Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drugstore disasters & something awesome

Today I thought I'd share with you some drugstore products I've gotten that are totally shitty, so you can avoid wasting your time with them! Offender #1: Almay clear complexion liquid makeup Supposedly it helps clear up the blemishes you're concealing. I call bullshit on that, but at least it's ok as a regular concealer, right? WRONG! It has the worst, messiest packaging know to man. I'll let the picture speak for themselves. Yeah, that's hair stuck in it. Extra gross. And this crap costs $12! I also just remembered the Almay eyeliner I got once, which was supposed to be hypoallergenic blahblah and great for contact users! I always get liner from my waterline in my contacts, so I got it. AND IT BURNED LIKE THE DICKENS :P I don't like Almay. Offender #2: Physician's Formula Circle Rx under eye concealer Oh the horror! It claims to reduce your under-eye circles in two weeks... lies. I've been using it for almost a month and I see no noticeable difference. As an under eye concealer, I actually like it, but once again, the packaging kills the product. Do you see that? It's a freaking bubble. This stuff bubbles and spills everywhere. It has a squeeze tube which I've never actually needed to squeeze, because everything comes gushing out by itself. Also, the top part of the packaging (not the lid) just pops off all the time. A waste of $8! Avoid! Offender #3: Revlon lip gloss in shade Coral Reef Photo from Mizz Worthy's Stuff Coral Reef is on the left. I bought it without even looking at the price tag, because I thought Mizz Worthy's lip swatch picture made it look so gorgeous. It was $9, which is a total ripoff to me, since most drugstore glosses (in my opinion) tend to be about the same. It wasn't sheer, and the color was gorgeous, but no matter what I did, I would end up with little bald patches on my lips. I couldn't get an even coating to save my life, and it made every little spot on my lips show up and look horrible (like you would need to use a lip scrub beforehand). I returned it. But for all these totally lame products, there has been one bright shiny star that I've been using every day. Enter the limited edition Maybelline palette in Earthly Glow! Yes, I happened to run into Walgreens right as all the new makeup displays were being set up, and I finally saw the Salsa Sun collection! I think this is AMAZING. Pigmentation is good, the shadows are so soft they're almost creamy, and you get 8 GORGEOUS earth tone shades for only $10. Sorry my carpet is so gross! These swatches make the red-brown and brown shade look the same, but they aren't. The first color is there, it just matches my skin tone so well it's hard to see. If you've been disappointed by lame drugstore colors, buy this. It's awesome. The trios from Salsa Sun are also really pretty, but I needed more than 3 colors obviously! For some drugstore sales, Physician's Formula is 40% off at CVS, and Rimmel & Wet'n Wild are BOGO free. Last time I was at Walgreens, Rimmel was half off as well.


  1. ARGH I hate you Americans for having so many sales! We do have offers allll the time at Superdrug, but they're not as good as the American ones...

    Would you be willing to do a little Physician's Formula shopping for me while it's on offer?! I want Healthy Wear! Oooo maybe we could do our swap!

  2. OMG I LOVE PHYSICIANS FORMULA! At least not thier old product. Thier new lines are fantabulous! I'm pretty wary of Almay myself especially since they're so infrequently reviewed and just not that popular. But I do like thier eyeshadows, and new mascara.

    I've seen such bad offenders at my local Rite Aid. Literally, they had this white nailpolish that had already completely separated. And another that had separated and someone poured half of it out. =0=

  3. "Today I thought I'd share with you some drugstore products I've gotten that are totally shitty"
    ^ I love how blunt you are.. haha. :)

    I've never had luck with Almay anything.. they completely turned me off with those eye-color coordinated palettes that sucked. Physicians Formula is a hit or miss for me as well. (Although their new stacking liners are pretty damn good.)

    I'm glad you finally got your hands on that Maybeline palette! I'm pretty sure that's the one I have (I've misplaced just about everything in the process of cleaning my room) I was shocked when I swatched it, they're pretty great. :)

  4. I've never tried any Almay products, but thanks for the head up!

  5. Great post hun! I remember trying out the circle RX by Physician's Formula and I remember it did absolutely nothing for me...I saw no difference whatsoever. I also remember that it was quite drying for me as well. I wish makeup companies would come to their senses and realize that every foundation should come with a pump to avoid the messiness. LOL!

  6. lmao, man I hate crappy packaging. It's like, what's the point to it? Are they purposely making you lose product so you buy more? turds. All of their creators in their lil marketing dept. :D

  7. I was glad to see this review and the others comments on Almay. I tried several of their products in the past and then just gave up. None of them worked for me....thought it was just me! Need to get to CVS. Saw some swatches of WnW blush on Shake up your Makeup and I think I need them. I like Rimmel mascaras too so I can stock up.

  8. I actually really like the Almay Eye Shadow palettes that coordinate for the eye color. Well, I at least like the blue eyed ones. The only thing I didn't like about it was all the colors are shimmer. I love a good matte!!

    But yeah, all those products do look like shit. Hope you saved your receipts!!

  9. Oh my god, that Almay and Physicians Formula packaging is DISGUSTING :|

  10. Ewwy. D: That's no fun! And it's so poopy that the lip gloss wasn't good because the colors are so pretty!

  11. @RaeRae: 40% is pretty damn good I think! Just contacted you about the swap yay!

    @Y: I think they've come out with some interesting products lately for sure. I wish I had a Rite Aid :(

    @casey aimee: I try to be really fair and polite generally in my blog, but irl I am the bluntest damn person you will ever meet. I don't beat around the bush lol. I did just get the stack liners, I've only tried one out so far but I liked it well enough. I am so in love with the palette!

    @Denysia: I think there's a reason no one ever talks about Almay in their blogs...

    @Alina: A pump would be amazing! I should have known it was too gimmicky to work, nothing will ever tame my circles!

    @KittenMittens: You would think for a product meant to be used every day they would invest more time in better packaging.

    @Wahine in Dixie: I saw those too, I was actually going to buy both the blushes she mentioned but I didn't have enough cash on me! Maybe today. I think the people who work there think I'm weird since I stop in so often before work, heehee

    @Nicole: Saving receipts? What is this archaic practice? :P The undereye stuff was from an Ulta 1000 miles away so that's a no go! The Almay stuff is soooo old. But at least I returned the gloss!

    @SilhouetteScreams: I know! It literally OOZES out the sides on the cap when you put it on- for both products.

    @Julissa: I need to find a great coral gloss darnit!

  12. That almay thing is gross! A/b undereye concealers, although I am usu. too lazy to wear them, I have had the most luck using a combo of 3 products, one of which is Physician's formula, but not that gross thing!

    Any kind of undereye moisturizer (I use some clinique all about eyes thing, it doesn't help with puffies or discoloration, although it moisturizes nicely, but I bet you could find something that moisturizes nicely for cheaper than that)

    Studio Gear concealer in natural (you can get it at Ulta) it is sticky

    Then Physician's Formula "Correct and Cover" in light/yellow.

    The formula is a bit watery, although it doesn't crease, which is why I apply Studio Gear first. But at least this concealer has a nice doe foot applicator!

  13. aw, so like the palette :)
    and ew ew i hate when they have stupid package
    ;[ i have a foundation that has that ugly package


  14. Ugh the first two look so awful! Such awful packaging! What a shame about the revlon gloss though, it's such a pretty colour and looks nice in so many pictures. It's good you can return things though, we can't over here :( At least the palette was such good value :)

  15. WOW!!
    that almost made me puke...
    what a disaster...
    i would black list that company at once from my buying list...

    revlon colors are gr8...
    hope they are launched in India

  16. @Tally7: I think I need some kind of moisturizer or primer for my under eye area, especially to help with cakiness.

    @Alexa-Alexandra: It's a great palette, especially for the price.

    @Lillian: I wasn't sure whether or not they would take it back when I went to return it, I'm sure many places have no return policies on makeup. Luckily Walgreens lets you return all kinds of crap.

    @kty: I know right, so gross.