Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great new blogs I've been following

Ok, finally I'm getting around to these! Dana gave me the I Heart Your Blog Award... and HeavenNJR gave me the Best Blog Award. I'm supposed to give these awards to some great blogs I've recently started reading, so here they are! Red Lipstick and Black Liner 99 Pink Balloons A Girl and Her Shadows Lately I'm Obsessed With... Painted Moogle Shakeup Your Makeup Closed Eye Typing Ramblings of Purple M These are all great blogs, and you should be following these lovely ladies if you're not already!


  1. Aww thanks so much Heather, you're a such a doll! :P I love your blog too! Am I supposed to do the same as you and pass it on?

  2. Oh, wow! Thanks, Heather! I've been loving your blog and posts! :D

  3. @Jeri: sure, if you want!

    @Painted Moogle: Thanks!

  4. Oh thanks! What a sweetie you are!

    I'll do this on my blog at some point this week :)

  5. Thank you! You're such a sweetheart, this was a great spot of cheer in my day. :)

    I love Purple M, too, but I'll have to check out everyone else!

  6. @RaeRae: So glad I found your blog, I already love it!

    @Edna: Thanks!

    @SilhouetteScreams: Me too bro ;]

    @Shattered: Aw I'm glad! lol