sale today and everything I want had already been bought T_T

    @Blix: thanks boo, I think you're gorgeous no matter what ;] I have never actually gotten anything from a blog sale yet, I just always want to!

    @Lillian: THANK YOU! Your blog sale actually inspired this, haha. Me wants :3

    @Y: I have REALLY been wanting some new earrings, I will look and thank you so much!

  7. thanks for following! you look great without makeup. me? not so much!

    blog sales are so great, but I'm usually late too!

  8. You're so pretty without makeup! :)

    The thing that annoys the shit of me about blog sales is that they seldom ship internationally D: I get sooo pissed off whenever I see a gorgeous beauty product on a blog sale and I know that _I'm just not able to_ get it.

  9. You're young, you look just as radiant without it, cheater. ;D

    I've never bought makeup from a blog sale before. Even if I really like something.. I prefer to wait a little and think about it, but next thing ya know, somebody's already claimed it!

  10. I've never bought anything from a blog sale, but for some reason I like lurking them (particularly in the LJ mac_cosmetics comm) just to see what people are selling, and how ridiculous their collections are XD

    I wouldnt dare post a decent quality full face photo of me without makeup, my chin is a warzone D: you have such glowy skin, Im jealous!

  11. LOL I wish everyone would send us their stuff for free! xD HAHA

    & goodness you look so beautiful without makeup~ I am more on the daemon monster looking side without makeup. lol I am still not brave enough to show my naked face >.<

    OH & I almost forgot to tell you. I nominated you for an award on my blog <3 :)

  12. you are so pretty!!


  13. Thank you for your kind words everyone! I like you even though I think you're all liars and look just beautiful without makeup.

    Thank you Dana for the nom! I'll post it tomorrow :)

  14. Damn blog sales.

    You look great without makeup! I'm all over a no-makeup face! Although, there are some days when I go out and I look in the mirror and I'm like "shhhoooot, I should have worn makeup" Haha. I'll post a makeupless picture on my blog, hehe.