Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watermelon LOTD

My friend was watching me put on makeup and she said it looked like a watermelon, heehee. The Fancy Lad pink shade actually have beautiful green sparkles in it, but sadly they didn't really show up in the pictures. What I used: Concrete Minerals eye primer Pixie Epoxy The Fancy Lad, by Fyrinnae (inner lid) Electro, by Stardust (middle of lid) Return to Tiffany's, by Aromaleigh (outer lid) Banana Mochi, by Fyrinnae (crease) Sugar, by Hi Fi (highlight, heavily blended in) Covergirl eyeliner in brown black Urban Decay Lingerie lash primer Rimmel Lash Maxxx mascara Milani powder mosaic blush in Sweet Cheeks Physician's Formula Rx undereye concealer Revlon PhotoReady translucent finishing powder In case you haven't already seen it somewhere, Haute Look will be having Urban Decay on Tuesday. Last time I got 4 different things for only $20 plus s&h! I love Urban Decay so much, it is definitely my favorite high end brand. My boyfriend is letting me order what I want off the sale as my birthday present (18 on May 10th, yay!). I love him so much :) I hope everyonehad a lovely weekend! Oh yeah, and I just remembered this is my 100th post! How exciting. One last side note: does anyone know where I can find a [mostly] complete swatch collection of the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks?


  1. It is so pretty on you! It does look a little like a watermelon! lol

    You have a fantastic boyfriend!

    Wow, 100th post! That's awesome. :)

  2. Very pretty! I like Electro, the color is nice. :D

    And yaaaayyy 100th posts!

  3. @Lillypug: Aw thank you! He's the best :)

    @Julissa: Thanks! I use Electro a lot, I might actually have to order *gasp* a full size.

    @Dominique: Thanks!

    @Nea: Thank you :)

  4. This colour combo is adorable :3 how do you like the Concrete Minerals eye primer? I was thinking of getting it but wasn't sure it'd agree with my oil slick eyeballs

  5. I love the shimmers!

    You do colours so well!

  6. Pretty! I really like the soft yellow color with the pink and green ^^

    Woohoo, I think I'll take advantage of that sale too! Grats on your 100th post! ^-^

  7. Oooo I am imagining green sparklies and I am sad the camera didn't pick them up.

    I like how you used blocks of colour. It's cute :)

  8. Looks like a pretty spring/easter look. :-) Me likey!

    Wow...I don't even know when I hit my 100th post. I guess I don't pay enough attention to some things. Congratulations!

  9. yayy1 I love your eye makeup and you have a very nice bf!LOL

  10. @SilhouetteScreams: It's comparable to UDPP for me.

    @Hope: thanks!

    @Kim: thank you, I hope you score some good stuff!

    @kathyefingjacobs: Thanks :D

    @RaeRae: Me too :( When I use colors so different I don't even try to blend, I don't want to make it look weird and muddy.

    @Blix: thank you dahhling!

    @Y: Thank you. Yup he's great :)