Friday, April 23, 2010

Thoughts & blog love

I was going to do swatches of a lot of recent products today, but it's totally rainy and nasty, so that's out of the question. I thought I'd throw in all my random thoughts about some makeup things as of late. I got an email from Urban Decay about their new product, the Face Case. It's called the face case and is only $14, but in the email it says it's smaller than your cell phone. So, that picture has to be pretty close to actual size, right? That's tiny as hell. I'll have to wait and see it in person at Ulta when I move. I decided to have a look at Glittersniffer Cosmetics the other day just to see if anything had changed. I have never ordered because although the owner custom makes a lot of colors, some are just TKB on a base. I don't mind if a company does that, but unless they specifically state it on the product listing, I think it's kind of cheating. However, from looking around, it seems all the colors that were just TKB with a base are out of the shop. It's mostly newer colors, a lot of which are extremely gorgeous. I'll probably place an order soon now that it seems to be 100% uniquely created colors. Morgana Minerals has just released the Get Medieval Shadow Collection! I think I might have to get a sample set of the whole thing, I absolutely love the colors and I'm so excited to try them. Plus I can grab myself a tube of Coraline's Kiss lipstick while I'm at it ;] I thought I'd also include a list of blogs I've recently started following. I love finding cool new blogs to follow and I'm going to assume everyone else does too! DazzleGlam drift closely Fancy Geek Kiss Prints Miss Kinky Lipstick & Eyes One of Beauty's Daughters Rugby Beauty Sparklz & Shine spinster-in-training The Girl With Many Eyes Question: should I get a twitter? I'd use it for talking to you guys and MMU companies and stuff.


  1. I got the email too about the face case! It does look small doesn't it?

  2. Thank you so much for linking to my blog! ^.^
    I love your blog so much and it's an honor to be mentioned in one of your posts.
    Miss K

  3. I really want to try some of the Medieval collection too, though I should probably wait and figure out what colours I neeeeeed (opposed to want) since I have so much makeup already >_>

  4. That seems really, really tiny. And if it's all 'basic' colours, I think I'd rather just throw on neutral eye makeup and only carry around a lipstick and a powder compact for touch-ups rather than stand in the bathroom like a doofus reapplying my whole face.

    Thanks for the blog mention! My Google Friends thingy started working right, so now I can finally Follow you properly. :3

  5. Unfortunate that I started a no-buy JUST as Morgana releases her new shadow line :( gah. I still have a heap of stuff coming in the mail. Playing with my AL order this very second. Spaaaarkles!

    Personally, I don't think bloggers NEED twitter as well. I know I'm biased though, since I don't use it :) the advantages are piling up, like being able to follow Grey and Phyrra and Kirsten and Fyrinnae and the few web-personalities I heart (like Felicia day) but I definitely prefer the depth and quality of a good ol' fashioned blog post rather than 140 characters several times a day.

  6. Do use Twitter. I love reading what people tweet but I am too lazy to tweet anything. Haha!

    But like some of the other bloggers mentioned above, I do prefer a blog post over tweets anyday!

  7. That's good news about Glittersniffer. I'll have to check them out sometime :)

    Thanks for the list of blogs too, I love discovering new stuff to read!

    I use Twitter, but mainly for updates from my everyday life. I would say don't get one just for beauty-related tweets, because then what would your blog be for? =P

  8. I got the email too but I missed the small size bit! It sounds too small!

  9. Hey, Heather!

    Thanks for the mention. I was totally shocked when I was catching up since I do read your blog. :D I need to update my links. ;)

    I like how honest and level-headed you are in your posts; they're enjoyable to read. :)