Sunday, December 6, 2009

A piece of me- December

Ugh, I feel bad for barely posting, but right now I've been feeling so uninspired. I want to try out new products but I just spent my whole paycheck on Christmas gifts, so I can't. Next paycheck, or right after Christmas, I'm going crazy at Sally's, getting tons of elf stuff from Target, ordering from tons of indie companies, trying some drugstore products, getting a truckload of nail polish, trying some Avon and Mark makeup, and maybe even ordering something MAC (it would be my first!). I want to start 2010 out beautiful. :) Oh, does anyone have any websites where they have brands like MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, etc., for discount prices? I really wish there was a Sephora here so I could see things before buying them. :/ Anyway, here's my piece of me for December. I like: working! I know that sounds weird, but I really do love my job at Arby's. It's so nice to go into work and have everyone happy to see you, and to smell all the good food and feel so warm. People keep bringing in cakes and other goodies, there's something new at least once a week. I love working in the winter. I don't like: school... I've missed too many days to be exempt from finals, and I already got into the college I want to go to, so I'm really not motivated to trouble myself over schoolwork, or even go to school every day. :P I want you to know: I'm very passionate about abolitionism. There are 27 million slaves today, and this issue is seldom mentioned by our government. People think slavery isn't around anymore. After winter break I'm trying to start a thing at school for collecting new undergarments for rescued sex slaves, and I want to start a campaign to raise awareness around my community. I've planned: to have a New Year's party! I want to say to someone special:i love you sam :)

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