Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 simple LOTDs

Hey there, I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. As of this last Thursday, I have started my 11+ days in a row of work. I did get someone to take my shift this Tuesday so I could have a day off, though. I don't even both wearing makeup some days if I know I'm just going to be working, so I haven't done many looks lately. My posting will probably be pretty sparse over the next week. Here's a really simple look I did yesterday. I didn't use mascara because my Falsies and Extra Collagen ones make my lashes so huge, they hit my glasses frame and its really annoying. I feel like my eyes look manly without mascara, lol. Uncharted, by Meow (inner corner) Intimate, by Sassy Minerals (outer corner) S.S. Anne, by Shiro (crease) Moondance, by Stardust (highlight) See what I mean about manly eyes? :P I wish Intimate showed up better in these pictures. It is actually a beautiful, very pink toned orange. I'm going to buy a full size with my next Sassy order, its only $4.25! Today I wanted to do a smokey eye with color. I wish I had used a hot pink instead though, I feel like the pink I used looks kind of "dirty" or "muddy" this way, know what I mean? Love Affair & Dear Mom by Glamour Doll (mixed together on lid) Midnight Train, by Sassy (crease) L'Oreal HiP crayon in Intricate (liner) Maybelline Falsies Mascara Coraline's Kiss lipstick by Morgana Yeah, a goofy face... get over it, it's the only one I've ever done since I started this blog. I like it because it really shows off the gorgeous Coraline's Kiss. So, I started playing Silent Hill: Shatter Memories on the Wii. Apparently it's the same story as the very first one, but updated and modified slightly. It's fun as hell, and creepy as hell too. I think it's the first game I've ever played that's not rated E, lol. Can anyone recommend me some more games like this? Horror-survival type is what it is, I guess. My giveaway ends tomorrow, I'll post the winners Monday morning.


  1. GAWD I love your smile!!! I adore Coraline's Kiss on you. I dig the Zombie video games but can't think of the names right now.. Left for Dead maybe?

  2. Great pics! I really like the smokey look. Coraline's Kiss looks great on you!

  3. Yay goofy face!! That's a wicked lip colour lady!

  4. I looove the second look a lot, it reminds me of the Barbie After Midnight look xsparkage did once.

    And your eyes don't look manly :P

  5. Yeah, you have pretty eyes with or without mascara! I'm looking forward to Glamour Doll coming back so I can get some of the colors you have. <3

    Anyhow, try Resident Evil or Fatal Frame if you like Silent Hill. If you also enjoy RPGs look at the Shadow Hearts series. Hope that helps!

  6. I love both those looks, really cute! :3

    Dead Space! You must play it, it's AWESOME! And Bioshock is kind of similar, you'd probably like it. And you should check out the Zombie Nazi survival game within Call of Duty: World at War, it's really fun.

  7. WOW.. love the looks.. the smokey one looks nice :)

  8. Ooooo, I love the second look. You look so good with a smokey eye!

    They're working you like crazy!

  9. You are totally beautiful with the second look, Heather. It's nice to see you with a deeper make up! Your goofy face is rather mild, don't worry. :D

  10. Your pretty heather ;)
    Love the second look :)

  11. both of them are very pretty.but I love second one,dark colors really suit your eyes:)

  12. You look great in both looks! Certainly not manly at all without mascara, silly. I love the lipstick in the second one.
    And i'm a huge Silent Hill fan too, haven't tried shattered memories though.

  13. You are so cute! I love the second look on you also your eyes are not manly at all with out mascara. I hate it when my mascara hits my glasses too, nasty black marks all over the damn glass. *grumbles*

  14. Love both the looks! Coraline's Kiss is so gorgeous on you!

    I played Silent Hill once (the original), and had to stop because it creeped me out soooo much. As far as suggestions for other horror-survival, I'd suggest Resident Evil or the Evil Dead game.

  15. I like both looks and goofy pics are the best! I love horror games. All the Silent Hill games are pretty awesome, the 3rd one is my all time fav because it's in a creepy ass carnival! The Suffering, Doom 3, Fatal Frame II, F.E.A.R., Dead Space and Manhunt are good horror games. The Resident Evil games are pretty good too.
    I'd say manhunt is the most violent fucked up game I have ever played...and I love it for that. It is like nothing I've ever played.

    Another game that is a top fav of mine (but it's not really horror) is called Primal. It's like watching a movie. Has a great story line and it's so fun to play.

  16. @Makeup Zombie: thanks :) I'm pretty sure L4D has zombies yeah, I'm pretty sure my brother and some of my friends play that.

    @The Peach: thanks!

    @KittenMittens: isn't it great? :D

    @SilhouetteScreams: I know this is weird but her blog bugs me kind of, I just don't understand some of the "wearable wednesday looks" when they are so bright, and some "fierce friday" looks that are neutral...

    @Painted Moogle: Ooh thanks for the suggestions!

    @Lemon Bunny: I've never heard of Dead Space! One of my friends does have Bioshock, I've watched him play it a little bit.

    @Sara H: thank you!

    @Julissa: thanks! I feel like I can never get them quite right. More work= more money = more makeup so I'm glad :D

    @Sarah: thank you :)

    @jellynat: Aww thanks! I love your dark eye makeup, it is so beautiful and inspiring. Also I will post chinchilla pictures soon :D

    @liloo: thank you so much :D

    @bohemian: thank you!

    @Lillian: My whole upper body is sore from throwing the monsters off of me during the chase parts... damn Wii. I have been playing it for at least an hour a day since I started, I finally understand why people love videogames *_*

    @Pixie_a_la_mode: Glasses are so annoying for that! But when I wear contacts I get makeup in them... we should get laser eye surgery :P

    @kathyeffingjacobs: I have been playing it at night, it is not very reasonable to do so right before I go to bed, haha.

    @Blix: I saw Fatal Frame 2 on a list of scariest games :D I will deff have to check it out. Primal and Manhunt sound cool, I'm about to look them up now!