Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Neutral" LOTD with the Sleek Sunset palette

The colors in the Sleek Sunset palette are deceiving... I thought I'd be doing a bronze-y, wine-y, neutral look for work. It turned out bronze-y and wine-y, but definitely not neutral! These babies are MAJORLY pigmented. I used Concrete Minerals eye primer, some NYX liquid liner, some Rimmel liner, and L'Oreal Extra Collagen mascara. I thought I'd share something great I heard at The Muse's blog. Bruce Willis, aka the world's manliest man, is launching a line of manly men's products. If you can't tell, I LOVE BRUCE WILLIS. He is such a kick-ass MANLY MAN. Die Hard is my favorite movie of all time. Also, when Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson team up... it's gold baby. You know it, I know it. There's a street in my town called Willis street and I scream "WILLIS!" every time I drive by it. I do the same thing with Fox drive... "FOX MULDER DRIVE!" Speaking of which, I have exactly 7 episodes of X-Files left before I have finished the series... I already feel the void coming into my life. Sure, I have seasons of Supernatural and Buffy to go through, and I'm about to get into Doctor Who, but nothing will ever replace my beloved Mulder and Scully, and even Doggett and Reyes, who I've grown to love. Only a true X-Files fan can understand my misery... good thing my boyfriend has every season, so I can start all over when the sadness is too overwhelming :D Any movie stars you have an odd fascination with? Tell me about the tv shows you love so much more than you should.


  1. Looks beautiful! Lately, I have an odd fascination with John C. Riley and Will Ferrell. I would love to see John C. Riley grow his hair long and play a metal head! (so hot) Normally, I prefer character actors. You know, the kind you wouldn't necessarily recognize if you saw them on the street.

  2. I felt the same sadness after I finished My So-Called Life. I still think about that show and the what ifs about that final episode. I understand your pain.

  3. I want to bone Steve Buscemi, does that count?

  4. Very lovely look! I love the Sunset palette :)
    I have an obsession with Nicolas Cage. He's such a terrible actor and it just always shocks me that he gets chosen to be in so many films. He really muses me too. And Tim Curry because he's so sleazy.
    And to Robyn: So do i! :D

  5. I love it! gorgeous look :)

    and, LOL @ Lillian saying Tim Curry is sleazy. True, and I love him too hehe. Rocky Horror is one of my all time favorite movies. I've never seen anyone rock those heels quite like he can!!!!

  6. Ooh, wine colors look lovely with your eye color! ^^

    I really love Jim Carrey. And as for TV shows I love.. my god there's a ton. >_> My absolute fave at the moment is Dexter... it's simply amazing. The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Community and a bunch of other shows I'm forgetting are also staples of mine.

  7. T, the Bee: That's funny because just 2 days ago I saw Stepbrothers for the first time. I really hate dumb comedy movies but I actually LOL'd quite a bit.

    @PoorCollegeStudent: Woe is us...

    @Robyn: I laughed SO HARD at that! I love Steve Buscemi, I think he's probably tied with Philip Seymour Hoffman as my favorite actor.

    @Lillian: He really is bad... have you ever heard of the blog Nic Cage As Everyone? Look it up. I do really want to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice though...

    @MissTat: Me & my younger brother and sister are total Tim Curry fans because of Clue and RHPS... plus he did the voice of the evil penguin in the movie Pebble and the Penguin, which we looooved when we were little.

    @Kim: Dexter is the only show I can watch for hours and hours and not get sick of. I can't even do that for X-Files. I about died when I watched last season's finale, and now we don't have Shotime anytmore *grumble grumble* I really like Jim Carrey in serious roles. And also in Yes Man. That movie makes me so happy.

  8. I highly (highly highly HIGHLY) recommend you watch Fringe, if you don't already. It's like, the X-Files for the new millenium, only not so much like it that it's annoying or off-putting. <3 that show!

  9. lovely look :) nice colors. well go for Supernatural. its AWESOME! :D you will love it

  10. I love Fringe so much. John Noble is the shit. Also, anything Milla Jovovich is in.

    This look is really pretty, even it's not so much neutral. :D

  11. Yeahh the shimmery Sleek palettes are a bit more pigmented than the mattes haha! I knew I would adore Sunset on you.

    I have a love for Brian Blessed. I just love that man.

  12. Bruce Willis is awesome, I thought it was so cool that he was chill with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

  13. lovely makeup! i love bruce willis too

    and hmm...i love serena and blair on gossip girl! probably my favorite actresses....that and nicole kidman!
    love post!

  14. Love the eyeshadow! LOVE Bruce!! Did you watch LOST? If not, check it out! It's the BEST show of ALL TIME!

  15. Firstly I love the look! The bronzy winey jewel tone colors are so becoming on you. They make your brown eyes glow. :3
    Secondly I cried when Stargate Sg-1 one ended. It was the end of the show that brought me so many wonderful things like laughter and a new boyfriend. :( I also cried when one of my favorite Doctor's regenerated. Thankfully this new one is wonderful. :D
    You are going to LOVE Doctor Who oh man. Try Farscape as well. I really love the series it's so funny/well written.
    Or try Warehouse 13 it might help with Scully/Mulder withdrawl since the characters on the show have a similar dynamic with one another.
    Ok uhm I wrote a novel... >.< sorry!!!!

  16. Eureka *just* started up last night, with the episode "Founder's Day" (4x01). You can probably watch it on their site, and it's reairing on SyFy Monday at 3am and 3pm, Tuesday at 6pm, a couple times Friday in the wee hours of the morning, and then Friday at 8pm, right before the new episode. I have to say, I really like how they've handled the opening episode of the season - looks like it's going to be great.

  17. Very pretty! I adore Dr. Who! I never saw the ones from the 70's, but love the season with Christopher Eccleston and the next 3 with David Tennant. After him, no one else will do :). Billy Piper is awesome! I refuse to watch any episodes with the newest Doctor, however ;P. Also really like the X-Files. Would watch it late at night when it was on (3 am!).

  18. Hehe, forgot to mention, is it wrong that I've seen each episode at least twice? Anyways, go watch, now!!! It takes a bit getting used to, but after the first couple of episodes, you'll be hooked (start with the season with David Tennant, go from there :D.)

  19. @B: I have deff heard Fringe and X-Files comparisons! Maybe I'll check it out.

    @Sara H: Oh boy do I ever love Supernatural <3

    @kathyeffingjacobs: Resident Evil movies are totally making me love Milla.

    @RaeRae: I had never heard of Brian Blessed. I had to look him up!

    @Mai: Bruce=BEST

    @Elizabeth Faraday: Leighton Meester is so gorgeous, she used to be my fashion inspiration.

    @Nicole: I used to watch it and then stopped cus all the mysteries annoyed me! But now that it's over and I can watch every episode at my convenience, I have the first season on my Netflix instant play so I can start watching it soon. :)

    @Pixie_a_la_mode: Awww that's so sweet :) X-Files is what got me with my boyfriend sort of. When I found out he liked it too I thought he was so cool. I tried watching Warehouse 13 but I stopped because I felt the two characters had NO chemistry :(

    @Tally7: I don't know why I've been waiting so long to start watching Doctor Who!

  20. You look more grown up in this one. Like more romantic. These colours are hot!

    Hmmm...I'm not sure if I have an obsession with any movie star. But I'd totally pee my pants if I saw Conan O'brien in person. Otherwise, I'm obsessed with the show Dexter and love the actor who plays him, Michael C. Hall!

    Oh I miss the X-Files. My nerd husband has them all recorded on VHS. What's VHS?! Hell if I know! J/K :-P We don't have a VCR since everything we own is now in DVD or Bluray. Except the X-files dammit!