Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drugstore Hunting

Remember how a while ago I said drugstore makeup has been really boring and disappoing to me lately? There's some things out now that I actually want! Unfortunately, I've been checking Walmart, Target, Meijer, Walgreens, and CVS for some of these items, but haven't found any of them so far! Here's what I'm lemming: The palettes from the Maybelline Salsa Sun collection (images from A Blonde Obsession) I've also been searching high and low for the Revlon Scents of Summer polishes, but I can't find them anywhere! The thought of a scented polish does not sound appealing to me, but I really would love the colors Beach and Ocean Breeze. Body and Soul has some swatches here. I think this elf blush/highlighter thingy in shade Gotta Glow (as seen on Unnecessary Drama) looks really nice. And you know it's cheap, since it's elf. I also saw a swatch of a taupe CoverGirl shadow, but now I cant find the blog or remember the shadow name! The "Taupes You Can't Have" posts by Pink Sith have made me love taupe shadows, so I'm on the lookout for cheap taupes I CAN have. I'm looking on the CG website right now, and I'm going to assume it's the one called Tapestry Taupe. Drugstores can't give me my brights, but maybe I can find some nice neutrals. Have you found any of these babies anywhere yet? I think Rite Aid is where everyone's getting them, but we don't have one here. Any drugstore items you're currently craving? And some exciting news, a Sephora is opening up where I live! It should be completed about 2 months before I move away, so hopefully I'll have enough time to stock up on everything before I leave ;]


  1. Oooo I didn't realize ELF has introduced new Studio items! I wish they would send an e-mail or something when they do that (they send enough as is)!

  2. Gratz for the Sephora!
    I've actually seen elf at Kmart here in Florida.
    Hmm as far as taupes go, what about Fyrinnae's? They've got some gorgeous ones. You know I'm not much of a taupe or brown person but:
    Feline Familiars (gorgeous), Snow Leopard, Damn Paladins, Koala

  3. Yay for Sephora!! :)

    I like that first palette! SWAATTCCHHH!!

  4. I wanted the elf stuffs when I can buy again. There's a discount store here that I saw had elf stuff and I got all excited until I saw the price!! For the complexion perfector thingy they had it down as "reg price $15, you get for $8) and it's only $3 online! Damn turds lol

  5. That Taupe CoverGirl eyeshadow is LOVELY, I made my mom buy it. lol

    L'Oreal HIP has a duo with a Taupe shade in it that's an exact dupe for MAC Satin Taupe. It's in the Sassy Duo. The blue shade is lovely as well.

    I totally want to see know if that Gotta Glow blush is comparable to NARS Albatross.

  6. I've tried scented polishes aren't great, they always have that distinctive nail polish smell underneath whatever scent it's meant to be. However the polish works just as well as normal. I love the look of that ELF blush and highlight.
    Hooray for the Sephora! I am jealous :P

  7. my CVS carries the Taupe CG eyeshadow! I can get it for you if you want me to!

  8. oo, and I can check for the salsa collection as well, considering my CVS gets a lot of new stuff early on =]

  9. I love Pink Sith's taupe obsession XD it's so amusing

    Those Revlon quads look soooo pretty :3 I must go molest the quads if/when we get them here in a billion years time

  10. @Jeweled Thumb: I hope they show up at Meijer, since the Target here apparently stopped carrying them... I don't want to order one little $3 item.

    @Phyrra: Our Kmart shut down years ago :( But thanks for the recs, I'll get samples of my next Fyrinnae order!

    @Julissa: I will as soon as I can find it! lol

    @KittenMittens: Wow, that's weird. All the elf stuff at the Target when it was here was $1-$5. Super cheap.

    @Rai: Thanks for the info on the HiP duo, I'll try and find it! I'm wondering the same about the blush, I just saw someone's post about Albatross, and it would be awesome if this was a dupe.

    @Lillian: I'm hoping they don't smell so bad I take them off right away...I'm so excited for Sephora <3

    @Y: I'm going to go out again this weekend and look for everything, but if I still can't find it, that would be amazing! Of course I would be happy to pay for the item costs and shipping.

    @SilhouetteScreams: She made me love a neutral color... I am in love with taupe right now. So much. Do you mean the Maybelline ones? Not Revlon :P If I can find them soon, I'd be happy to ship them to you.

  11. I have one of the Maybeline palettes like the top one.. my mum got it from some hair study she did. It's actually really nice, I didn't expect it to be so pigmented.

    I wanna go look for that elf highlighter now! I ordered offline a month ago, and loved almost everything I got. I went to my local Target the other day and they had next to nothing out for the elf display. :(

    Congrats on getting a Sephora! It's basically where I go to waste my time lately.. haha.
    Hope your weeks going well! :)

  12. No problems~ If you don't, find me, just send me a quick email and let's work something out =]

  13. I am so gonna e.l.f. haul on the 19th. IT MUST BE DONE. It's free p&p over £30 in the UK, so maybe something similar in the US? I'm sure there are things you will want... elf brushes are meant to be really nice, and their cream liners...

  14. yay for your sephora :) I cant find anything I want in my drugstores here...:(


  15. @casey aimee: My Target got rid of all the elf stuff too! I thought they were going to bring in new spring stuff but I guess not?

    @RaeRae: I love their glosses I have... they're all basically the same, since they're sheer, but they smell like candy. I didn't know they had cream liners! I would totally want to try those.

    @RoseBarbie: Me either, I'd love to try some Revlon Colorburst lipsticks, but I need to see swatches first!