Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm back! EOTD's from this last week

Hey everyone! I'm back from St Louis, and my family got a new computer so I can finally blog again, thank goodness. I'm still thinking I'd like my own laptop, though. I have contacted the giveaway winners and gotten their addresses. Thanks to everyone who entered!
Here are some looks I did last week, I'll try my best to remember what shadows I used.
Hi Fi Labyrinth EOTD
Slime & Snails (inner lid)
Magic Spell (outer lid)
Lost & Lonely (crease)
Mornings of Gold (highlight)
Soft Purple Look
Wonderland, by Sassy Minerals (inner lid)
Kismet, by Concrete Minerals (outer lid)
Ephemeral Violet, by Aromaleigh (crease)
Eat Me, Drink Me, by Hi Fi (highlight)
LADY GAGA concert look with the Sleek Acid Palette
The night I saw Lady Gaga was probably the best night of my life. I don't know if you know this, but I WORSHIP her. It was amazing to see her live. So many people were dressed up in the craziest, awesomest Lady Gaga costumes you could ever imagine. The Westboro Baptist Church was there before I got there. Regardless of your beliefs, I think we can all agree they are horrible people. Even though they decided to bring that hate, all of us little monsters had so much love for each other, it was so unifying. Honestly, if you can't accept other people's differences, fuck you :) I also liked the opening band, Semi Precious Weapons. I guess they are considered glam rock? I don't know, but I'm gonna order the cd off of Amazon.
I have tons of swatches to do for you guys, a review, and I have to tell you all about my very first Sephora experience. Thanks for sticking with me while the computer was busted! See you tomorrow ;]


  1. Woah, your Gaga look is immense! How the hell did you get payoff like that?! Zomg. I hate you a bit for going to see Gaga, I just can never afford it when she comes around and it sells out before I can decide whether or not to starve myself for her. (Totally would.)

  2. 1. I must get that sleek palette and steal your gaga look!
    2. The westboro baptist church of satan protested at Ronnie James Dio's memorial service! Memorial!!! Here we are trying to honer the greatest metal singer of all time who was a philanthropist and very kind man, who started his own charity and died of stomach cancer, and they were protesting us celebrating his life! We sers need to send those people to Juarez. I don't care if that was politically incorrect; I hate those fuckers!
    3. I think semi precious weapons could be called glam rock; it's probably the most specific label you could give. I saw the lead singer doing an episode of made when they played the middle east in boston. I used to live in boston and a lot of made episodes with concerts in them somehow ended up there. There was also one filmed at the paradise in boston with Liz Phair.

    ahh, all my thoughts come out so fast, I think I got them all down!

  3. omgomgomg I love purple look so much!!! The lid colour is so pretty!!

  4. All your looks here are amazing, but the Gaga one is incredible! So creative and perfect for the event!

    So glad you had fun; it sounds like a great time!

  5. Love the soft purple look. And the Lady Gaga look is freakn' awesome! Good work on that look!

  6. Wow!!! Beautiful looks! The first one is making me very impatient for my Hi Fi haul to get here! And your Lady Gaga look is just fantastic, soooo eye-searingly bright *__*
    The Westboro baptist church are just... so awful. If there is a God and Heaven and Hell i'm pretty sure they'll end up down below. They are just so disgusting. I assume they were protesting outside the gig because Lady Gaga is popular with gay people and a bit naughty and sexual?

  7. I love your soft purple look. So pretty! I have some Hi Fi samples and Sleek palettes on the way, and your looks made me even more excited. Your Lady Gaga look is just AMAZING! A bit jealous you got to see her live. ^^

  8. @Robyn: Just the standard combo of UDPP & Pixie Epoxy :D The colors in the Sleek acid palette are the most retina-burning you can buy. I am so lucky I got to see her, the tickets were my grad present from my parents. She always sells out during the presale, but this presale was for Citi Bank members, and my dad is one, so he was able to score 2 tickets. It is so worth it to see her. I have to go again, I'll pay up, the price is worth it!

    @PoorCollegeStudent: That's disgusting :( They are such horrible people. Who can fit into their image of what is right? I am glad I didn't actually see them; Gaga told everyone to ignore them but I don't think I could have, I would have gotten so angry and yelled at them which is just bringing me down to their level. It seems like you always spotted famous people in Boston!

    @KittenMittens: HAHA I had a feeling you would! As soon as I saw the pictures it reminded me of a look you would do :D

    @Painted Moogle: thank you :)

    @The Peach: thanks so much!

    @Lillian: glad you like, me lady! I agree. They sicken me. Yeah, there was a TON of gay people there, and of course queen Gaga herself, so they had to show up and piss everyone off. >:[ Their hate could never overpower the amazingness of everyone there. There was a guy in a nude bodysuit with caution tape all over :D And another guy with black leather hot pants and fishnets... and girls wearing dresses made of balloons! It was amazing.

  9. My favorite is the first one, well done ;)

  10. Wow, I'm so jealous you saw Lady Gaga! Your look for it is intense. I love it. :)

  11. I really like the first look! Good color placement and choices :)

    I love the Lady Gaga neon colors look.

  12. Fuck Westboro Baptist, they're so heinous, ugh. The idea of hundreds, thousands, of little monsters NOT letting those wankers (WB) ruin y'all's unity and fun makes me so happy though. In your face, WB, in your face.

    I think the purple look is my absolute favorite of these three, but they're all amazing! And I am so impressed with the blending on the Gaga show look - it's pretty sublime, lady.

  13. Your Gaga look is amazing but I think my favourite is the first one. It's so soft and pretty.

  14. I am totally loving your gaga look!!!! I also really like the Labyrinth look. Good to see you back :)

  15. I love the first look - great choice of colors and it looks so nice on you!

  16. Welcome back!

    Do get a laptop if you can, they are super-handy. I'm typing this on mine right now ;)

    I got my first Sleek palette a few days ago, I'm addicted. Ordered another one already!

  17. @Heather I don't see them as often as I do in LA! And I know what you mean! I wanted to club them with a baseball bat, but that would make them look like the good guys.

  18. Whoa! They are all awesome and the 3rd one is like pow, hit me in the face! I'd love to see Lady Gaga in concert. The closest thing I have seen is Madonna and it was seriously the best concert I've ever been too!

  19. I'm with Blix, that Sleek look is punch-you-in-the-eye-with-colour BRIGHT. Wow. And the purple is very soft and feminine.

    What kind of mascara do you use?

  20. @Jennifae: I loooove Sleek palettes :D They are so fun and pigmented!

    @liloo: thank you :D

    @Phyrra: thanks!

    @kathyeffingjacobs: 20,000 of us against 8 of them... no contest. =)

    @ScrubbingUpWell: thank you so much :)

    @MissTat: thanks! I love it too.

    @Marcey: aw, thank you!

    @Jade Carver: I just have to decide if I want to shell out the cash for it :/

    @PoorCollegeStudent: it's a very frustrating situation... if only they would just go away.

    @Blix: heehee thanks =) if you ever get a chance, do it. she is the most amazing woman on the planet.

    @Hendrix: thanks! I know the last one is with Maybelline's Falsies, and I think the first two are Max Factor 2000 Calorie, only available in the UK now :(

  21. Wow your GAGA makeup is crazy!! dangg you're so lucky I bet it was amazinggg

  22. Geez, I fell behind on reading your blog. This look is AMAZING HOTNESS!!! You should totally do a guest post on my blog, for my on-going 80's theme <3

  23. DUDE. That neon look is HAWT!

    How did you get your sleek palette, did you order off the website? What was your experience like? I order stuff off ebay from Hong Kong but I'm nervous about ordering from a UK website, for crying out loud. :-/