Tuesday, May 11, 2010

L.A. Colors palettes

I've recently found that the Dollar General as well as this cheapy store in the mall carry L.A. Colors palettes. For only $1.50-$2 each, and great pigmentation, I think these are fantastic! I may not have Sleek but at least these make me feel somewhat better ;] Tease Palette Chromatic Palette Fiesta Palette The first two are more pigmented than they look, the sun was setting as I swatched so the colors aren't as bright. I took these pictures with the camera I got for my birthday! I had my own camera already, but it was a total POS and pretty old, probably 5 or 6 years at least. I always used my mom's instead because I liked it so much, so for my birthday my parents got me a newer version of my mom's camera. :D The other beauty products I got were the new Sally Hansens I wanted- Lagoon, Sea and Be Seen, and HIDDEN FUCKING TREASURE! I think my dad managed to find the last one in the whole damn town, they're gone everywhere. I spent some time with my family, friends, and boyfriend and had a really lovely day. Thanks you all so much for the birthday wishes, it meant a lot to me. I have many Hi Fi and Morgana swatches to do, as well as my Archetype review which I have somehow managed to put off for months... expect those soon! I also got a Twitter, you can follow me @ eyeconicmakeup. I really like Twitter, I enjoy talking to you ladies about makeup and other things as well. :)


  1. sounds like u had a fun birthday!

    i really like the colours in the 1st and third palettes.

  2. Aw, glad you had a great birthday! ^^

    That Fiesta palette would get so much love from me. D: Orange and yellow are my favorite colors to wear lately. ^^

  3. Yeahhhh HBD XD
    The fiesta one is just waouuuuuuu like it

  4. I plan on ordering some pressed shadows from Stars Makeup Haven and hopefully assembling a palette :) or just bite the bullet and buy a Sleek, haha.

    I gather you're not planning on blogging about the, er, recently-deleted blog posts from Phyrra, Purple Koala and KittenMittens? I was sorta hoping you might, but I also understand why you mightn't want to.

  5. hahahah congrats on finding the polish!!! I'm gonna ask my mom if she can hide me some at the drug store if they get any

  6. THANK YOU THANK YOU for this post! I've been wondering about these colors. I want that fiesta palette!

  7. Did I wish you happy birthday already? If not, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY :D

    I always see the Tease palette at the giant drugstore near my house, but they never have testers for me to molest D: I may just buy some on a whim one day now!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Those palettes are pretty awesome for the price, I have a few. :)

    Could you possibly do swatches of the polish? I'm pretty sure I have Sea & Be Seen, but I keep going back to the store and staring at Lagoon but walking away every time.

  9. @Angie: I did!

    @Kim: It's so nice, I really love all the fire colors right now too.

    @liloo: It's my favorite one :D

    @Jade Carver: ok I think I commented on your blog answering this at like 4 AM lol

    @KittenMittens: I'm going out tomorrow to a Walgreens I haven't checked yet, the bigger one in town. I'm going to try and find another bottle or 2 so I can send them to people who can't find it :D

    @Dominique: They're great, especially for how cheap they are.

    @SilhouetteScreams: Thank you! You should just buy it, I'm guessing it's more expensive there though?

    @casey aimee: Thanks! Sure, I have work off tomorrow so I can paint my nails. ^_^ I have a ridiculous number of untried polishes because of all the damn nail blogs...

  10. I cant remember if i wished you a happy birthday! If i didn't then i really hope you had one :)
    I love the Fiesta palette and lucky you getting the Sally Hansens :)
    ps i sent your paintings today, hopefully they should be with you in 2 weeks at the most (depending on the bloody ash cloud). Usually i put little extras like sweeties in my parcels but i sealed yours up before i remembered too so i'm sorry about that :( next time i'll send you lots of treats.

  11. ooh I would definitely spend money on tease. that's a very nice range of fun bright colors. impressive pigmentation for the price too!

  12. Tease and Fiesta are gorgeous!

    And wth, happy belated birthday! I don't remember wishing you a happy one...damn me.

    And YAY TWITTER. <3

  13. The first time I came across some LA Colors goodies was in a Dollar Store, too! It's such great pigmentation for such cheap price!

    Fiesta looks amazing =D

  14. Great swatches! I'm glad you had a nice Birthday, sweet gal.

  15. Love the first and third palettes! They're like...candy and fire =o

  16. @Lillian: Yay, thanks! I'm so excited to get them. I dreamed about getting them in the mail last night. I also dreamed about Sally Hansen polishes I want :P

    @Makeup Morsels: I haven't done any looks with it, I need to use it!

    @Julissa: Dude... I freaking love Twitter. I always thought it was so dumb until I got one.

    @Gaby: I didn't even know you could get them in stores, my L.A. Colors stuff I had all gotten online.

    @Blix: Thank you and THANK YOU for your lovely gifts :D

    @Lily nail: they're great :)

    @Simone: heehee candy and fire :P