Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stuff I've bought lately

I can't COMPLETELY stop buying anything just because it's December... I have to treat myself a little. Yesterday I grabbed some Wet n Wild gloss from CVS. It's from their Glassy Gloss line. It came in a little box, and when I opened it, there was a HORRIBLE musty smell. I think it is just a really, really old tube of gloss, because when I checked the website, the tube has a totally different design. The color example is also pink on the website, when this gloss is clear with a little bit of pink shimmer. The CVS here is kind of jank, so I guess I should have expected it. Apparently Oprah says this is the shiniest lip gloss, haha. It was $2.99, and I had it on for about 2 hours before it wore off. Website picture: My tube: You can't really tell what it looks like but I liked this picture. :P Nail polish from Icing, "Uncommited". I LOVE Icing nail polish and makeup. You wouldn't think it would be good quality since it's just some mall brand makeup, but it's GREAT. I have a ton of their polishes. I've been wearing this for 4 days now, I think, with no base or top coat, and there's no chipping. It also has a fat brush so it's easy to apply. And some cute gloves I grabbed at Target today for only $1.50!

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