Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handwriting Tag & my pets

I grabbed the handwriting tag over from Wendi at Makeup Zombie! Here's how it works: Answer the following 8 questions in your own handwriting: 1. What is your name? And your blog? 2. What's your blog URL? 3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. 4. Favorite quote. 5. Favorite song? 6. Favorite band/singers? 7. Say anything you want. 8. Pass this along to a few bloggers. You can click it for full size. I also thought I'd post pictures of all my pets, because I've been saying I've been going to do it for a long time. I think over time I've posted pictures of all of them except my chinchillas. So here everyone is :) My dog Ginger is 8 now, I can't believe we've had her so long. She has Cushing's Disease, but she's doing fine and is the sweetest dog in the entire world. People who don't like dogs love her. She sits next to the table whenever anyone eats and begs for food :P Ivy is 4, we got her when she was still a tiny little baby who was scared of everything. Now she's a killer :P She's sleeping on my bed in this picture. I'm trying to think how long I've had Gravy... I think 2 1/2 years. That wall behind him is all torn up from him chewing on it T_T He's a pretty cuddly boy. I've had Wellington for about a year and a half... he used to live with some college guys who I don't think took very good care of him, because he's extremely nervous all the time. He's still very sweet :) Boyfriend just started showing up at our house this past summer. First he hung out outside, then he started coming in the sunroom and eating the food we left out for him, and now he's part of the family :) And Gloria, of course, is my new baby girl! She is the cuddliest cat IN THE WORLD. Her favorite toy is the plastic seal off of the juice jug :) I love looking at people's pet pictures so you should post them or leave a link in the comments! And I invite everyone to do the handwriting tag as well.


  1. omg kitteh in a box is so FLUFFY BIG! I just wanna hug him! You have crazy neat hand writing. I may do this but people would think a 12 yr old boy wrote it. My writing sux

  2. What is it with cats and those plastic tags? Two of mine circle around me whenever they hear me opening a new jug of milk. The third...he just waits, knowing that when the girls go back to staredowns he can have the toy :D

    Here's Glamour Puss, the lone boy. And he's the one who's most fascinated by my makeup. Whenever I'm repotting or swatching, he wants to supervise!

  3. Hah! :D I always end up doing handwriting memes in print, though, and my printing would disappoint - it's all over! Maybe I'll try doing this one actually in writing.

    Your pets are all adorable! And oh my gosh, chins! I would love to have one someday. I never understood the attraction until I helped out at a chinchilla clinic at a vet once.


    Your handwriting is so cute :D

  5. That looks like a ton of fun, I'll try it! ^^ I adore your cutie pets, chins are just quirky and adorable!

  6. Your pets are so adorable! The chins are so flipping cute! If I couldn't get Icky, I would've got a chin! ^__^

  7. I CANNOT listen to Carry On My Wayward Son anymore! BAD karaoke experience involving my old roommate trying to bone some American guy.... oh god, the shame...

    Your signature is so cute! I did this tag but I wrote my blog URL wrong so I have to re-do it.

  8. You have such a sweet signature! and awesomely cute pets! Your kitties are all so cute! I bought my cat lots of toys, but he always prefers cardboard boxes, bits of random plastic he finds and his favourite atm is stealing my hairbands and destroying them! :)

  9. thanks so much hun! I have a cat called Pandora, I love her to bits, and your pets are so cute! I love the kitty in the box, so funny :) x

  10. @KittenMittens: He's a fatty, lol.

    @LiAnn: Awww, he's so cute! Gloria loves to mess with my makeup too :P

    @Shattered: I think I just wanted one to have an unusual pet, but now I realize that they are really awesome little friends ^_^ I would LOVE a skunk, but they are illegal in IL and a lot of other places. They're supposed to be insanely smart, fun pets.

    @SilhouetteScreams: Thanks :)

    @Kim: Yay, do it!

    @Meagan: Is Icky the sugar glider in your profile picture?? SOOOOOO CUUUUUTE

    @Robyn: Noo! I hate when bad memories ruin good songs.

    @Gemx: Gloria just destroyed my ear buds >.> She loves chewing on cardboard, lol

    @dazzlelight91: I like that name!

  11. OMG, your pets are the cutest!!! Ginger looks like the biggest sweetheart. And I love the name "Gravy," that's brilliant.

  12. aww I love your cats, especially the one in the box :)