Monday, October 18, 2010

I got something awesome :D

Damn right that's a Hello Kitty pillowcase, made for me by everyone's favorite Kathy :D Not surprisingly, one of my kitties really likes it too and curled up on it next to me last night when I went to bed :3 I don't have any fun looks today, because I've been lazy and mostly just doing pretty neutral looks with my BoS3. I DID do my best friend's makeup for her homecoming though. She really liked it and I will try and post pictures of it if she uploads any to facebook. I thought I'd do some blog love, since I haven't for a while and I've found some AWESOME new blogs lately! I really need to update my blogroll one of these days. All Made Up Beauty From Another Planet Bonny Binnacle Cooking Chinchillas Cosmetics and Cats I'll Light the Night with Sparks Lady in a Top Hat- can I just say, this blog has the absolute BEST swatches! prettybottles Samelevennn Shop My Stash- I really love this blog :) Sorta Insane Musings of a Makeup Addict Sparkling Luna Tianne Marie Makeup and Retrography I have a couple random questions that I would love for you guys to answer if you want! :D 1) What is the best concealer you know of for under-eyes? I currently use Benefit's Erase Paste, which really doesn't work for me. I might try the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, my dark circles are that bad. 2) I'm going to do a post of my favorite horror movies, since it's October. As you might know I'm a huge movie buff- do you know of any good Youtubers/bloggers/podcasts that talk about movies? More specifically, weird, scary, gross, indie, dark, cult, etc movies. I found one that seemed good but they didn't start talking about the movies until OVER AN HOUR INTO IT. 3) Would you be interested in a post with pictures of my adorable pets? :D I have two kitties, a dog, and two chinchillas. Would you be interested in a picture of my 2nd biggest collection (after makeup), sneakers? I have quite a lot. I'm not going to show you guys my makeup setup until I move to Texas in January, because right now it's pretty messy and awful. 4) When I am off this terrible retainer-related no-buy, I might be interested in purchasing a few MAC items. I don't have any MAC because I think it's overpriced and overhyped, but I think I should actually use some before I keep judging it. I am so overwhelmed by all their products, what are some easily available ones I should try? Sorry for the huge text wall! Just a reminder... Kathy is awesome.


  1. SO glad to see your mention of Lady in a Top Hat. I have gained a lot from her swatches & have wondered why she has so few followers when there is such great content. Also glad to see you add Tianne.
    Will have to check out some of the others.
    As for MAC - it's worth it to have a little bit but you're not missing anything if it's not in your collection.

  2. You have a chinchilla?! Shyeah I'd like to see!

    You're moving to the TX? I'm in Oklahoma! :)

    My experience with MAC is very limited, you know this, but I'd recommend The Beauty Sampler (big samples in jars and cheap). The consensus seems to be that MAC eyeshadows and pigments are the shiz.

    Thanks for the blog links, I needed fresh reading material! :)

  3. 1 and 2, I dunno :(
    3, HELLZ YES
    4, I was going to say old gold pigment but they changed the size on those bastard bottles. Growlypants. When the Tartan collection comes out for the holidays, get the Black Line pearlglide intense eyeliner. They may even still have one in a store by you from the last release. It's my fav black liner because it has teeny golden and greenish sparks in it. And that baby is smooooooth :)

  4. Um. You rock like how zombies rock out. Mad <3 for the rec Miss Kitten!

    1) I don't use under-eye concealer...mainly, I do Helene's Mint Julep mask whenever my skin starts getting sallow and it brightens it back up. :D

    2) I don't watch many Youtube videos. I know, sacrilege. Eeek.

    3) Yes to cuteness!

    4) I know a lot of people recommend these items but this is what my experience has taught me: whatever you do, do not purchase their single eye shadow pans that stick to the magnetic palettes. I had one, purchase 2 eyeshadow pans and not only do you have to handle them with kid gloves (cannot set it down too hard, need to wrap it up in a towel when you travel with it, etc.) but the pressed shadows are very soft so you have to watch how hard you press.

  5. Thanks for the info, chica! I'd be very interested in your assessment. :)

  6. girrrl thanks for the linkage! what a sweetie! your AWESOME gif is dean from supernatural.. do you watch it? my bf and i are sooo so into that show!

    1. i use, and have BEEN using Mary Kay Signature Concealer since before high school.. so yeah, it's good haha. i have used clinique concealer, and cover girl, but they just don't compare. MK wins, especially for under eye stuff.. i have always had dark circles.

    2. nope, i'm not a horror movie person! BUT i do love the original 'The Omen', 'Legend of Hell House', and 'Suspiria'. you NEED to see them.. classics.

    3. um, HELL YES i want to see your animalz! don't even ask, just post them! haha! yes to sneakers. also about the makeup setup.. my vanity is currently loaded with all my recent purchases and is so, so messy. it looks like it belongs to a 5 year old =/

    4. MAC.. hmm.. any of their eyeshadows are good but honestly, companies like Fyrinnae have better stuff. on of my faves would be Stars and Rockets. I actually REALLY love MAC Studio Moisture Fix, with or without SPF. it's one of the best moisturizers i've used, and i have break out prone skin. Old Gold, FairyLite, and any of the brown pigments RULE.

    <3 I'm from texas and my b-day is in january haha.. where exactly are you moving?

  7. So cute!:D I love Hello Kitty too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. I love MAC lipsticks, and their eyeshadows. My recent favourites include Satellite Dreams, and Expensive Pink from the permanent line. I have most of mine in pan form in one of their palettes simply because I adore the ease of it - I can just pick up my palette and know I can create a whole look without having to look through anything else. I'd say get them in the pot form though if you're only getting one or two, you can always depot them if you want to get a palette later on :)

  9. I love pets! And I want those Hello Kitty Sheets although my husband would probably not be thrilled. LOL

  10. Thank you for the rec! :DD Totally was not expecting that. :DD (Also, woo, Dean gif!)

    1) I have really bad undereye circles, too, but as I wear glasses, there's only so much I can to eliminate them (since some of it is external shadows cast onto my face). I usually just use Meow's Undereye Concealer which works well enough (sometimes I make it into a paste, but either way, my circles never completely goes away because of the glasses, so my advice may be a bit skewed).

    2) Sorry, I'm not much of a horror movie watcher, so can't help.

    3) Yes, pets! :D I always love adorable animals!

    4) I don't own anything by MAC either, so no help there either. :/

  11. 1) I'm not sure... I embrace my dark circles to a certain extent because I've never found a good concealer.

    2) I'm not sure about this either. :3

    3) Yes! I love pets, and who doesn't love shoes?

    4) I have a few Mac products, but I think I have cheaper dupes of pretty much all of them. I do like their brushes quite a lot, so if you're in the market for those that could be well worth your money. Otherwise, I'd recommend you just go on a swatching spree at the counter and buy something that looks pretty to you. (not helpful, sorry)

  12. 1. I really like the NYX liquid concealer wand thing in Light, because it's pink toned. But it's really pigmented and a bit dry, so I have to make sure I blend it in really well with a fluffy blending brush and that my eye area is moisturised.

    2. I dont know any movie vloggers but OMG HORROR POST YAY.

    3. YES PETS OMG. My cousin had a chinchilla and it was so cute with its sand baths ^__^


    MAC Eyeshadows I like: Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Bronze, Club, Sable. I dont really like their legit colourful cosmetics so I only own neutrals.

    MAC Blushes: Springsheen and Dollymix are gorgeous. Blushbaby is a pretty neutral pink cheek that goes with everything, though it looks boring as fuck in the pan.

    MAC Lipsticks: Pink Nouveau (I totally bought it bc it's Lady Gaga's favourite XD), Russian Red and Morange.

  13. Aw, you're so sweet, thank you! I'm glad you like it! (Also, I love Supernatural so much. Yay for AWESOME Dean!)

    1. I don't know, but I've been kind of meh about Erase Paste myself, so thanks for asking so I can creep on other comments' suggestions. :)

    2. I will second the 'Legend of Hell House' suggestion. And they're not really scary, but I love William Castle's movies. I'm digging the CampBlood blog currently, although some of their movie reviews can be a bit spoilery.

    3. Hell yes! I like shoes, and I *love* animals! Bring on the pics!

    4. I don't have all that much MAC myself, but I love their Contrast eyeshadow.

  14. My cousin writes a pretty decent horror flick blog and he's damn funny and spiteful. You may enjoy it!

    The Cheap Bin

  15. I'm not really into concealer and horror movies, but I would love to see your pets :)

    And for some mac recommendations, go for eye shadows or lipstick.. Go at a MAC store or counter and play with them, :) If you're lucky you can also ask to some MA's if they're not bitchy! :)

  16. @Marcey: Her swatches are so great! I seriously was amazed when I saw her blog. From the shadows she's swatched that I have, they have all been dead-on color accurate.

    @femputer: I can't imagine paying so much for a MAC shadow when I could get multiple ones from great indie companies for the same price :o

    @KittenMittens: I remember how pretty that was when you swatched it on your blog, that's actually what made me want to try out a few MAC products!

    @ladyinatophat: I actually hardly ever watch Youtube vids either, I like blogs much better. Avoid pan shadows: got it!

    @prettybottle: Hell yeah! Supernatural and X-Files are my 2 favorite shows ever :) Thanks for the Mary Kay rec- my mom might actually have some, I'll have to dig through her stuff and see. I've seen Suspiria, but actually not the other two! Gotta catch up on my horror classics. I'm moving to College Station.

    @Marie: who doesn't? lol :D

    @Phyrra & Robyn: heehee ok I will very soon :)

    @Small Town Gal: Thanks for the recommendations! I'd like to try a lipstick if I can actually find a good color for me.

  17. @Darling Girl: I understand... my boyfriend said we couldn't have people dressed up as Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel when we get married. lol

    @Carla: I totally did not know Meow made undereye concealers, I think I have to break my no-buy to order samples... it's that dire.

    @Painted Moogle: I refuse to embrace them >:c I am soooo sick of people telling me I look tired all the time. I don't even have a MAC counter anywhere near me as far as I know... and I think I would know :P

    @Beauty Ambition: I know, it's so great!

    @SilhouetteScreams: omgomg thank you for all the suggestions!

    @kathyeffingjacobs: When I was 14 I started a list of movies I wanted to see, and I think that's been on there since near the beginning. I can't believe I still haven't seen it.

    @Jennifer: looking at it right now :)

    @Marie: No MAC counters in my town! I might be going to Chicago over winter break, so I'd obviously find some there. I don't want SA's to be all pushy though, blech

  18. Hey! Thank you so much for including me in this post and your links! I'm so flattered and I got so excited when I saw this because I love your blog. Thank you :D!

    For Concealer-Have you tried Boi-ing by Benefit? That's my fave cream concealer so far but I keep looking because that one doesn't work for the rest of my face. I've been using Meow's under-eye concealer in Manx lately...I got a sample baggie for $1. and it's lasted over a month with more to go.
    Yay for horror movies and cute pets!! Have you ever seen "The Brain That Wouldn't Die?"
    And as for MAC, I'm just getting into it too.

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