Tuesday, February 23, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics Review

Let me just start off by saying I couldn't remember if I got free samples with this or not. Obviously, that's info I want to include, so I hunted around in my disgusting room which I SWEAR I will actually clean this weekend (yeah right) to find the invoice. I couldn't find it, so I even searched through my nasty trash, just because I love you guys so much. Well, I had an email invoice too. Obviously. Gross. And I just looked at their website, which says right on the front page that all orders get samples... geez. *_* The High Voltage Cosmetics website was super easy for me to order from. All the different categories are listed on the left sidebar, so it's really clean and simple. I ordered 11 eyeshadow samples, and one full size blush. I really like how the eyeshadows are listed so that you can click on them and add a sample size to your cart. I've been getting really sick of having to type out all the samples that I want when I order from someplace. They also have a page (under "sample lot") where you can order 20 eyeshadows for $14.50. It has 20 spaces, each with a drop down menu of all the colors in alphabetical order so you don't have to keep typing everything out. I like it! Samples were $1, and the blush was only $4 for the full size. A matte eyeshadow is $5.25 for a full size, and a shimmer in full size is only $3.50! These prices are great, they remind me of Evil Shades because you get so much product for such a low price. So, right off the bat, High Voltage was really appealing. They also have lip stuff, solid perfumes, a mineral eyeliner, some brow powders, a shimmer dust, an eyeshadow base, and a black creame shadow. Next time I order I'd like to try some of the lip products and the shimmer dust, and review the eyeshadow base. Swatches! With the macro setting on since I learned about it:P From left to right: Tree Hugger, Iron Butterfly, Ziggy Stardust, Totally Rad, Cocktail Party, Frostbite Do you love the goosebumps I have in all my swatch picture? Oh gosh, don't look at my gross room:P The greens all have this sort of sheer quality to them, I would recommend using them over a white base. Cocktail Party and Frostbite aren't as similar as they look in the pictures. Frostbite is for sure one of the best blues I have! More swatches. From left to right: Feel the Heat, Pink Heels, Just a Girl (free sample), Cupid's Arrow, Alter-Ego (free sample), High Voltage, Secrets & Lies You can barely see Feel the Heat, because it's a pale skin toned matte. I've been using it as a highlighter almost every day. If you only order one thing, order a full size of High Voltage! I didn't like the website picture that much, but figured it must be a good one since it's their namesake. I want to get a full size now, it's such a unique blue- somewhat metallic. You really can't tell until you swatch it! Pink Heels also surprised me. It looks like a peachy pink in the bag, but on my skin it was a bright neonish pink/coral. Very cool. I LOVE the blush I got, Hookin' Up. Supposedly it's a NARS Super Orgasm dupe, but I wouldn't know as I'm never going to pay $25 for a blush. Except I really want the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Nectar! It's $45 effing dollars, but isn't it gorgeous? Sorry for the mini ramble! The pictures are not as good as I would have liked, I couldn't capture it perfectly. The swatch of Pink Heels in the fourth photo is pretty close to what it looks like. It has pretty golden shimmer in it. The first swatch is using an eyeshadow brush, and the second is blended a little bit with a blush brush. I love it, but honestly I haven't yet tried a blush I didn't like... I always get peachy pink colors that are pretty similar, no matter where from. Here is a quick look I did today using High Voltage. I think I look really goofy in them, I just couldn't get a good one! I'm wearing Alto-Ego in the inner lid, Ziggy Stardust in the middle, and Secrets & Lies on the outer lid, as well as the Hookin' Up blush. Feel The Heat is my highlighter. I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a base for the shadows. So, as you can tell, High Voltage cosmetics has really impressed me! I'd love to try more samples not just in my typical color range, as well as the lippies, shimmer dust, and the eyeshadow base. I totally recommend this company, they have gorgeous, unique colors that are totally not repackaged. Go! Order now! :D EDIT: I just now took this stuff off after wearing for 12 hours. True I had on UDPP, but this has stayed like no other brand I've tried before. These shadows will not budge. The color was still as vibrant as when I put them on, seriously! No creasing, fading, anything. Color me very impressed.


  1. Nice swatches. Love the FOTD too, those colors look great on you.

  2. Thanks for the swatches! I really like 'Totally Rad' and "Ziggy Stardust'!

    It's good that the products have strong staying power!

    I really love your FOTD looks...they are so colourful and pretty!

    I am looking forward to seeing you do a sexy and smokey look as well!!

  3. Ooooh bright pretty colours... High Voltage is a company I am really interested in trying out (when I have more money :( ) so ta for the review :)

  4. @Michelle: Thank you! :)

    @bowsnhearts: I love Ziggy Stardust too, High Voltage has awesome blue-greens! And I'm so impressed at how well they stay. I'm glad you like my looks! I will probably do a smokey eye soon. :)

    @RaeRae: Definitely try them out when you get the chance!

  5. Aaah looks like such a fun company to try out! I really like that high voltage shade even though I'm generally afraid of wearing blues. :O

    Love your FOTD too, you're adorable. :3

  6. i loveeee them! I love all your shades and no worries, my room looks like 10 people went through it and trashed it.

  7. those swatches look pretty neat! Your makeup looks Gorgeous hun!!!

  8. Wow great swatches.
    Feel the heat must be great for blending harsh lines! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. The blush looks pretty, though I'm still not sold on the company - even though she changed the website I still find that it looks incredibly gaudy and tacky :(

    It's so cute that you've just discovered the macro setting XD and errrr you have the prettiest smile, I think it's because you have awesome cheeks? I know that sounds weird, haha. *pokes*

  10. @Kim: Thanks! You should be brave and embrace the blues. I think blues would look so cute on you.

    @Y: I've been attemtping to clean my room since December, lol.

    @Alina: thank you :)

    @Fifi: Thanks! I absolutely love Feel the Heat.

    @SilhouetteScreams: blahhh get past the website and look at the great stuff! I love it :D lol I don't think that sounds weird, thank you :D I think that is the reason why I like my smile so much, cus I have nice cheekbones. teehee. Macro setting is so rad... I keep zooming in and looking at every line of my skin, lol

  11. Hey there- I read your blog but this is my first time commenting, I think. I just finished a tube of the "Rockin Out" Skin Candy- I can't believe how much I loved those!! I'm such a snob when it comes to perfume and cheap stuff gives me headaches but those don't smell cheap and they are so nice and subtle. When I finish Baby, Baby I'm going to replace them. I like her shadows too and I'm curious about the lip gunk- Urban Decay used to have a product called Lip Gunk.