Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some simple EOTD's

Hello ladies! I hope you're having a super weekend. I worked a 6.5 hour shift at the old Arby's today, so my feet hurt. I'm leaving soon to go see Alice in Wonderland with my boyfriend and some friends. In other news, Rachel sent me the Sleek Acid palette! OMG you can't even imagine how insane some of the colors are until you see them irl. I am so excited to get this as it's not available (to my knowledge) in the US. Swatches soon, thank you so much Rachel! I also have some new Fyrinnae and Detrivore swatches to share, as well as my Stardust review, and my swatches of all my NYX products! Gonna be a busy blogging week :P Here are some looks I've done over the week. I didn't give any of them their own post because they were pretty quick and sample. Note, I am apparently so uncreative I realized all these looks were inspired by other posters! At this point I can't remember every product I used, but I do have all the eyeshadows for each look. I'll give you what I can recall! All of these use Revlon ColorStay underye concealer, Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher, Covergirl eyeliner on the waterline in brown black, and Max Faxtor 2000 Calorie Extreme mascara (my HG mascara... I'm running out, damn Max Factor) What I used: some white jane color (inner lid) Royal Kiss, by Stardust (center lid) Pure Femme, by Stardust (outer lid) Lying Mirrors, by The She Space (crease) A Bit Naughty, by The She Space (under waterline) Honeysuckle by L.A. Colors (highlight) mark blush in After Glo Pretty unimpressive, and similar to a lot of old looks. The purples I chose were all too similar. This was my inspiration, just because of the white on the inner lid. Hers turned out beautiful vibrant though, and mine was dull. Bleh. What I used: Coney Island, by Aromaleigh (lid) Isolde, by Morgana Minerals (crease- I have been using this for creases a lot lately) Lewd, by Detrivore (highlight) Rimmel Mousse Blush in Frozen Cherry Does this not totally remind you of a caramel apple? I actually like this look quite a bit, it was visually interesting (to me at least), and also simple and quick. Not as good as the original though! What I used: Harken, by Morgana Minerals (lid) She Creature, by Morgana (crease) Coraline, by Morgana (highlight) Ouch looking at that last picture I see a did a pretty bad job applying the color... I was rushed! I keep being almost late for work cus I'd rather play with makeup. This looked better IRl, I only used a little of Coraline and blended it all around so it would be pale-ish. I used the POS for this so everything looks more orange/yellow than it actually is. Also, I'm wearing my uniform. Also, I hate showing pictures when my hair is up, except, apparently, when I'm glancing down. I like all those ones. :P When I saw this look of Phyrra's this morning, I wanted to do a similar color scheme. I think that's everything for now, I have to touch up my makeup really quick before Alice! I am seeing it in 2D, because I think 3D is a gimmick and I try to avoid it and just see the 2D versions of things. Also because this movie was not "made" in 3D, if you understand me, they just kind of added crap in after it was done, so apparently the 3D is pretty lame. I don't care cus it's saving me $2 not see it that way. I'll let you know what I think!


  1. Ooh I can't wait to see your Sleek swatches. I was checking out some of their stuff in a store the other day but I didn't know what to get. I'm a n00b at buying palettes :(

    I want to see Alice in Wonderland too. I heard that the 3D was 'understated', so I'll probably just see it in 2D as well. Overuse of 3D makes my head hurt, anyway x.x

    I love that third EOTD you posted...the colours look so pretty together!

  2. I love the Coney Island look, the green looks luscious on you!

  3. All these looks are cute! The last one makes me think of watermelons or something fruity. :-) You seem to do a lot of looks that look like something edible to me.

    Yes, and let us know what you think of the movie! I would really like to know!

  4. YAY the green looks awesome on you ^_^

    I really love the colours in last look, it reminds me of both watermelons and the tropics.

  5. Haha, love these looks! I never thought orange would go well with green, but it's pretty awesome. ^^ Did you do an Alice-inspired look for the occasion? ^^

    Aaaah you gotta try seeing it in 3-D, I find it to be very enjoyable that way. They've improved 3-D pictures from the old-school ones, so you don't have to worry about getting those bad headaches and stuff.

  6. Wow you look really good with bright colours on your lids! I am envious that you have such nice eyelids and can get the colours to show up!

  7. You're welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing some looks with it :)
    I love all these looks! Green looks really lovely on you! And you can definitely see the colour above the lid in the last one...

    3D is a total pain because I don't ever ever wear contacts, and I'm blind without my glasses, so I have to put the 3D glasses on over mine and that's just really uncomfortable... RUBBISH.

  8. Ahh. How pretty. I really love the last look for the colors you used.

    Alice in Wonderland was really wonderful. I NEED to see it again! There was only one screen for the midnight show at the theater I went to and it was in 3D which was alright. I didn't really mind it either way, but it was a cool experience because its the first movie I've seen in 3D in theaters.

    I need to post my outfit on my blog already of what I wore hehe. My make up wasn't that impressive. I went simple with aromaleigh's flying flower on my lid and in crease with some black mascara. Some powder on ma face and aromaleigh candy blush finished it off!

  9. @everyone: I absolutely detested Alice In Wonderland. It took everything I love about the book and destroyed it. I am all for re-imaginings of Alice, but this one was awful. Just my opinion obviously.

    @Simone: You must have the Acid palette! The colors are so amazing! & thank you :)

    @Saila: Thank you! I think it's probably my favorite green.

    @Blix: thanks! I actually have an idea for a watermelon look I thought of a long time ago, but still haven't done it for some reason.

    @SilhouetteScreams: ooh thankies ^_^

    @Kim: thanks! I actually didn't, since the Alice from the film really isn't rocking any kind of makeup other than utterly average stuff... I was going to go to the midnight premier and dress end, but I ended up not going. The last 3D movie I saw was Coraline, so that was over a year ago. I know Up was 3D, but I saw it at a drive in, so it was just 2D. I am just fine with 2D!

    @bowsnhearts: Thank you! I think you look nice with brights too, I really loved the purple and green look you did!

    @RaeRae: I did one today actually, I'm going to post it up tomorrow. I am really falling back in love with pressed shadows and palettes, you just have to find the right ones I guess. Heehee you're the one who inspired me to try and get that color up above the eye :P thank you! I am the opposite, I NEVER wear my glasses, they're cute but apparently my head shrunk because they are too big now... I'm always losing my contacts, it's really wasteful.

    @Ciao: Thank you! I think Harken is such a nice color. I was really bummed about Alice :( My favorite version is this 80's Czech one, haha. SO random. I know SyFy just did a version too that I want to see, but it has a long wait on Netflix, and the local video place where I have a membership for is like a 15 minute drive and hard to find a parking spot, so I'll just have to wait. I am really really excited to see your costume!

  10. Very pretty, i love the last look especially. I LOVE my Acid Palette, can't wait to see what you get up to with it :)

  11. That is terrible that you didn't enjoy the movie :/ I can see why though. It does deviate very much so from the book. In my opinion it was a lot more like the Looking Glass Wars (which I love) so I loved the interpretation of it. I think Tweedledee and Tweedledum could have been better thought out and I would have really loved to see more wonderland stuff like the lion and the mockturtle etc. but some characters I think they got spot on. Like the cheshire cat. I've become rather lenient of movie interpretations of books ever since I read an intro to Battle Royale (the japanese book) by the guy who made it into a movie and some of the things he said made perfect sense as to why they couldnt interpret it into book form and I understand how things like that would aply to Alice especially seeing as the original books don't have much of a plot but are more of an ode to the imagination and fancies of a child.

    Now that I think about it I did enjoy Alice (and I did love this interpretation) but it didn't live up to my expectations of it.

    Theres an 80's Czech one! Awesome I may have to check that out now!!!

    I think I'll post blog pics today!

  12. They're all so cute ;)
    I like the caramel apple look.

  13. @Lillian: thanks babe :D I really love the palette so far!

    @Ciao: Yeah, I was really disappointed. :( I agree that the Cheshire Cat was perfect, and the March Hare too, those were the only characters I really liked. I just thought the main problem was that they kept trying to give everyone a story. I don't want that, it's supposed to be nonsensical, you know? So much plot, not enough nonsense. Bah. I still want to read the Looking Glass Wars! I love Battle Royale the movie. It was one of the ones I loved watching over and over when I first started getting really into movies. Also Chiaki Kuriyama is in it, and I adore her. Yayy pics!

    @Phyrra: Thanks! That's my favorite as well.

  14. Lovely, lovely looks! :D I love the last one! They're all fabulous, though!

    and omg the Sleek palette! I've been using them a lot so I need to get ready to review them. :D


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  16. Hi Heather, Can you do me a favor and check out the webpage now. From the main page pick products and from that the category you want to shop/look at and let me know if it's easier to navigate now?


  17. @Julissa: Thank you babe! Can't wait for you review!

    @Julia: Now that everything's on the same site I'm fine. I'm placing an order right now actually. :)