Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random beauty chatter

Hello ladies! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I haven't worn any makeup since Friday, except a little face powder so I don't seem oily. I've been working during the day, so it just seems like waaay too much effort to get dolled up to wear my Arby's uniform. I had some things I wanted to talk about though! First up, I wanted to list some blogs I've recently started following. Sorry if I've already listed a couple of these before! Liloo and co Just Peachy Sassy Beauty My Tiger Lily Tales from a small town Kiss Prints Also Known As... Make up by redhead nasty girl Unlaced Beauty Wintry Beauty Serafia's Makeup The girl with many eyes lextard- nails, makeup & more In Her Makeup Bag Has anyone been going on ridiculous drugstore hunts lately? I went to three different Walgreens one night so I could find all of the new Sally Hansen HD polishes I wanted. They're gorgeous :D I also just found out about these new Wet N Wild baked shadows and blushes, so I might drive over to Meijer tomorrow- oddly enough, it has the best makeup selection in town. At first I was bummed that I won't have one when I move, but then I remembered I will be in a town with an Ulta, which is so much better :D Also, I saw the Maybelline Falsies mascara at CVS yesterday! I was so excited until I saw the price- $15?! I refuse to pay that much for a drugstore mascara. Has anyone tried this yet? I need to know your opinions! My graduation ceremony is this Tuesday, and my mom's whole side of the family will be here to celebrate on Sunday- that's my grandma, my mom's 7 brothers and sisters, and their spouses and kids. It's gonna be insane, but I'll get cake! Anyway, I'm telling you this because my mom said I absolutely have to clean my room before then. Once I get it clean, I m going to show you pictures of my makeup collection! I know it's surely not as big as some people's, and almost all my shadows are samples, but it's nothing to scoff at. My eyeliners alone are ridiculous, I realized, I have over 20. I'm sure some of you have heard by now, but Stardust has closed, maybe permanently. I am very sad and pissed off by this, because I think Jenna is a nice person who had a lapse in judgment and everyone jumped down her fucking throat about it. I don't want to start another big discussion about everything, I just wanted to let you know about the store closing and my feelings. Lastly, we have a new kitty! A stray had been wandering around our house, and we eventually coaxed him in with some food. We took him to the vet, but he doesn't have a chip. We looked on Craigslist and posted an ad to see if he was anyone's kitty, but nothing so far- and seeing how hungry and tired he was, as well as the fact that he had no collar, we think somebody just dumped him. He's a real sweetie and he's been living in our sunroom the past few days. He has a crush on my kitty, it's so cute. :D Here's a picture of them together, boyfriend kitty is on the left, my kitty is on the right.


  1. Sally Hansen has some great colors. Have you seen their nail color selector tool?
    You pick your skin color, nail length, shape and a polish color, and it populates your selections on a hand so you can see the colors. Totally cool.
    I didn't know Stardust was closing. After the questionable conversations she had with herself and the initial blog entries, I heard she threatened that people remove what they wrote on their blogs. I did read somewhere that her products smelled like cigarette smoke.
    Congratulations on your graduation. I hope your celebration is fun.
    Your kitty is so cute.

  2. Heehee, well that makes me feel better at least! I always worry that i have too much, but after I look at other people's stuff, I go "oh, I'm nt that bad"

  3. I'm so sad about Stardust :( I really wanted it all to work out, hopefully it will some day and will reopen.

  4. KITTIES, AHH! Kitties are so cute. Mine is curled up in a little ball on my bed at the moment. She wasn't quite so cute last night when I was trying to sleep and she kept shoving her feet in my face :/

    I'm really sad to hear that about Stardust. As much as I disagreed with what Jenna did, and the methods she used... that's quite sad. I do hope she recovers and re-opens soon.

    I don't have any eyeliner... I need to buy some Nyx Jumbo Pencils ASAP.

  5. I could have sworn I posted before but I don't see it. Anyway, congrats on your graduation and new kitty. I love tabbies!

  6. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh congrats xoxo
    The kitty is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award ;)
    Check out my blog ;)

  7. Glad you rescued the cat. I don't get it, such a beautiful cat and why would someone dump him? Both of the cats look like they have beautiful pattern and healthy fur!

  8. Congrats on the graduation!!!! The kitties are cute, and thanks for the shoutout to my blog!!! :D

  9. Congrats on graduation! Your cats are adorable.

  10. @Anonymous: I used to really, REALLY dislike Sally Hanson, but this complete salon manicure line has some really lovely colors. That hand thing sounds cool! I know OPI has one but the colors are so off.

    @Y: Compared to my friends I seem terrible, but compared to other bloggers I feel more normal :P

    @Amanda: I hope so too.

    @Jade Carver: My cat sleeps with me a lot, and sometimes she will jump on top of me. T_T YOU DON'T OWN EYELINER? Run to CVS quickly while they're having their big beauty sale!

    @Jayne Dough: Thank you!

    @Liloo: thank you so much! :D

    @Fifi: He is gorgeous, he has a polka dotted belly that's just too cute! He's so nice and loves to cuddle.

    @Thia Winter: you're welcome! =)

    @kathyeffingjacobs: I love kitties sooo much, I wish I could get one when I move, but since I will have my chinchillas at the apartment it wouldn't really work.

  11. Aw, cute kitty! Congratulations on graduating! Do you eat Arby's all the time? I used to be addicted to the curly fries and shakes...

  12. Oh thank you for the mention! Kitty!!!! Awwww :D

    I wish we got Wet n Wild over here in the UK :(

    I've been put off doing a post on my make up collection as I don't have a huge one either, and it kinda needs organising lol.

  13. I know I commented on here...where'd it go?

  14. Blix, blogger has been randomly taking out comments and putting them back in! I see your first one now again, but two comments I just got are gone. I got the emails but they're not here... stupid blogger.

    I do eat Arby's all the time, since I get it for free :P I love Jamocha shakes and I love some of the sandwiches. I never eat the fries except when I'm standing around and I'm hungry, and I just grab a couple that are up, heehee. If I don't work for a couple days in a row I get roast beef cravings... it's deff why I've gained like 15 pounds since I started working there again, haha.

  15. I've been doing the same thing with drugstore hunting lately. I feel so silly, but I love finding things I read about online in person!
    I'm happy to know that new Maybelline mascara is in the US- I thought for awhile that it was only overseas, or something. But definitely won't be buying it for $15, ha.
    Happy graduation, by the way. :)

  16. Awww, yay for new kitty! And for your graduation, too. I hope it goes well. Mine is in a couple of months.

    $15 does seem expensive for a drugstore mascara. But then again, some GOSH products are more expensive than other drugstore brands but I don't mind paying extra because I like the quality. So I guess it all depends on that.

    I'm quite sad to hear that about Stardust, even though I'd never ordered anything from them. I agree with what you said, to put it lightly!

  17. @Small Town Gal: you're welcome! I need to reorganize mine too... that's how I always start my attempts at cleaning my room. Once my makeup is organized it's all downhill from there.

    @In Her Makeup Bag: I feel silly too, I work right by a Walgreens and CVS so I'm always going there before and after work, and I'm sure they think I'm the weird Arby's girl. It was only in the UK as far as I know, and I've been lemming it for so long, but no way in hell will I shell out that much for it.

    @SilhouetteScreams: thanks!

    @Simone: GEEZ I wish we had GOSH here! And Barry M. I haven't seen any blogger reviews of the mascara, so I really have no idea if it's good or not.

  18. I haven't even gone to look at makeup lately. Usually I miss the good sales because when they do have them, I don't have money. Then I have money, and I go and I'm like WTF, HORRIBLE. Haha.

    And aw, kitty. So precious. If someone found my kitty, I hope they don't think I left him. D: I haven't seen any signs saying they found a cat, though. D: I miss my kitty. Now I'm sad, lol. But I hope someone is taking care of him like you're taking care of that one.

    And aw, our cousin cats. They must be related. The color is just exact, lol.

  19. Wait. Also, WTF to the Stardust thing. That sucks.