Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Detrivore Review

Finally! I am so lazy, I've had these for probably two weeks.From Detrivore Cosmetics, I ordered their primer, and samples of Abyss, Creature, Starlet, Swine, and Ectoplasma. They sent me four free samples, Death Valley, Amazon, Muse, and Shroud. The funny thing is, my two favorite colors were from their assortment, Muse and Shroud. The samples I received were in the same color family as the ones I paid for, I really like this. I didn't get a little thank-you with the package, but I decided 4 free samples were keeping me just as happy. :) I think that's really generous. Here are my swatches: From left to right: Creature, Death Valley, Amazon, Swine, Muse, Ectoplasma, Abyss, Starlet, and Shroud. The top row is straight on my skin, the bottom row is on top of the Detrivore primer. I think these are all pretty, the pictures actually make them look more sparkly than they do the way I see them. They're not big on the twinkle or shimmer, closer to mattes, all pretty simple. I know some people really like this, but I prefer lots of shimmer and sparkle in my shadows. Even so, these are beautiful. They were all mixed perfectly, and the feel of the powder is really nice. Here is a picture of the primer container. While the primer definitely enhances the look of the shadows, I'm not having the best luck with it in the way of creasing. My eyeshadow was completely creased by the time school was over. If anyone has any tips for using this primer, please let me know! I feel like I might be doing something wrong, since so many people love it. Would I order again? Probably not, but it's not in any way due to the quality. I just like more sparkly, complicated shades. I guess I'm a snob. :P Also, here's a picture of me wearing China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. I really wanted this, then I realized I already have it! It was a nice surprise. :D I used 3 layers because I wanted a darker red. It is so pretty, shiny, and sparkly, I just love it. This picture IS photoshopped, I upped the brightness and contrast to get a more accurate picture of the polish, because the original was very dull. (I'm wearing Lancome Juicy Tubes gloss in Spring Fling, btw. Favorite gloss of all time) And here's my look for today! I never understand why people associate blue eyeshadow with whore-yness, I think it's so pretty on almost everyone. I used: Spell, by Meow (lid) Hippie, by Pure Luxe (supposedly)(eyeliner) Shroud, by Detrivore (inner lid corners) Lancome Hypnose mascara (this make me look like I have a ton of lashes, it doesn't really add much volume though) Covergirl eyeliner in brown black (I wear this every day) That's all for today. Finals are next week so I really won't have a lot of time to post, but once winter break is here I'll be doing a lot. :) I hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. Nice review. I've heard good things about the primer, but if creasing is a problem I feel like the primer probably performs as well as a jumo eyeshadow pencil from nyx which is a supremely sticky base. Ahh my kingdom for a noncreasing tacky base!

  2. lol @ whore-yness. I know when I wear blue I hope people don't think that, I think it's because whenever you see a slutty looking cartoon character or any slutty character they pop them in blue eyeshadow. Stupid movies wrecking the makeup world! To rebel, I'm totally gonna wear Spell today too :P
    I still wanna give the primer a try maybe pair it with tfss too.
    Amazon looks like an amazing colour! It's crazy how much of a colour change Swine got over the primer.

  3. I have been using Detrivore's eye primer for over a year. I have super greasy lids so I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance first, then I apply Detrivore's primer on top. It does not crease at all and still makes the eyeshadow much more vibrant. :-) Seriously, I can't live without these two together!!! Try it!

  4. So pretty! Haha I love the whore-yness! I feel like an 80s hooker with blue on, I don't know why.

    This is how I use the Detrivore primer: First, I wash my hands hardcore. Then I take my ring finger (supposedly this is the ONLY finger you should use on your eye since the skin is so soft, at least thats what I learned in cos school!) and take the littlest bit of primer and warm it between my two fingers. Then I pat it on my lashline/lid and blend it upwards towards my browbone. I think an even application makes it less likely to crease.

    Wow. I just wrote a lot XD

  5. @Ciao: Thanks! Can you believe I don't own a single NYX product? I REALLY need to get on that...

    @AxSDenied: I am soooo in love with Swine. I like pairing it with Hi-Fi's Beautiful, they compliment each other really well and I think it's funny how the names are so opposite. :P

    @Blix: With my next paycheck I'm going to try either Shadow Insurance or Primer Potion... can't decide which!

    @Lisa Kate: Thank you so much for the tips! I'm going to try using it this way.

  6. Detrivore primer is my favorite, too :) The bad thing is that it doesn't work that well for the oilies lids, or you need to have another primer underneath it. And as Lisa Kate said above, you need to use only a tiny tiny amount of the primer. It shouldn't feel greasy when applied on the lid, just a bit sticky.

    I'm a new reader, hello from Finland! :)

  7. Hm, I think my problem may be that I am using too much. I'll just have to keep trying! Thanks for following me :)