Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hi Fi and Fyrinnae swatches

Ok guys, one last post before I finish packing and head off to Texas for a week. I'll keep updated on your blogs while I'm gone, and keep up with my comments. Maybe I'll have time to post while I'm there, but I'm not sure (although I totally plan to haul from Ulta, so I bet I can show pictures of that :D) Anyway, I didn't want to leave these sitting on my computer when they could be tempting you into spending money. :P Here's swatches from my latest Fyrinnae and Hi Fi orders. FYRINNAE From left to right: Sennyo, Darling Misfit, Lemming, Neo Universe, Parental Advisory Sennyo and Lemming aren't actually as similar as they look in the pictures. From left to right: Javan Rhino, +20 Beautification, Blue Whale, Leif, Chaotic Evil, The Fancy Lad HI FI COSMETICS From left to right: Sugar, Eat Me Drink Me, Rich Girl, Dirty, Wanted, Blackened Soul Sugar is the most opaque white I own. I need to get a full size, it's great! Rich Girl is gorgeous, I was just meh on it until I looked at these pictures again and realized how pretty it is. From left to right: Allegro, Raid the King, Kiss, Things That Cannot Speak, Can't See the Forest, Julia Dream, Queen of Disaster Raid the King is more bright and neon than pictures can capture. It's the brightest shadow I own. Kiss and Julia Dream are really pretty pastel shades. Gin and Sin lipgloss, glimmer gel in Starlet The gloss applies pretty sheer, and give off a gold sparkle. Love it! The glimmer gel is great to use in place of a highlight. Enjoy your week everyone, I know I will!


  1. Thank you for the swatches, and have a safe trip!

  2. Welcome to Texas when ya get there! And thanks for the swatches ^-^

  3. wow awesome swatches soo gorgoues! amazing colours. x

  4. I might have to get my hands on Sugar, I've been looking for a good white :) what's the finish on it like?

    I also love the look of Allegro and Raid the King.

  5. Lovelyy! I hope that you have fun at Texas!

  6. Ooohh.. so many swatches! Love them all! ^^
    Have a fun trip at Texas! ;)

  7. Oooh great swatches. Waah, now i want to buy so much more :P

  8. Ohhhh nice! :D That yellow and orange is super nice.

    AND YAY. Have fun over here. :D

  9. Woot! Great swatches. I have some of these pretties...the MINE!

  10. @Phyrra: thanks!

    @Shattered: I arrived a-ok :)

    @Edna: They really are amazing.

    @jacquelinemay: isn't indie makeup the best? ^_^

    @SilhouetteScreams: It has a little bit of shimmer, not really enough to be noticeable. I just dipped my finger in the baggie to check and it is sooo damn white. You need it.

    @Y: I have so far!

    @Ceecile: Thanks, I am!

    @Lillian: heehee aren't lemmings just the best :P

    @Julissa: Those 2 are insanely pigmented. So far I really like the town I'm in :)

    @Blix: thanks! gahh so many pretty colors *_*