Thursday, October 7, 2010

The only colorful look I did on vacation

Hey everyone! I'm back from visiting Texas, sadly. I've only been through one day of my typical life and I'm already bored. It's very monotonous. I really regret not moving in August when I was planning to, and I'm looking at trying to move down in January. I really hope everything works out for me. Here is the only fun look I did while I was gone... packed all that makeup for nothing :P I used mostly one of the Beauty UK palettes. The yellow color is from the Sugarpill palette. I think this is probably the closest thing to a rainbow look I've ever done. Sorry that's all I have for you right now, but I have 4 reviews to do, so hopefully I'll be getting off work early the next couple days so I still have daylight for swatching. I hope everyone's been having a good week.


  1. Awesome! I love the colors. I am going to steal this :)

    I hope everything works out for you with moving. You deserve it.

  2. So pretty! I really like that blue color.

  3. I love to have seen you evolve in your makeup application. (don't get me wrong, your looks have always been pretty) but lately you've just been showing us this sparkly, colorful greatness, and I LOVE that ! :) This is an awesome look, and your blending looks great with all those colors :D

  4. yay! I love the light blue in your crease!

  5. That's nice ! Very brightfull , love it .

  6. Such pretty colors! I especially love that light green. <3

  7. Love the yellow with the lower lashline - purdy!

  8. Wow, the blending from yellow to green is perfect!
    I hope everything go as you hope and that you can move in january!

  9. Your blending skillz are awesome! I love these rainbow looks. I may have to try it one day.

  10. This rocks! I especially like the green shades. :)

  11. Well, it may have been the only colorful look you did, but it sure packed a punch! I love it, very happiness-inducing! ;)

  12. this looks beautiful! I love the colours you've used and eye liner just finishes the whole look off perfectly. Very nice pics :)

  13. @KittenMittens: It has a great texture considering it's a pressed shadow AND a matte.

    @cait: Feel free :) & Thank you.

    @Annamax: thanks!

    @MissTat: That seriously made my day, thank you so much! That meant a lot to me.

    @Y: Thank you!

    @Luna: HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN YOUR BLOG UNTIL NOW? Your looks are beautiful! Just started following.

    @Emily: That shade of green is my favorite :)

    @Robyn: Thankies!

    @jellynat: Thanks, I hope so too :D

    @Darling Girl: Thank you! You should :)

    @kathyeffingjacobs: thanks kathy :D

    @femputer: hehee, thank you!

    @All Made Up: Thank you so much!

  14. DUDE THIS IS PERFECT :D it's my favourite look that you've ever done!