Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a post about tolerance

I actually had a review done for today but I would rather post this instead. I'd really appreciate if you read the links I post so you can know what is going on in more detail. I don't know what it is about this specific tragedy that angers me so much, but I am sitting here bawling right now because stuff like this just makes me lose faith in people so much. 1 2 3 I just don't understand how people can do this to other people. I just don't. It sickens me. I hope they get charged with a lot more than invasion of privacy. This would have made me upset no matter what, but the fact is I read the articles just after seeing this video and arguing with someone about this example of bigotry, so I was already very angry. All this homophobic, transphobic, anythingdifferentphobic bullshit has got to stop. I can't wait for the day when it is an socially unacceptable to be homophobic/transphobic as it currently is to be racist. And while I'm wishing, please end sexism also. It's not even the fact that Tyler was possibly gay & outed by the video that makes me so sad (of course, that is awful). It's just horrifying that people can do things like this to other people at all, regardless of who they are. How can ANYONE get it into their heads that doing something like that could possibly end up without any consequences? I will admit to the fact that there is a group I am completely intolerant of, and that group is bigots. I will NOT respect someone who doesn't believe in equality for EVERY individual. If all this stuff has you feeling down, here is an awesome, empowering video about Don't Ask Don't Tell by the always amazing Lady Gaga. Give your loved ones a hug.


  1. You see, no matter what the last link saying "can ppl be driven to suicide?" says, bullying is wrong. It does not matter if it makes people commit suicide or cry in a corner, it is BAD.
    I was bullied for... hm... since I was 4 until I was 17, I guess. I tried to kill myself twice (but gave up) and thought of it several times.
    One of the reasons I decided to study psychology (I have many, I assure you) was to understand my bullies and why the hell did they do what they did to me...
    I also have nightmares almost every night. I'm always running of people chasing me... My brain keeps training me for situations I've already gone through... haha...

    I hate that some people are trying to cancel the law that makes homophobia a crime at Brazil.
    No one should be allowed to treat others badly. It does not matter what they did or who they are.

    I'm a Christian and what upsets me the most is that there are people who do this stuff in the name of God...
    The same God that gave his son in the name of love and forgiveness...

    Shame I don't enjoy Gaga much... I just can't bring myself not to feel absolutely down now...

    I think of my bullies, I wonder what they've become...

    Still, thanks for this post. I think people should always be reminded that people are meant to be treated kindly... not bullied or hurt.


  2. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you have found strength through everything, and with your career you can help others too :)

  3. I read this earlier and was completely sickened by it. I can only dream that one day things like this will end.

  4. this whole thing sickens me. i cant belive that anybody would stoop so low.

    I agree with you about the homophobia issue as well. Being very open about my sexual orientation has meant that my girlfriend and i are constantly having to defend ourselves against prejudice and other homophobic bullies.
    Society has got to learn to be more tolerent in this modern society.

    ..sorry about that little rant...

  5. *hug*
    It makes me sick to read stuff like that :(

  6. It pisses me off. I realize that America/Canada are some of the most open countries in the world but this is bull shit. It makes me so angry and hurt at the same time.
    Thank you for posting it. It needed to be said.
    Love shouldn't be judged.

  7. I can't believe people would do something like that. I really can't deal with homophobia - I have friends who are gay, trans and every shade of kinky and it disgusts me that what they chose to do with their sex lives bothers people to that extent. Sadly, having studied psychology at uni I don't believe people will ever change to the extent that we'll rule out homophobia, racism and sexism. But I think acts like this should be charged as a hate crime.

    Gah. :( xxx

  8. In my group the minority are straight so I know and am part of the LGBTQ group and have met a lot issues with it. Another type of abuse that sickens me is that against disabled people - I get so abused because I park in disabled parking spots because I don't look disabled (apparently we need to look different).

    I was bullied badly by my mother and step father so much I was suicidal and had to be taken to emergency because they caused a severe break down less then a week after major brain surgery that had complications.

    I think they need to increase the responsibility for those who bully and the consequences of their actions. Whether someone was depressed already or not.

  9. ITA this should be labeled as a hate crime for sure!!! I know some people who homeschool their children partially due to themselves having been bullied in the past and not wanting their children to experience the same thing. It's ridiculous and terrifying that someone thought it was actually OK to do that.

    Kudos to you for putting the word out, I hadn't seen this until your blog. And big hugs for the sadness we all share.

  10. Wow, I disturbs me to think I share breathing space with people like this.
    Words escape me whenever I read about things like this, I will never understand.

  11. This upsets me a lot, and I really hope these kids get charged for homicide.
    The comments on those articles make me sick. "well they didn't push him off the bridge" - no, they didn't. But it's not normal for an average kid to just decide to end his life.. obviously what these two did caused him enough stress and hurt to do this. I don't see how anyone could defend the people that did this to him.

    As sad as it is, I really have no hope left in our generation. I've seen immature things like this done by people my age (and older) to other people, although none this extreme and none of them leading to suicide, thank god. It saddens me that for some reason we cannot seem to grow up. Although some claim we live in a more tolerant society today, I believe we have more hate than ever before. The government needs to put their foot down and push to make stronger laws to serve harsher punishments to those that commit hate crimes and bullying.

  12. Shit like this just makes me seethe and despair. Compassion is a big deal for me, and I work on being more compassionate, especially towards people I don't necessarily like - but it's really difficult to keep working on it when this is how we treat each other. Damn.

    Thanks for posting, though, it needs to be called to our attention.

  13. Thank you for being so outspoken. It is one of your many wonderful qualities; don't ever lose it.

    These phobias...they're HATE. Pure, unadulterated hate. Why the hell are so many people wasting time hating others, because they either don't understand them, or they don't agree with them? Why not put that time, energy, effort into something constructive instead of destructive?

    It doesn't matter if you physically used to be a different sex, if you're moving towards that point, or if you live your life as the opposite sex because that's who you feel you are. It doesn't matter if you're attracted to the same sex, or all sexes, or even none.

    We are all HUMAN, we are all PEOPLE. We all have the right to be who we feel we are and love who we love, and the beauty of it is that the only people who are bothered by it are the ones too blind or stubborn to be enlightened.

  14. Heather, thanks for an well written blog post. I was unaware of these particular issues, but I'm sadly aware of homophobia and bigotry in everyday life.
    I love that the prom king got so much support from classmates, hopefully they can teach some tolerance to those who badly need to learn.