Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Black EOTD

I was listening to my beloved Lady Gaga and was inspired to do this look (from the song Vanity). That song is like my theme song, haha. "Nothing's wrong with being just a little bit vain, we need a little pretty cus this country's insane"... so true, Gaga. So true. What I used: Nile, by Meow (inner lid) Abyss, by Detrivore (outer lid, crease) Train to Nowhere, by The She Space (eyeliner) Voluminous by L'Oreal mascara some Max Factor gloss... r.i.p. Max Factor in America ;_; I love a good old black eye look sometimes. Also, the hoodie I'm wearing is one I thought I ruined because this stupid spot wouldn't come out, and now it's magically gone! \(^o^)/ Annnd I painted my nails with OPI's Russian Navy. This picture looks exactly how it looks irl, at least to me. There's some purple shimmer, but you can only see it if you do a single coat, and I wanted an actual navy, so I did two coats. I love OPI more than any other polish because of the brush. I am HORRIBLE at painting my nails, and the fat brush makes it easier for me to do an acceptable job.

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  1. I like Lady Gaga and your makeup look makes me think of a mysterious cat for some reason. That's a good thing!