Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Killer Cosmetics Review

When I posted my poll asking which company people would like to see reviewed next, I was pretty surprised to see that Killer Cosmetics was the winner. The excitement of a new company, I guess, because I didn't find anything they had all that thrilling. The makeup is just one of the things sold on the UV Kitty website. They have a lot of synthetic dreads, and some accessories and things. They do have a blogger package available for $8.50 which includes 4 samples and 1 full size, but I just decided to order two sample sets, for $3.20 each, which include 3 samples. I'd rather have more 6 sample colors to show you instead of 5 colors, one being a full size I'd never use. The website has 16 colors available, which isn't bad at all for a company just starting out. They are all based around some kind of killer- from Smoker's Lung, to Whitechapel (inspired by Jack the Ripper). You would think this would really interest me, since I LOVE horror movies and I think reading about serial killers is totally fascinating (don't lie, you think so too). But for some reason I just don't. I think if they were ALL serial killer based or ALL movie based it would be better, but Smoker's Lung just seems out of place. I also don't like the fact that both Whitechapel and Black the Ripper are both from the same source. I know I'm being pretty picky here. I also didn't like how some of the sentences in the product descriptions were taken word-for-word out of Wikipedia. At least say it's from Wikipedia if you're going to do that. Ok ok, enough with the nitpicking, I know you want to see the products! But first... the packaging! It was really nice and professional looking, and I really like it. Sorry the pictures are slightly dull, I had to turn flash off because I kept just getting big shiny spots. It came with a lot of extra stuff inside. Before I get to the actual shadows- I promise you'll see them eventually- I want to talk about the ordering process, which I thought was weird. You don't actually pick exactly which colors you want, but instead you enter your top 5 choices. I don't even remember exactly what I did since I ordered two of the sample sets. I got my order in 2 weeks, which I think is pretty normal time, since the company is located in Canada. I have never gotten clamshells of shadows before. I would definitely say I am not a fan. I turn into the Hulk when I open eyeshadows, so I always think I'm going to spill these when I open them, or hit the lid and knock them over. There's also nowhere to tap off excess shadow. As you can see in the picture above, the samples were very generous. They were also shrink-wrapped, which was nice. I don't like how they are labeled... I don't remember what LK stands for. I don't see why the full name isn't put on the shadows. Time for the swatches! Top 3: The Overlook, Miss Argentina, LadyKiller Bottom 3: Clockwork, Frog's Breath, Blood Bathory Blogger flipped that last one >:[ The colors are pretty and pigmented, but none of them really stand out to me. There was nothing good enough here to make me interested in ordering again. I'm interested to hear your thoughts, since I've seen only positive reviews so far.


  1. I passed on the blogger sample set as well because of the price. I think I'd need to see more colours, and no clam shells before I give it a go. I only like clamshells when they contain solid perfume!

  2. Yeah, seems a wee bit boring. Thanks for reviewing them, anyway. :)

  3. I think I saw Skye Sweetnam do a tutorial with killer and the quality did not impress me at all.

  4. Not gonna lie, I wanted The Overlook and Clockwork just for the names but was really turned off by the high shipping costs. The colours aren't that exciting, so I guess I'll just use similar colours and pretend in my brain that they have awesome names ;]

  5. Love the name of the company but not so much the colours. Im glad you just got a sample pack rather than buying a lot of full sized products.
    Thanks for the review

  6. due to the fact that the packaging reminds me of Insane Clown Posse, i'd never buy anything from this company. i mean, i'm sure it'd appeal to juggalettes or something. those colors look very generic, like they've already been done.

  7. The color payoff is good but the colors are like the ones I see in the stores already.

    Thanks for the honest review and swatches!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I was at this website yesterday & just found the ordering weird. Shipping from Canada is expensive & because of the full size jar is probably about $7.00 so it makes it very difficult for her to market but her product prices aren't the best either.

  9. Thanks for this review... I thought KC looked interesting but now I'm not bothered at all. Very meh looking to me.

  10. Agreed with you on the review... sort of meh looking. And paper labels? Ew... the green is kind of pretty but it's been done.

  11. great review but to be honest the colours just don't seem to warrant the delivery time and the crappy packaging - I have no doubt that I'd spill those little clamshells absolutely everywhere in no time!

    Though I guess the actual theme and names would be kinda apt cos halloween is just around the corner :)

  12. I'm seeing a shadow probably based off of Grape Pop, another based off of Tangerine Pop, another that's half Indian Blue and half white mica....

    I could be way wrong, of course, but when I can make quick educated guesses to the TKB micas/colorants in the product, it's not original enough for me to buy it.

    Also, is it just me or is the packaging reminiscent of Lime Crime's old packaging?

  13. Hi there. I've not ordered from them because I didn't see a lot of 'wow' factor other than the horror aspect, which is appealing and kitschy. I HATE clamshells and unless KC really offers something unique, I'll pass. I'm grateful for your honesty and review though, it helps those of us looking as well.

  14. Lol i hate clamshells. When i open them im so afraid that i'm going to suddenly rip the cap off and eyeshadow will go flying everywhere. Or i cant get them off and i have to use my teeth. Not cool.

  15. I think I was one of the ones who voted for you to try them, mainly because I haven't heard of them.
    Thanks for doing the review. The clamshells alone would have been a deal killer for me.

  16. @KittenMittens: I have become such a huge solid perfume fan lately!

    @femputer: You're welcome :)

    @PoorCollegeStudent: I just looked it up, I'm not impressed either.

    @SilhouetteScreams: I got the Overlook just for the name too, I have a lot of colors like it but I just love The Shining so I had to get it.

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: I like the name too, just not the products so much, sadly.

    @prettybottles: Your comment made me google ICP and sadly I discovered the song Miracles :( Ears. bleeding.

    @Marie: Yeah, the colors aren't really anything unique.

    @Marcey: I don't even remember how much my shipping was... I don't think I'd pay more than $6 ever for a shadow, unless it's Urban Decay.

    @Robyn: Save your money!

    @Cydonian: The labeling was extremely disappointing to me.

    @All Made Up: I have no doubt I will spill one of them eventually.

    @kathyeffingjacobs: That's what I get for trying new things!

    @Shattered: LadyKiller looks very Grape Pop to me too, that's the first thing I thought when I opened it. I didn't even think about that but yes, I think the old LC packaging used to have striping like that.

    @TianneMarie: I love the horror aspect, I love eyeshadows with a theme. I'm glad you liked the review :)

    @Y: Oh my gosh, I would be way too scared to try and open them with my teeth! I already have so many makeup stains on my carpet.

    @Lucy: I'm trying to remember who's blog I heard of them from first, but I can't.

  17. Thank you for this review! Those containers would make me nuts!