Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Eye(brows) of the Days

You might have noticed it's been almost a month since I've posted an EOTD. Since I started blogging I got a little self conscious about my eyebrows, because I'd never waxed or plucked them or anything. So finally about a month ago, I decided to pluck them a little bit. I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to mess up your brows the first time you pluck, because you really don't know when to stop. I didn't pluck enough at first, then I way overplucked. I kind of suck at filling in my brows, when I even bother to try, so that's why they will probably look different for every EOTD I do until I figure out what works for my face. They don't look too bad anymore, and I'm sure no one is paying attention to my eyebrows IRL, so it's really not a big deal. This EOTD is from a couple weeks ago. The lid color is Hi Fi's "Fear the Nobodies", with some gold glitter liner from Collection 2000. A few days ago I did my most overused color combo of yellow and green. The chartreuse is Juvenile by Concrete Minerals, the green is Parrot Green by Barry M, and the purple is Nightshade by Evil Shades. These were all nearly-matte colors, so they don't look as blended in the pictures are they were IRL. I'll end this post with a couple music videos by my favorite band, Foxy Shazam, because I'm seeing them live on Friday and I'm really excited! :D


  1. Your brows look great! It has been trial and error for me with my brows. I've never had them professionally shaped, and I probably should at some point!

    Love the purple and gold look! And I've forgotten about Nightshade! Such a great color!

  2. The thinner brows make you look slightly older, more sophisticated, but I didn't notice anything until you mentioned it.

    Are you happy with them? I think you could rock the "unkempt" look!

  3. Wow, that second look is so awesome! Amazing color combination.
    I also like your eyebrows in te second look.
    I have the same eyebrow problem, I have no idea how to groom them properly. They always look kinda messy on my EOTD but I'm telling myself that nobody is paying attention to them anyway.

  4. I love both looks! I never thought your brows were bad to begin with, really. I think as you get more experience with your brows you'll probably discover a great composition that works for you. Brows are always a look in progress. Mine seem to look different every day depending on how I fill them in.

  5. I think your eyebrows are nice! I honestly didn't notice your brows before... I tend not to look at others' because I'm so self conscious about mine, so why would I do that to someone else? LOL. The only time I notice is if someone makes them HUGE or really painted on... but yours are fine!

    Love the looks too :)

  6. Yay! I missed your EOTDs. These two are very beautiful; my favorite is the first one. The second one makes you look like a total 90s baby, haha.

    Awesome stuff girlie!

  7. I feel the same way too sometimes. IRL, I feel like my brows are fine the way they are naturally. I have never really plucked them or waxed or anything. But those up-close eye pics show how unkept mine are!! I still haven't really done anything about it though! I still think my brows are fine! =P Hahahaha! I was considering getting them done at one of those threading places. I may do that...if I can get over my fear of it hurting!! It's probably not that bad though, huh?

  8. The first was refreshing but when I saw the second pictures, that made the tricks. You look great and I really love the way how you combined yellow and green plus a mixture of pink. I wish I could do that since until now I been trying to have a perfect output using my organic cosmetics.

  9. TBH I liked your natural brow shape. It was well defined and pretty clean, so I didn't know what to expect when I saw the title of the post. Your brows look nice in both of these photos; as long as you don't accidentally make them into sperm brows I think you'll be fine doing them yourself :)

  10. For a first time, I think you did a really good job :) It takes a little while to get used to new brows, but you will find the brows you like and then doing them is going to be easy peasy :) x

  11. You are sofuckingadorable! I love your brows, but I loved them before. You're just too cute.

  12. I think you always look adorable and have never really noticed unruly brows on you.

    I love how you rock the brights too! They always look so great on you :)

  13. OMG i love fear the nobodies and the tropical look! It's so prettyy!

  14. OMG I need to steal that second look! It's just so bright and happy looking ^____^

    I think brows are trial and error really. I've pretty much committed every brow crime in the book except for sperm brows. I have a photo from my early teens where I had awesome thick brows and I wish I hadn't overplucked and messed around with them so much. I can only get them presentable with a tonne of pencil now =/

  15. Very cute looks!
    I left my brows alone until about 3 or 4 years ago when I started getting them waxed to just clean up the underside. My stylists for years told me to leave my brows alone because they looked good naturally, but I really like having them cleaned up a bit with wax so that they look polished.

  16. your eyebrows look great and that eye make-up is gorgeous! xx

  17. I think your eyebrows look great! And at least you hit a point where you realized you might have overplucked. I've got pictures from early high school, and I'm overplucked in ALL of them, because apparently I thought it looked good. It did not. But now I know better. Anyway, you're ahead of the curve there. And I love, love, love these EOTDs!!

  18. I started following your blog a few weeks ago but I always feel self-conscious about leaving comments for the first time! Anyways I think your eyebrows look great, and it IS hard to start plucking for the first time (it's still hard, but mostly because I have very little eyebrow hair... I don't even know if I should go to a professional because I have so little.) I've heard from my more "endowed" friends that going once to get threaded or something can set you on the path and then you can pluck using the shape they set as a guideline. By the way you have beautiful eyes! I guess that's why your title is "Eyeconic Makeup"! :-) I'm not very confident about my face so I don't know I'd be able to post my face online, but you're really pretty. :-)

  19. @The Peach: Thanks!

    @...: That is nice to hear! They have grown out a little bit more since the picture and I really like how they look right now.

    @Teipu: Honestly I never paid attention to anyone else's eyebrows until I started feeling awkward about my own.

    @femputer: I love my left eyebrow right now but my right eyebrow doesn't grow out as far so it looks kind of awkward :P I'm sure no one notices though.

    @Cydonian: There was this lady who came in to where I work and her brows literally looked like she did them in Sharpie. They were completely black and a really unnatural shape, it looked terrible.

    @Lady In A Top Hat: I had neon green Rugrats overalls, HAHAHA

    @Nicole: The first time I plucked them it hurt enough to make my eyes water, but now when I repluck the same hairs as they grow back it doesn't really hurt. Threading looks scary though!

    @thecandiedmango: Aww thanks! :)

    @Martian Delights: It is already getting a lot easier!

    @Makeup Zombie: Thank you :D

    @Darling Girl: Thanks! I have been in a total rut lately though, all neutrals for me :(

    @Y: Thanks!

    @Silhouette Screams: I read somewhere about how once you start plucking brows the hair doesn't really grow back? That hasn't been true for me so far...

    @Phyrra: I always liked your eyebrows :)

    @Orla xx: Thank you!

    @kathyeffingjacobs: Thanks Kathy :) I want to see your high school pictures, haha

    @Saint Jean: I love chatting with new people, it is really nice to see new commenters! Thank you so much for your nice comments :) It means a lot to me!