Friday, September 17, 2010

In case you like awesome stuff and saving money...

I know I've been gone all week, but today's my day off so I'm going to get a lot of stuff lined up for posting :) Please excuse this boring post but I thought I'd throw out a little FYI of some stuff going on right now. The Urban Decay Book of Shadow III is at Sephora right now. Hurry and get it before it's gone! I just ordered mine, I'm SO excited :D Stila will be on Haute Look again this Monday. And for those of you who love the mall as much as I do, Hollister and Abercrombie have 50% off of all redline items right now. I got a hoodie for $20, t-shirts for $7, and Hollister also had $10 sweatpants. This is the cheapest you'll probably ever be able to get this stuff. American Eagle also has most jeans on sale for $30, and they have a bunch of $15 and $20 hoodies. I promise to have some fun stuff posted later today!

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  1. LOL i wish that blogger had a "like" function like on fb. If it did, i would like this post. I spend too much time on fb