Friday, July 2, 2010

best mail I've ever gotten in my LIFE!

Who cares about all my college acceptance letters! Since I can't afford to go to a university anyway >:[ Getting my makeup from the amazing Rachel was the best thing to come home from vacation to! Here's some things I had my family win for me at King's Island amusement park, heehee. THAT'S A FREAKING LICKYLICKY! It's Lickitung's evolved stage. Lickitung is my favorite Pokemon :D On to the magical mystical box of foreign makeup *_* We did a swap, and I don't know what I was expecting but certainly not THIS MUCH awesome stuff! I was seriously jumping around and yelling because I was so excited. Oh makeup, what you do to me... The Sleek Sunset Palette! Some really cute Beauty UK palettes! Barry M metallic liners, COLLECTION 2000 GLAM CRYSTAL LINERS (OMG DID I EVER WANT THESE SO BADLY), Sleek Kajal liner (in purple!), Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara (a discontinued in the US fave of mine), and some Me Me Me lip & cheek tint (it has a nail polish style applicator!) She sampled a ton of her Barry M pigments for me, as well as a few from other companies too :) Wasn't that so sweet? She also got me two full size Barry M pigments, a blue and a bronze, my favorite summer color combo. This seriously was the best thing EVER... I just came down with a cold so I'm not really wanting to do any looks right now, but if there is anything you'd like to see swatched, please feel free to let me know! This whole swapping experience pleased me so fabulously that I'm really eager to do it again. If anyone from the UK wants to do a swap that we'd send sometime in the next couple months, lemme know, cus I'd love it! :D We can set a price limit, and if there's any brands or specific products you're looking for I'd be more than happy to scout them out for you. Drop me an email or a comment if you'd be interested :)


  1. Aw, this looks so fun! Is it pretty easy to do a blog swap? How much did you have to pay for shipping?

  2. You are going to LOVE Barry M if you haven't tried already. The liners are amazing! Don't budge and everything is so reasonably priced for such great quality.

  3. What a great idea, this swap! And I hope you feel better soon, so we can see your new makeups in action. :D

  4. WAH! Lickylicky! I love Pokemon, though my favorites are Ralts, Eevee, and Shellos. <3

    Look at all that cool stuff... 8)

  5. LOL I love Pokemon! And that's an amazing swap ;)

  6. Oh looks like an amazing swap!
    The swap thing is all new to me but someday I'd definitely want to try it.. Great way to get products from other countries! As unfortunately I'm not able to shop online.. So swapping would be awesome. :D Though, I don't know if there's any nice brands in Finland that anyone would want. :'D

    Looking forward to see your make up looks with these products ^_^ x

  7. Oh man, I pretty much want everything she sent you, haha :) I'd love to see swatches of those eleventy million Barry M pigments!

  8. Aw, Rachel sent you some awesome stuff! I LOVE that Sleek palette so much, and I know you'll love the Barry M DDs, I might actually die if I didn't have them in my stash. Did she send you no 98? Aaaah, amazingness!

  9. Awesome swap! Yay! Those Glam Crystal Liners are great and you will enjoy them!

  10. I'm so glad you like everything! I was pretty excited about my package too teehee :)
    It's gonna be so fun to see your looks with the stuff :)

  11. Oooh, you have some of my fave things there - and thise beauty uk palettes are surprisingly good for the price too.

    I'd be up for a UK-US swap if you're interested, there's so much US make up I am itching to try out!

  12. Oooh Barry M, I've always been intrigued by them especially with all the pigment colors. That Sleek Kajal Liner looks so so interesting too!

  13. Sorry I suck so bad at answering comments guys :(

    @In Her Makeup Bag: Shipping was $12; I wanted to add insurance but that would have cost an extra $18!

    @Nini: I can't wait to try everything but I still have a cold >:[

    @kathyeffingjacobs: thank you :]

    @Painted Moogle: I was so little when I liked that stuff, I can only remember the real basic ones, haha. But I love Lickitung and Ditto :)

    @Fifi: I'm so happy with it!

    @Jonna: I'm really lucky that I have a great network of blogger friends. I sent Rachel some cash via paypal once and she sent me the Sleek acid palette I wanted :)

    @SilhouetteScreams: I'm on it, good woman!

    @Robyn: I just checked, she did indeed send me no 98! :D

    @Blix: I found out my mom tried them out when I wasn't around T_T I haven't even tried them yet...

    @Rachel: yeaaaah this was the best!

    @Small Town Gal: Surprisingly that's what I'm most excited to try out! I'd love to do a swap, I'l email you. :)

    @Mai: I've always wanted to try Barry M too!

  14. POKEMON <3 Man you are lucky that you got a Licky Licky!

  15. Ohh I've seen the sleek acid palette on some blogs and it looks gorgeous! Lucky you :) Oh I just checked, there's Sleek make up store in London! I definitely have to go there when I go to London in October. :D