Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spring Fairy LOTD

Hi everyone! I've been updating only once or twice a week as compared to my normal time frame of about every other day. I don't know if I will continue posting more slowly or not. I don't ever want this blog to feel like a chore instead of something fun I love, so if that means posting just a teeny bit less, that's what I'll do. I started blogging on November 2nd of 2009, I can't believe it's been almost a year already! That seems so crazy to me. I'd love to do a giveaway, but I'm on a no buy. It would be nice if I could do a small one around Christmastime, hopefully that will work out since I have some decent paychecks coming my way. Here's a look I did just playing around with makeup the other night. I had really been wanting to use Showy & Glowing Luna together. I like green and pink together because it makes me think of spring and fairies ^_^ The temperature has been 65-70 here for weeks, and it just dropped to 45 today so it feels so, so cold. Shadows I used: Concrete Minerals eye primer Showy, by Aromaleigh (inner lid) Glowing Luna, by Aromaleigh (outer lid) Berry Exclusive, by Fusion of Color (crease) Hail Caesar, by Hi Fi (highlight) Ice Princess, by Darling Girl (lower lashline; unreleased color) Showy and Glowing Luna are really sparkly, used over Pixie Epoxy it would have been amazing, but I wanted a soft look. Oh, I got my nose pierced too! Closed-eye shot, first person to tell me what the poster in the picture says wins ten makeup points! Now it's time for me to catch up on your blogs :3


  1. Really pretty look. Do you prefer mineral shadows to non minerals or loose to pressed? I haven't tried many mineral or loose shadows.

  2. This really makes your eyes look huge, like bigger than they already are! Hehe. Very pretty, I like it.

  3. Looks very pretty!!!

    Did you get a chance to try out that Clearasil stuff for your guest blog for NV Beauty?

    Are you planning on entering my Halloween contest? I jsut extended the deadline!! Please check it out!!

  4. 'want to go to the beer fest', 'warning bears eat people', want to beef eat'? please just tell me!! i have to know!

  5. This makes your eyes look super chocolatey and delicious.

  6. I like it, very pretty and reminds me of a fairy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Hah I totally failed at that, you asked for what it said lmao. Man I needs some nap time.

    "I want to believe"!

    mucho better :) I love Glowing Luna. Such a sweet soft green

  8. @FunnyFaceBeauty: I hardly have any pressed shadows, maybe 5 or 6. All of my pressed shadows are in palettes, and all my regular shadows are pigments. I like loose shadows better, unless I'm in a hurry, and then I use pressed :)

    @femputer: Thanks! :D

    @Nicole: I am going to write it soon, I promise! I have been soooo lazy about it, I really need to just get it done.

    @prettybottles: Mindy got it :D

    @thecandiedmango: heehee, thanks!

    @Marie: Yay, success!

    @KittenMittens: Haha, I KNEW you'd be the first one to get it! I almost wrote that in the post.

  9. I love the work you did with your eyes! You look vuuury pretty in that last picture missy!

  10. Jealous, I want my nose pierced! :( Love the look, pinks on you are fab!

  11. Very pretty, Heather!

  12. Look very cute ! Showy is pretty :D

  13. Beautiful look. It is very springy!

  14. as a general rule i'm not a big fan of pink eye shadows but this look really works! the colour you've used under the eye look so pretty and it's just so girly!

    So odd that this is the 2nd blog I've clicked on in a row where the latest post is about Aromaleigh, a brand I'd never even heard of before this evening! :)

  15. So pretty and girly. And even though I didnt comment till now, I read this on my phone and was like ZOMG X FILES POSTAAAAAAAAAAA

    I love pink and green together too ^__^

  16. Cute, it's so shimmery and pretty!

    Hahaha I know that poster well! I was a total X-Phile growing up and my sisters and I are watching the whole series again on Netflix. We're in season 7 right now. xD

    I know what you mean about blogging being a chore. I think about it all the time, but only rarely get around to updating. I don't want anyone to ever feel pressured into updating, including myself. It's supposed to be a fun thing we do in our spare time, not something that weighs us down and makes us feel guilty! You gotta do what's best for you. <3

  17. This is a nice, soft look for you. I was about to ask if you got your nose pierced then read that you did! Sweet! Looks really cute on you. :-)

    I love the X-Files and I always wanted that poster. I had a huge crush on Mulder when I was a teenager...*sigh* Maybe I still do!

  18. @ladyinatophat: aw, thank you!

    @Robyn: Do it! I am a huge baby so if I could do it without crying, I think anyone can :P

    @Darling Girl: Thanks!

    @Luna: thank you!

    @The Peach: I'm already getting sick of doing neutral-fall colored looks every day T_T

    @All Made Up: :O I love pink shadows! You just have to get ones that don't make you look like you're sleepy or have pink-eye!

    @kathyeffingjacobs: thank yooou :D

    @SilhouetteScreams: haha YES! We are so tv-twins. Except for Jersey Shore, ewww :P

    @Emily: HAHA you don't know how happy it made me to see you say X-Phile! :D My boyfriend bought all the seasons before they were on Netflix instant play, oops... I have 3 episodes left of season 9, and I bought the movie that came out in '08, but I feel like I'll never watch them because I don't want it be over D: I've been going through the seasons since I was 16 so they're dear to my heart <3

    @Blix: Thanks! I have to wear a band-aid over it at work now T_T I totally have a crush on Mulder ;)