Monday, April 26, 2010

Meow Cosmetics revisited

I liked the look of Meow's Wild Child collection, so even though I wasn't really pleased with my last order, it was quite a few months ago and I decided Meow was worth another shot. I got some Wild Child samples, and some samples of their Taboo blush. I felt ripped off by the shipping price... $4.35 for 10 samples? That's almost half the cost of my order. I just paid less than $3 in shipping for a Hi Fi order with 3 full size shadows, 14 samples, and a big gel blush. So this seemed unreasonable to me. I did get it in the mail pretty quickly, with a "feliner" sample, and a bronzer sample. My swatches are with bare skin on the left, Concrete Minerals primer on the right. I don't normally do swatches with primer, but since these are all pretty glittery, they really needed that base. All the bare skin swatches I went over 3-4 times, and they still weren't totally opaque. Pixie Epoxy is a must for these shadows. From left to right: BFF, bt dubs, TTYL, sexy time, TMI, geek cred I like all these colors, they're bright and pretty. I also got the Wild Child blush in Hang Up after seeing it on some blogs... I thought it looked pretty close to bt dubs, so I swatched them next to each other. bt dubs is on the left, hang up is on the right. Although this picture leans way more gold than peach, you can still see how similar the colors are. I can't tell them apart. Here are the blushes in totally crappy lighting, the sun kept going away as soon as I got ready to take the picture. >:[ These are actually very vibrant and shimmery irl. Left to right: Exposure, Dirty Talk, Racy I love the blushes, I think they're gorgeous. So this pretty much makes Meow a mixed bag for me. If they put out another collection I like, I'll order samples, but I'm not satisfied enough to become a regular customer like I am with other companies. What are your thoughts on Meow?


  1. Their shipping is really steep, which is why I don't buy from them unless there is something I really want.

    I have three of their "Ideal Eyes" colors, and they apply nice and pigmented. The other colors I have gotten as free samples from the collections "Scandal Eyes" and "Vandal Eyes" weren't very pigmented.

    I think they tend to shine with their limited edition collections. My favorite was their Halloween and Friday the 13th collecions. All of the Friday the 13th colors were duochromes. You can check out the swatches on Phyrra's blog. Friday the 13th will come back on the next Friday the 13th which is in November.

    I also really like their Egyptian Treasures collection (got the whole sample set) except for the colors Royal, Tutankhamun, and Jackal, but that is 3 out of 22 :).

    They said they were going to bring back the LE collection "Lost Rainforest" which had some really nice colors, my fav.s were boa and mayantu.

    So I'd say their LE's are the best as is the Egyptian Treasures collection. I wish they would make more of the LE collections permanent.

  2. TBH, I do have a pretty long 'wantlist' for Meow, but the shipping.... the shipping!

    Originally I was going to buy samples of my 9 favourite Egyptian Treasures shadows. I went to the shipping page. $14.97 for less than 20 samples. I nearly had a heart attack!

    Ever since then I've been debating whether to splurge and get 21 samples so I can pay $7.95 shipping, or whether to just get the ones I want and pay the higher shipping.

    It just seems a teeny bit ridiculous to me... and I've never bought a full-sized shadow without sampling first. I like knowing exactly what I'm getting into.

    Maybe one day when I'm all rich and stuff :P

  3. Unfortunately, I love Meow! But I agree that the shipping is expensive. I will wait until they have a sale to buy.

    I am a fan of their foundation and blushes. I have quite a few samples from the Egyptian Tresures collection and some of the other collections. Two of my favorite shadows are from the ScandalEyes collection.

    I hope you don't give up on Meow just yet! I'm excited to see the Lost Rainforest collection and the Caribbean Escape collection that are rumored to be coming back this year.

    I also wanted to add that I love your blog! :)

  4. I try to wait until they have a free shipping offer because of the shipping costs. That said, I love the products I own from them. I tend to prefer the newer collections (Lost Rainforest, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Holiday 2009, Egyptian Treasures, Fall 2008 and of course the Wild Child).

    That said, Meow has my HG foundation. It was the first mineral makeup company I found that matched my skin/undertones.

    I think they also make some great blushes.

  5. I love Meow but I only shop from them if they offer free shipping. The shipping costs are just way too steep for "casual shopping".

    I especially love their foundation and blushes. Some of the eyeshadows are a bit hit-or-miss. Egyptian collection has some amazing metallics. I also loved the Lost Rainforest collection which will be repromoted at some point.

  6. yeah, i heard you rant about the shipping and I agree, it sucks! when i looked at their website for international i was disappointed because i do want to try their foundations...ah well

  7. @Tally7: The colors I got previously were from the Egyptian and Friday the 13th collections... meh. I didn't particularly like any of them, except Spell and Skeptic from F13. I thought the Lost Rainforest collection looked gorgeous, I'd definitely try some of those colors.

    @Jade Carver: I almost never buy full size either, I have 7 full sizes and easily 250+ samples. That's not including all the ones I don't like that I give to my friends. You should wait for free shipping!

    @The Peach: Thank you :D I haven't seen any of the Caribbean Escape colors, I guess I'll have to wait and see! I think I would be a lot more partial to Meow if I wore foundation, I know that's everyone's favorite.

    @Phyrra: I think the blushes I got are absolutely beautiful. I might actually order full size, I have to try them out and see.

    @Saila: Why does everyone love the Egyptian collection so much darnit?! Haha that collection was a miss for me. I am excited for Lost Rainforest. And I do like this collection despite the fact that the colors are kind of glitterbomb-y.

    @Porcelaine: I can only imagine the cost of intntl shipping!

  8. I only ordered because I had a free shipping code, and I've been pretty pleased with what I have so I don't regret it. I probably won't order again though without another code though.

  9. I've only ordered once (like 8 foundation samples and 2 wild child samples) and I was not impressed at the int'l shipping cost. There's an option for $8 Priority shipping if you buy 20+ samples, but if you have less than that you can select that and you get it sent First Class, but I didn't get a refund so I assume that there's no refund.

    But anyway, there is NO WAY that a fricken bubble mailer with tiny little baggies should cost that much. I'm sure I could send the same thing to goddamn Finland and it wouldnt cost as much :|

    I'm not really impressed with my eyeshadow samples, theyre pretty much glitterbombs. And I really cant tell with the foundation samples, they all look the same once theyre blended in =/ So yeah, I dont think I'll be ordering again.

  10. Oh man! They better be airlifting those samples to you for that price! That's one of the reasons why I hate online shopping, but there are place with reasonable shipping >.< I was going to make an order, but maybe not now... Maybe you can try swapping for some on makeupalley!

  11. The colours look nice but i'm just not so fussed about Meow as i am about other companies. I would like to try their foundations though.