Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Collections

Hey guys! I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow for a few days, but hopefully I'm still be able to post a bit while I'm there. Since it is now October, the best month of the year, I thought I'd post a big list of all the shops with Halloween collections going on right now. So far I haven't ordered from very many places, but when I get back I will spend way too much money doing so :) One Hand Washes the Other has a great variety of Halloween products! I think I picked out a Pumpkin Bread solid perfume when I ordered the other day, and I don't know why I skipped over Choco Pumpkin! Darling Girl Cosmetics has LE Halloween products for eyes, lips, and face. I grabbed a couple eyeshadow samples and a mini gloss. You know Andrea of Evil Shades will go all out for Halloween! She has 6 new eyeshadows, a lip gloss, AND a glow in the dark nail polish available. You get free shipping if you order the whole collection. A new Dia De Los Muertos collection from Fyrinnae has been released. Thanks Phyrra for this information :) Glamour Doll Halloween sets have sold out, but there's a possibility of more- click here for more information. Haus of Gloi has a bunch of great Halloween scents and products. I got bubbling scrub samples of Pumpkin Queen and Saft Ernte, and I love them both. Hi-Fi Cosmetics has 10 new eyeshadows and 3 new lipglazes for the Halloween season! You can get a full set of everything, or a sample set of just the eyeshadows. High Voltage Cosmetics has 5 new colors for Halloween. I'm really lemming Tombstone and Ghost Town. I'm just going to link you straight to the Meow Cosmetics homepage so I don't have to link to all of their MANY amazing new colors! I am most excited about the Alien Abduction and Shattered Equinox collections. I have a huge X-Files poster over my bed so anything that reminds me of my beloved Scully and Mulder makes me happy :) Morgana Minerals, now Morgana Cryptoria, has a whole new website! There's so much more than JUST new Halloween stuff to drool over. How cute is that orange kabuki! Suds n Sass has some cute Halloween makeup sets, and also some amazing sounding Halloween bath products. I'm really loving the glosses, and the Boolicious scrub sounds amazing. I hope having all this in one place is helpful!


  1. lol out of all the collections it was Meow's Alien ones that got me most happy for that same reason :D Man I miss that show

  2. I'm just dying over all the new collections! So cool! Makes me happy :)

  3. Thanks Heather! I've been busy spending money on Halloween collections! My husband is going to kill me I'm sure :) I still haven't checked out Darling Girl, so I'm going to do so when I finish reading blogs!

    Have a great trip!

  4. Oh, wow! Thanks for posting all of these. This is a great collection!!