Saturday, May 15, 2010

Morgana Minerals Get Medieval swatches!

After seeing swatches on other people's blogs, I realized I should have gone with my first instinct and sample ordered the whole collection. T_T Next time I'll be getting all the rest of the colors! From left to right: Agincourt, Guinevere, Chartreuse, Joan de Arc, Lady of the Lake, Lapis Lazuli, Axe to Grind, Mordred Sorry the second picture is kind of blurry, but at least you can see which ones are glittery. I especially love Mordred, I don't have anything like it. Here is my cat deciding that my Meow order and my AMAZING birthday gifts from the lovely Blix are all for her. She really likes to touch stuff, what a weirdy :3


  1. Haha, my cat does that too! Especially if the packages come with tissue paper, she loves it.

    I need to get my hands on some of this collection, all the swatches I've seen have looked gorgeous. I like Mordred too.

  2. AWWWW I LOVE YOUR CAT! How nice to get a b-day present from a fellow blogger! If I followed my gut on buying stuff, I'd be forced to sleep outside my room LOL

  3. Oh yet another site I must make an order from, hehe, Lapis Lazuli and Axe to Grind both looks gorgeous, as does Mordred.

  4. Very nice swatches!
    Love the image of your kitty, too :)

  5. whoa nice swatches, these are very pretty brights. hehe your cat is adorable. I love cats, wish I wasn't allergic to them

  6. Ooo pretty swatches. :)

    Your cat has the exact same colors as mine. Seriously. They could be cousins. :)

  7. Sweet swatches, I'm really getting tempted to try sampling stuff from Morgana Minerals now, haha.

  8. Those two greeny-blues in the middle are so pretty together. You sure love your rainbow shadows, lol!

  9. A cat in your bed? They're all the same all over the planet!

    Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

  10. @Simone: She's so funny, she likes to lay on top of things, even if they're really uncomfortable.

    @Y: If I followed my gut I would have spent my whole savings account... haha it's better to wait usually, but I wish I hadn't this time.

    @Small Town Gal: Morgana Minerals is great! The owner, Melissa, is so sweet and thoughtful.

    @Phyrra: thank you :)

    @Makeup Morsels: They are GORGEOUS! It's too bad about cats :( My boyfriend loves my kitty but he is allergic too. I think I'm allergic to Chinchilla poop :P When I clean out their cages I get hives all over my hands, but if I'm playing with them on the couch or whatever I'm fine.

    @Julissa: I LOVE MUH KITTY :3

    @Kim: Do it do it do it!

    @Hendrix: You should see my collection, I have everything organized by color. I have so damn many teals and purples... and BROWN! I love brown.

    @jellynat: She loves to cuddle :3

  11. The colours from the latest collection are so pretty! Great swatches!

    Ugh...that creepy guy story weirded me out. I wonder what type of "job" he was trying to offer you...I'm glad you took off. I'd do the same thing!

  12. KITTEH ^________________^

    Cant wait till my samples get here! I shall smother myself in them.

  13. Such beautiful colours! And your cat is so lovely! :D