Saturday, March 20, 2010

EOTD using Archetype Cosmetics

Yes, I was crazy enough to order after hearing about their new and improved shipping. And yes, I got my order in 4 days, with everything included, and 4 free samples. I'll do a review, but it won't be for a while since I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow (plus swatches will take forever since I ordered like 70ish samples). I'd say if you want to try Archetype, order now, because who knows when it will all go downhill again. Not many pictures, sorry! As I was resizing them I realized most of them didn't turn out very well. What I used: UDPP Pixie Epoxy The Uneasy Dancers (inner lid) Shackled (outer lid) Midnight Aeval (crease) Turkey (highlight) Xibalba (under waterline) Rimmel eyeliner in black Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara I Touch Roses Twilight I blush Revlon PhotoReady translucent finishing powder Does anyone know of a good concealer for under eye circles? I need a new one!


  1. Hm, How about MAC Studio.. fix (?) concealer? It comes in a little tube thingie. I personally like studio finish, becuase it's creamy. BUT i haven't tried it on my under eyelids becuase I got it just for my forehead. Yes, my forehead and the rest of my face are 2 different shades =0=

    I LOVE your eyelook as usual! Your eyes are so large!

  2. Ooh very pretty look, and i'm very pleased you got your order with no problems!
    Have you tried ELFS concealers? I love the one i have and they have quite a few different types you could try, and as they are cheap it's not a big deal if you don't like them :)

  3. Hee hee. My comment posted 3 times...sheesh!

  4. Sparkly pretty! I don't have any concealers but I'll use Aromaleigh's Nectarine coquille correcting powder under my eyes to try to brighten it up. Sometimes I use too much and it looks hideous lol.

  5. @Y: Thanks sweetie! And thanks for the suggestion. Under eye concealer is something I'd be willing to shell out MAC prices for, it's an absolute essential for me.

    @Lillian: Thank you! I was really surprised/impressed. I haven't tried elf concealer, it's something I would definitely try as it's so cheap! Thanks for the suggestion :)

    @Blix: I got most samples, and I do love most of them. Some are really really similar, though. But I LOVE the lip products I got, I'm ordering bigger sizes of them, and samples of all the others. I THINK I may have had that yellow stick at one point, but I'm not sure... you should order again and get their lippies! You can NEVER have too much makeup. The other day I cleaned out my stash and gave unused stuff to friends, it was somewhat embarrassing how much stuff I had. :P

    @KittenMittens: Thank you :)I have never tried using a powder to correct before, that might be interesting. Never too much makeup, agreed ;]

  6. Actually I would totally recommend the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer. It works really well on me for under the eye and the occasional blemish.

    Cool look :)

  7. This is a great look and I love the colors! Glad to hear that Archetype didn't let you down. For my under-eye circles (bad enough to look like I've been in a fight!) I need a pink toned concealer. Pink cancels out the purple/blue. If your circles are more brown, a yellow concealer is recommended.

  8. Eeee this is so pretty! The bluey tones look lovely with your eyes.

    I don't really trust Archetype to get intl orders right... Also I am totally on a no-spend until... a long time from now. I went mad in Superdrug.

  9. pretty shadows! I wanted to order from them awhile ago, but I've held myself back time and time again. They have gorgeous colors, though. I might try them someday. I'm glad to see people using them, as I hadn't seen much of these yet. Can't wait for your review!

    For concealer I recommend Urban Decay's 24/7 concealer. It comes in a pencil form, is really creamy, covers well, dries matte. I like that it's really portable and easy to apply and a little bit goes a loong way.

  10. This is such a pretty eye look hun :) Hmmm I suggest trying the MAC studio Finish Concealer. It is thick and usually does the job for me. But I have come to the conclusion that no matter what concealer I use, nothing will truly help cover my dark under eye circles :(

  11. Ooooh pretty lid colour :D I haz no under eye concealer recommendations, I tend to use a multitude of stuff, depending on how bad the dark circles are that day, and if I'm feeling lazy or not.

  12. @Phyrra: Thanks, I might try and pink it up at Ulta when I go!

    @Janet: Thank you :) My undereye circles are horrendously bad, I get so sick of people saying "wow you look tired". I'll have to look for a pink toned concealer, thanks for the advice!

    @Rachel: Aww thanks :) I don't trust them either, lol.

    @MissTat: I'd say now would be the time to order, before they get swamped and screw everyone over again... thanks for the reccomendation :)

    @Alina: Thanks, I might try that out. I agree, when your circles are so dark I don't think any concealer will fully work :(

    @SilhouetteScreams: thanks! My circles are bad every day >:[

  13. I placed an order on the 11th (in the evening) and received it on the 17th. I think I must have ordered about 40 samples and a gloss! Yeah, I had heard bad things about their c.s. and was afraid to order, but heard things were going better, and said, what the heck.

    I am happy to say I have found some of the best duochrome/color-shifting pigments from to date. But I fear that it will go downhill again! The especially wonderful duochromeys were "broken angel" (green to turquoise and I think some magenta flashes at acute angles are in there) "this night to end" (it flashes pink to green constantly) and "savage garden" which is lilac with a very obvious overlayment of eerie blue-green irridesence. Also love "spun sugar" which outperforms Fyrinnae's Love Potion and "silk and cyanide" which is a baby pink with a blue sheen. Haha, lols, I love my colors!

    You look very nice in these colors! I now own both Shackled and Midnight Aeval, so I'll have to try this look out.

  14. Oooh, and if you place another archetype order, I highly recommend verre de soie and burlesque revival. They go together like a dream. It is silvery neutral but with pinky-purple irridescence in both colors (one is darker than the other).

    (Wore this combo today).

  15. My vote for best under eye concealer would probably be a Corrector from Bobbi Brown. I sampled it once and it's been my holy grail ever since. Hope this helps! (Also, I've taken to using this in place of my usual lid primer because it's sticky enough to keep eyeshadow on for the whole day without wearing off)
    I placed my order with Archetype weeks and weeks back, and haven't heard anything since :(