Monday, July 26, 2010

Sephora Must-Have: Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic

I didn't want the first post showing up on my blog to be a negative and angry one, so I thought I'd post about a product that I've been loving lately. Since a Sephora just opened in my area, I'm going to start doing a series of posts called Sephora Must-Haves, showcasing great finds and good deals. I am really spoiled with indie makeup, where I mostly buy only $1 samples, and that's fine, because I have so many colors I have only to this day finished off two samples. I'm also a big believer in drugstore products, so If I am going to shell out extra cash from my paycheck to go to Sephora every two weeks, the stuff I'm paying for better be well worth it. I have been dying to try out Benefit products for quite a while, so naturally I gravitated toward their Confessions of a Concealaholic set, which has 5 different products in it. Blogger is pissing me off and won't stop rotating that photo no matter what I do. The set comes with a tube of That Gal brightening face primer, Erase Paste concealer in medium, 2 shades of Boi-ing concealer, Eye Bright, and Lemon-Aid. It also comes with a little booklet on how to use each product. I like using this stuff without any eyeshadow or anything, because it gives me that "no makeup" look. I often go out without makeup, but my problem is I have many sleep issues, as well as dark under-eye circles from genetics, so I look very tired all the time. This REALLY makes my face look better and more awake. Here's a before picture, me with no makeup on except some Bare Escentuals Buxom Gloss (I wanted the tingly feeling, haha) Try not to hide! Here is the after picture! Purely my opinion, but I think I look 10x more awake while still looking natural. Here are some more before and after pictures. Chin: Before Chin: After Eye: Before Eye: After Forehead: Before Forehead: After The only product I find really mediocre is the That Gal primer, and at $28 I don't ever see myself buying a full size of it. I do like the Erase Paste, but a full size of that would be $26, which I also think is too expensive. I like the Boi-ing concealers, and at $18, I might buy the lighter shade when I run out from this set. I am head over heels in love with Lemon-Aid and Eye Bright, and at $20 each for a full size they would be worth it to me for the difference I feel they make in my face. These are the superstars of the set, the things that REALLY change my appearance from tired to awake. Besides the primer, I like all the products, and it's really nice and convenient to have them all in a set like this, so I can do a super quick 5 minute makeup routine if I just want to run to the store or something. I love that I got to try all these out without spending a shit ton of money on the full sizes. Since I bought this I have used all of it every single day (except the That Gal primer). It was $36, and to me is very worth it. If you have dull, super tired looking eyes and skin like I do, you will absolutely love this. It was a great introduction to Benefit and I definitely want to try out more of their products now. Does anyone else have this set, or the full sizes of any of it's components? What do you think? ETA: Ok, I seriously just now noticed how bright and pretty my skin looks in the second picture... I am dumb, That Gal is awesome.


  1. I wanna try the set but here it's $44 :( And it's a lot teenier than I thought. I may just save up and buy the pieces in it that I was separately. I want Lemon-Aid the most!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. I considered it at the last Sephora sale but passed on it. Does the Lemon-Aid have a scent to it? I bought the FY eye (Lemon-Aid replaced it) years ago and returned it because I couldn't handle the scent. It was a good product, though, and I've heard good things about Lemon-Aid.

  3. I wanna get that set, but I need to use up the eleventy million half-used concealers I already have XD

    Great review bb, I would never have the balls to show the massive mountains I have on my chin!

  4. (Meaning mine are massive, not that yours are :P)

  5. I wish I could by that set but the erase paste is too dark for me! have erase paste and eye bright, and I lost my boing concealer. I like erase paste but it tends to settle into lines, I always need to set it. I always keep eye bright with me, it's one of those things that can make you look like you actually got more than 2 hrs sleep. I have a collection of that gal samples I use to keep me from buying a full size. I love how it smells! I like benefit a lot. I def recommend their creaseless cream shadows, boxed powders, and stick foundation. They were my first makeup love. If you need more recommendations let me know! Also, if that buxom gives a tingl feelings to your lips it is really bad for your skin b/c it is irritating it. With continued use it will cause aging. Hope this helps!

  6. The set is a bit too dark for me but they currently have a mini try me set with a few of these products for $10 also if you check online. =)

  7. OMG, lady, I am soooooo buying that set. I have similar problems with lack of sleep and undereye bags, and you *do* look so much more awake. Holy crap. Totally a must-have. Thanks for the tip!!

  8. @KittenMittens: It's pretty small, but I think it's going to take me a long time to use up the products besides the primer... honestly I'd say go for it!

    @Jayne Dough: I smelled it just for you :P No scent.

    @SilhouetteScreams: This is the best my skin has looked in weeks, so I thought I'd better do this now before it all goes to shit again. I literally had one disgusting under eye concealer and one powder concealer sample, so this was awesome for me.

    @PoorCollegeStudent: My only problem with it is that it is really slick, so I have to lay on the powder to get rid of the shine. I'm really looking forward to trying more Benefit :D

    @Jeweled Thumb: I wish they had it in-store! There's all these cheap-o sets on the Sephora website that I was bummed not to see in stores. I would feel silly making an online Sephora order since there's one here, but I love me some cheap sets.

    @beachbumbeauty13: It is! I love it :D

    @kathyeffingjacobs: BUY IT :D If you have those same problems, you will love this.

  9. I like benefit, but I totally haven't seen this, lol. I personally don't conceal anything on myself, unless I'm having a really bad problem, lol.

    Thanks for this, though. I might grab a few things to try 'em for my kit. :D