Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yesterday's Mail :D

Yesterday I got 4 packages! I was so freaking excited. One was the Avon stuff I had ordered just the morning before! I also got some cd's I ordered, and packages from The All Natural Face and Sassy Minerals. First I want to talk about mark by Avon... I am so in love. I am all ready to order more gloss tomorrow. It is SO GREAT. I got 2 juice jems (they were buy 1, get 1 free), in Honeydew and Mango Tango. Honeydew is like my beloved Lancome Juicy Tubes in Spring Fling, except Honeydew has pink sparkles. :) The juice jems appear to be mark's version of the Lancome juicy tubes... and I'd much rather spend $6 than $18 for gloss, so mark wins! They smell delicious too. The other cool thng about a lot of the mark stuff is that lots of the products are the right size to fit into a connector, which is free is you get 2 "hook up" products. I'm deff. going to use this for complimentary gloss colors! I have 2 in a connector in the picture above. I got their lip plumping gloss in the color Swank, which is super pretty, but has a really weird smell that I don't like. :/ I need to try it with a clear gloss on top to try and cover up the smell. I also got their luxe gloss in Lucky, which is my new FAVORITE GLOSS OF ALL TIME. It is sooo pretty and sparkly! Here's a blurred picture so you can see the shimmer. From pictures I've seen of the MAC Dazzleglass, the luxe glosses by mark look similar. And again.. $5.50 beats $21, mark is totally sucking me in! I want to order soooo many more of their gorgeous glosses. I ordered a hydration mist from The All Natural Face, here is the picture off of their etsy. I'll have to use this a few times before I can share my opinion. There was no invoice, but it did come with a business card and some coupons. They also sent me two blush samples, something which I think is supposed to be a glow powder, and some lip plumping stuff with an applicator brush. I haven't used it yet, but it smells GOOD, like cinnamon. After seeing on Grey's post on the eyeshadows which matched TKB, I was dubious, but it really seems like all the free samples I got were nice and original. I would like to order some eye colors and see what I think. I'll discuss my Sassy Minerals package when I review them.


  1. Girly Girl and Petal Luxe connected and Peek-a-boo and Marshmallow are my fav hook up glosses. Its just so convenient!

  2. I love mark! I remember when it first came out! My mom and 2 of my sisters used to be avon ladies. So I got a lot of avon and mark stuff. :-) I love mark lipgloss and I'm so wanting to order more! Hot is my fav colour but I need to get Orchid Luxe! So pretty!

  3. Mark is pretty awesome stuff. My first blue shadow was i-mark Daydream ! The avon lady at this work only sometimes remembers to give me a catalog :(
    I still wish I could get Living Doll, it was such a pretty cool toned matte pink

  4. I almost ordered some of those hook up thingies, but didn't. :( Dang-o.

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